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Our in house dental laboratory allows us to create beautiful, natural looking Full and Partial Dentures. We can accommodate emergency Denture Repairs while you wait. We also make Night Guards for TMJ problems and grinding, and Snore Guards for a good night's sleep.

Our dental practice has been going strong for over 40 years! The Manhattan Beach community has been great to us and we have made many friends along the way! We were recently recognized by the City of Manhattan Beach for the Longstanding Local Business Award.

Our thorough Oral Hygiene Program emphasizes prevention and keeping your teeth and gums healthy through education, mentoring, cleaning/prophy, non-surgical periodontal treatment, and periodontal maintenance. Our team holds current California Dental Licenses. Our sterilization procedures are consistently monitored and tested for your protection and our protection too.

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  City Manhattan Beach, CA
  Zip Code 90266
  Address 1151 N Sepulveda Blvd
  Phone Number (310) 376-0482
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Dr Kline and his staff are excellent. They are friendly and professional. The hygienists are very patient and gentle. Dr Kline is detailed, ethical and very efficient. I've been a patient for over 20 years and highly recommend this dental office. He's the best around!

Dr. Kline and his staff are very professional and very friendly! They always play the best music..and make your visit as non-stressful as a visit to a dental office can be!

Dr. Kline and his entire staff are the BEST!! They are warming, caring, professional, and personable, listening to you explain your needs, and providing knowledgeable solutions.

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From Our Website

The Manhattan Beach Dental Center strives to provide every patient with the highest quality dentistry and best customer experience possible. We are here to make each patient feel comfortable and confident while taking care of their dentistry needs. We are here for you, whether you have a dental emergency or you are looking for a place to call your dental home. We are happy to help with both! Manhattan Beach DentalCenteris a passionate and driven dental practice based out of Manhattan Beach. Manhattan Beach Dental Center has been offering full-service dental care to the area for over 35 years.

At Manhattan Beach Dental Center, we understand the importance of having a great smile. When your smile isn't up to par, it can seriously affect your self-confidence. This has lasting consequences that can affect your personal life and professional relationships. When you don't feel comfortable showing your teeth, it shows and can lead others to believe you're not the open, confident person that you truly are. That's why we offer a number of services designed to help you achieve the great smile that you've always wanted.

A bright smile can give you a significant boost in your self-confidence. It may also help you maintain better oral hygiene, which can lead to improved health overall. Tooth whitening is a quick, cost-effective way to help improve the overall look of your smile. If you're interested in how teeth whitening can help improve your appearance, and help you look both younger and happier, Manhattan Beach Dental Center has the answer. Teeth whitening is designed to eliminate stains from a variety of different causes.

Your smile is usually one of the first things that people notice about you. If you feel like this describes you, a smile makeover may be something to consider. Smile makeovers can help correct a number of dental issues and can significantly improve the way that you look and feel. Having a smile that you can be confident with and proud of can serious impact more than your personal relationships; it can have a significant effect on your professional life as well. The effect of having a having a bright and healthy smile that you can be proud of is often underestimated.

Paying a visit to the dentist isn't typically something most people look forward to. However, ensuring that you keep regular, bi-annual appointments with your dentist is an important part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Manhattan Beach Dental Center is committed to providing each of our patients with the best care. Our caring and professional staff strives to make each patient as comfortable as possible during each visit. If you've been avoiding the dentist for any reason, please read this brief guide.

Whereas cosmetic dentistry focuses on aesthetic appearance and procedures involved with improving the overall appearance of your smile, general dentistry is involved with the practice of good oral hygiene and the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of oral disease. These diseases and disorders may affect your gums, teeth, jaw and face. Dentistry is intended to be a preventive practice. The American Dental Association recommends that patients should see their dentist for regular checkups no less than every six months from the time they are six months old.

Cosmetic dentistry focuses mainly on elective treatments and services in order to improve a patient's aesthetic appearance. While it may sound superficial, the right cosmetic dentistry procedure can have a profound impact on the way you feel, boosting your confidence and providing benefits you may not have considered. These techniques range from treating discolored and misshapen teeth, straightening, shortening and even lengthening teeth; bleaching, bonding, reshaping and contouring your teeth.

Any patient that suffers from excessive plaque and tartar buildup or frequent cavities should consider dental sealants. They are extremely cost-effective, simple to apply, and are highly effective for preventing tooth decay. Dental sealants prevent food particles from settling on and in the grooves of your teeth, which can prevent bacteria growth and protect you from a number of dental health issues. As you eat and drink, food particles can settle into the grooves of your teeth where they breed bacteria that can cause a number of health issues, including tooth decay that leads to cavities.