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I had my braces for 3 years and the results are AMAZING. Just got them off today, and I never thought I’d see the day of having my teeth straight lol. Dr. Jones and his staff are incredible and super friendly. I absolutely recommend these guys for you orthodontist needs!

Worst experience with a dental office/head dentist ever. Wendy Crisafulli will actually yell at patients instead of taking ownership of her staff's mistakes. They over charge, take forever to refund, and communication is extremely poor. Don't waste your time!

I have been a patient for many years here. Everyone is so nice & friendly. I look forward to my check ups. They explain treatment, handle insurance and have a hygienist that doesn't hurt :-) Can't say enough about them.

This dentist DOES NOT KEEP their appointments. Unless you like sitting in the waiting room, do NOT go to this dentist!

Diane's practice is made up of over 80% adults, this is very hard to find. She and her staff are extremely professional and kind. I am delighted with this office! The treatment has gone smoothly with no surprises. I recommend her if you are in need of a tune up on your smile!

I had a complicated uncommon jaw problem which I needed surgery for. Dr. Mark Johnson worked with my surgen to correct the problem. I even moved to Chicago right in the middle of everything. Dr. Johnson worked around my in town schedual (I was still in High School). Best experience possible!

I've been going to Dr. Nov for 2 years now and so far no complaints. I can always get an appointment, even when my crown fell off and I had to be seen on a.

Steve Yang is an honest straight up dentist and only have you come in when you need to. They also give you a bonus hand moisturizing treatment while you.

Dr. Elmore and his staff are great. They take the not so exciting event of going to the dentist and makes it an enjoyable experience. If you are looking.

I like how she is very personable but yet, professional. The whole community loves her.

A dentist office with a personality at your service! There is nothing more rewarding when being subjected to the dentist (although I like going-yes I'm.


My smile is better than I ever anticipated. Treatment time was shoter than expected and the staff was great. The Damon system proved much more comfortable than when I had braces as a teenager and I was rarely uncomfortable. The movie theater was a blast and my daughter won a movie party for

I learned to fear the dentist early on. Let's face it: drills are scary. Being scolded by someone weilding a drill is even worse. How Dr. Hackett managed to.

I wrote a previous review on this dentist, but now I've been going there for almost two years and wanted to update the information. I love going to him as.

The best orthodontist in the Region. He sits on the board of Washington Dentistry and does excellent work. His staff is knowledgeable and he has state of.

My dentist, Dr. Jana Raisler, referred me to Dr. O'Brien when I was looking for a dentist for my children. He is WONDERFUL! He has a great reputation in.

I highly recommend Main Street Dental.I've had some bad experiences recently with dentists and I was hesitant to go back to a dentists that I didn't feel.

Since my dentist in the Bay Area pretty much sucked, I wanted to go back to what I was comfortable with. my childhood dentist. Had everything from my.

Amazing. I'm leaving the dentist and I don't feel like I hate myself for not flossing every day. Yet, without laying on a guilt trip, Dr. Hodge and his.

Dr. Friedrich is simply a lovely man. He puts you at ease, because he has a zest for life and bright energy. He always remembers my name even when I have.

Dr. Austin has been our choice in dentistry for over 20 years. His attention to detail and fine manner makes going to the dentist actually a great.

I have been going here for the past, oh, 14 years I think. Even though I'm long gone from Renton, I still go here. The hygenists are always so nice, and.

Peterson is great. I have been seeing him since I was 4, when we moved to Seattle - about 20 years now. He really takes the time to get to know the.

No, really, a 5-star dentist. And I do NOT like going to the dentist.Kari and her staff are just amazing. I feel like visiting royalty when I go in for an.

Bill and peter are awesome. and their staff is just as good. patient in explaining procedures and gentle when performing the dreaded fillings. they are.

I know it's crazy and you've probably never heard anyone else say it before, but I love going to the dentist. Seriously, I love it. I used to have a dentist.

I started going to Dr Dzon Nguyen at the recommendation of an ex boyfriend who didn't particularly like going to the dentist. I, on the other hand, am very.

Michael, also known as The Godfather in certain circles, is a great man.

Two Afifi's can't be great can they!? Yes they can! Although my dentists have the same last name, they have never met. I chose Dr. Afifi because I.

Absolutely amazing. Dr. Starks just removed my two remaining wisdom teeth yesterday. More on that below.First, for those with dental anxieties, a short.

So my employer offers two dental plans - Shitlamette and Detla Dental. Shitlamette is a $10 co-pay for just about any service and you get students from UW.

Oh, Dr. Paul, how do I love thee. Everyone in my family goes to Dr. Paul. And while I am the first, the very first to admit that I HATE going to the.

Very nice staff. Pain free dentistry. They worked with my insurance and I didn't have to do anything.I was recommended here by a coworker and am really.

After some amazingly bad luck with dentists, I was delighted to end up with Dr. Wong. He's good, his work is first class, he's easy to talk to, and he has.

He's fantastic! He's warm and personable and takes the time to answer all of my millions of questions. He tells you when he's not sure about something and.

I have been going to Dr. Zimmer for over 11 years now, and have recently had one of the hardest things a dentist can do: molar extraction. When I first.

You wouldn't normally log on to Yelp to review a dentist, but Guy Roberts isn't your normal dentist experience! I chose this place from Yelp after moving.

Dr. Tucker is an awesome periodontist. He takes pride in caring for his patients. He gets the job done and actually cares for the over all well being of his patients periodontal health. He's informative and knowledgeable. The staff are organized and you know up front exactly what is the treatment

I have dental anxiety, dental phobia whatever you want to call it. I sweat profusely in the chair to the point that an extra set of clothes is required,.

I tend to let things go until the last minute, and that includes my grill. I had two cavities that were old and getting older and louder and I waited until.

I would never think of rating a dentist with 5 starts, but Fremont Dental deserves it for many reasons:1 - they have early morning appointments, which is.

Fantastic first visit at Dr. Prince's office.The hygienist treated my teeth great - no pain at all. She's continuing some advanced dental school and.

Dr. Reite is not only the best dentist I've ever had, but his entire staff is always pleasant to be around. I recently moved however I still go to Dr. Reite.

When I moved to Seattle I tried one of those dentists downtown on the 50-somethingth floor of one of those bank buildings. It had been a few years since I'd.

OK, it's hard to say that you love your dentist. Unless you're going in for a cleaning, something is wrong, and it likely hurts.That said, Dr. Kae and.