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Our daughter went to this practice for a cleaning and whitening. We were thoroughly pleased with her treatment. Everyone from the front desk staff to the Assistants to the dentist always interacted in an efficient, positive, friendly, professional manner. They efficiently handled dental

My experience with Dr. Marzban has been nothing short of amazing. To start, She is one of the nicest most peaceful people you will ever meet. I found her through extensive research for some staining and discoloration on my teeth. I also had cavities galore. My first appointment with her was

I went to Arlington Dental excellence for the first time about three months ago and they came recommended from a friend. I haven't been to the dentist in over 10 years and I was speechless by their level of care and Dr. Layth attention to details. We won't get into details but I needed enough

Clinic is clean and sophisticated. Great deals. Staffs were friendly they have bright smiles for everyone.

Came in for assisstance with regards for my tooth decay. Explain to me what will the best applicable treatment be and give offers from which my budget will suite best.

Satisfied Customer in here. Came to him for my tooth colored restoration and it's perfect.

His been our Doctor for about 6 years now. He is knowledgeable, professional, and friendly that is why we lasted that long as his client. He also offers great deals most importantly. Thank you.

Doctor Rusznak accepts credit care which is a good thing. Came to him for my regular cleaning.

I had an accident seek for their help. I've consulting then fitting. They'd managed to fix my broken teeth. I was so scared that my teeth won't be the same. He seemed calm and professional while I was freaking out.

They have a very nice and warm clinic. From scheduling to checking treatment.

We just recently moved in around the area and decided to pay him a visti for my brother's problem on his tooth. He looks professional with a friendly smile.

I helped my grandma for her dentures and he seems so polite and friendly. I thought that will wait for quite awhile but we did not. Place is also near so I wouldn't have to drive that far.

Great Doctor and service with affordable price. I'm more comfortable with my whitened teeth. :D

Had an appointment with Dr. Rusznak and solve my tooth decay problem. Makes me smile so brighter.

I'm satisfied with Dr Rusznak service. Must try.

I went to Dr. Rusznak clinic and give me a full service.

This was my first appointment with a dermatologist. They explained my issues and how we would resolve them. Dr. Katz is great.

I'm on a strict diet to avoid heavy staining foods like coffee. Teeth whitening is pricey, i wouldn't want to waste it.

Fantastic customer service & excellent price! I walked out with a brighter smile than how I walked in. Will definitely go back to complete the dental work I need.

My image of dentists in general is not great. It gives me the chills just getting near a dental clinic. My ashburn dentist is different though, all the staff have a great friendly atmosphere around them.

I wasn't able to eat properly because of my protruding tooth before, I had to undergo a tooth extraction under Dr. Rusznak.The procedure for me and was painless. I respect the way he helped me and I can see how dedicated he is with his profession.

Service was great. He answered all my questions about Dental crowns. Not much financial problem because my dental insurance covered my bills. I would give this office 5 stars for overall service.

It was a worthwhile experience if not the best., but they are really good at their dental service. I’m not looking forward for a second visit anytime soon, just because the dental crowns they applied are great quality. Good job Dr. Rusznak! :)

After our move to Virginia in 2004 I searched for quality dental care for my routine checkups and for several major dental issues. Over an 8-year period my insurance company, and I, spent thousands of dollars on a multitude of dental procedures (with dubious degrees of success) performed by

Some of the staff is friendly but we do not pay thousands for social niceties. We expect results! We regret not having taken a second opinion.

Dr. Leibowitz is truly the best pain free dentist in Virginia Beach. I just had a root canal today and other than a very slight pinch in my gums, I had absolutely no pain. I had severe trama to my mouth nearly 30 years ago due to an accident. As you can appreciate, going to the dentist is

I have been going to Dr. Leibowitz for more than 20 years. He has state-of-the-art equipment, is extremely talented, and he has a great staff. There simply is not a better dentist in Virginia Beach

My son recently saw Dr. Sundin for the first time. The doctor and his staff were wonderful. Patient and professional, Dr. Sundin's office is exactly what a.

I love this dentist office for my 4 children. They are kind and easy to work with. They are one of the best dentist offices I have ever taken my children to. You will be pleased with this office!

Dentistry in the heart of downtown Richmond. The location is convenient and the people are great.

I hate going to the dentist. I dread it, and when an appointment gets closer, my palms get sweaty and I start scheming of excuses to cancel the appointment.

Dr. Ross Epstein. He is different, he has long hair, and so hippy-ish almost. But so human, and down to earth, and easy going.I think he's the kind of.

I had a terribe tooth ache and Dr Lu may a special appt to see me over the wknd. Her service and treatment was wonderful and I can't recommend her highly enough.

I really enjoyed my braces experiance with Dr. Barakat. My smile is more than I could have ever excepted.

My daughter has only great days at this office. The staff and Dr Lupi are great and professional along with giving the kids incentives for coming on time.

Dr. Snyder and his office staff are wonderful! They take the time to explain services to you. My kids love them! Prices are reasonable too.

Dr Levenson is the absolute best dentist. I've gone through life being terrified of dentists. I had a horrible toothache and was forced to find a dentist,.

Dr Dunegan and Dr El Hadi are very genuine doctors. They are very sweet and it shows because his staff is just as nice and caring. I would HIGHLY recommend his office for ANYONE WHO NEEDS ORTHO treatment done.

Dr. Ronis is, in addition to being an excellent dentist, one of the nicest guys out there. I've been seeing him ever since I was a kid and when I moved back.

Best dentist I have ever had! He was actually recommended to me by one of my friends and I'm so glad I started going to him. He and his staff are super.

Just got back from my first visit, my kids were all in last week. Excellent experience. Gorgeous office, great staff. Even my youngest was happy. Nobody likes going to the dentist, but I highly recommend Dr. Butterworth.

Dr. Feldman is a very personable orthodontist and great with kids. However, I specifically chose to stop going to his office because his office receptionist (the only person who runs the front desk) is flat out NASTY. She is the most rude, patronizing, and discourteous medical office staff

Dr. Hanna is a great dentist - uses all the latest technology compared to other places I've been. They take a picture of issues with your teeth and put them.

Joseph Oh is a wonderful dentist. He has the most gentle touch and is an excellent technician. In addition, he demonstrates a particularly caring approach.

I had a horrible experience when I got a root canal on this tooth ten years ago that has made my fear of dental work grow immensely. The root canal wasn't.

When I was in town and needed a dentist, I went here and it was great! Dr. Leibowitz is extremely nice and very knowledgeable. His staff is very pleasant.