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I actually look forward to my six month cleaning. Moya is more than an hygienist, she truly cares about your wellbeing. Dr. Ken has put together a great team of professionals that is like family. I highly recommend Dental Excellence of Blue Bell.

I have been a patient for over 10years. Recently, I was having a VERY difficult time with an implant from another dentist. The staff brought me in on short notice and saved the day! I am so grateful for the time and caring the team gave me!

Dr. Briglia is always kind, caring and totally dedicated to the well-being if his patients. The staff is friendly, competent and just as caring!

Everyone was friendly and welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. The cleaning was thorough and the use of technology was helpful in addressing any issues.

Can't find any better dental office, and I have been to many(5 in all) from the people at the front desk to ALL the doctors, I can't thank u guys any more. Don't think about how much money it cost (because you know it's not cheap) just think about how wonderful u will feel and your mouth,

Where do I start ? Everyone is so sweet and always with a bright and beautiful smile my experience was delightful the dentist was gentle and caring.. If I could give 10 ✨ STARS I would and will recommend over and over again.

Dr, Ken and Missy were a great help in adjusting my SomnoMed Sleep Apnea appliance. The staff feels like family and are very concerned about their patients comfort and well being. Always a good feeling when Maribeth greets you as you walk in the door until you leave with a Dental Excellence

I've had more issues that I'd care to discuss but would like to thank everyone at Dental Excellence of Blue Bell for a completely positive experience. I'm a bit fearful and anxious at dental offices, and found that Missy and Dr. Siegel allayed my fears. They took the time to explain everything

Super friendly and caring staff. I always know what to expect before anything begins. Procedures are explained up front and comfort is a top priority. I was usually pleasantly surprised how little I felt! Who knew that was possible! The staff always explain the expenses before doing any work.

The whole experience from scheduling, to walking in and checking in, to getting my teeth cleaned, and leaving was one of the most easiest and most comfortable experiences I've ever had .coming from someone who is scared of the dentist, they took the time to ease all of my fears.

Fun morning with my favorite dentist. Double root canal. Who could ask for more fun! At least it didn't hurt at all. If you hate the thought of going to the dentist because it hurts, check out Dr Ken Siegel of Dental Excellence of Blue Bell. Pricey but the best. The whole staff is caring too.

I came here after googling for dentists that work with phobic patients. They were really nice and took the time to explain everything they were doing. I luckily didn't have any cavities but was still nervous about the cleaning. They provided me with Nu Calm, and I don't know if it was just

If you value your teeth stay away from this dentist. He destroyed my teeth, left me with bad temporaries and no way of getting any permanent finished work. He made such a mess of my mouth that no other dentists will take me. He also kept all the money I paid for the permanent work which

Drs Dinkelman and Machlus DDS dentist provide best services.

Definitely! They had one of the brightest smiles I've ever seen!

I honestly believe Dr Satashia is the best in her field. She is quick, friendly and highly competent. I have not found a dentist that I trust as much as Dr Satashia. Love going to her office !!! Awesome...

Dr. Slutsky is meticulous about details. He generally stays on time for patient visits, has extensive sterilization equipment, and goes out of his way to make patients feel comfortable.

Dr. Danner's office is very small and therefore you get a lot of personal attention. The dentist himself cleaned my teeth, not a hygenist, and I can't.

Best orthodontist on all levels! Dr. Frey has been in the practice of orthodontics for 30 years and has thousands of smiles to show his dexterity in orthodontics - that includes both of my daughters' smiles! His staff was exceptionally professional, experienced. The experience my daughters

I was referred to this dentist by my normal dentist for a root canal. Three days before my appointment, the office called me to tell me about some openings.

First time here was a pleasant one. There were no reviews so I took this one for ya guys! The staff is super friendly and comforting. They have 3 different.

Dr McGill is very overpriced! She is close to $300 to $400 over what I was quoted for my son's treatment at other opinions. She was very rushed and rude at my son's firstappointment. I was warned by others not to even go to her for an opinion but thought I would give her a try. Listen to others,

I've been to many dentists and Dr. Nye is the best by far! He's real personable and cool. There is a tv to watch to distract you from the teeth cleaning.

From the moment you walk in the door you know the experience for you and your child will be a good one. If your appointment is at 11 a.m. you'll likely get in at 11 a.m.contrary to most doctors no matter their practice. The waiting room has video games to occupy your child rather than their

So I don't want to talk about too much smack about my dentist since I still go there and I've been going there since I started working post-college. This.

Thoroughly professional doctor. The staff are excellent as well.This doctor knows what he is doing! And thats very important when you are a surgeon!

I had the opportunity to see The dentists at Brinton Lake. I was in extreme pain and needed an appointment right away. I was seen that morning. I was glad that I chose them.

So I've been going to Dr. Sorge forEVER. He's (almost) watched me grow up. At any rate, he's an excellent dentist. He gets those Best of Whatever awards.

My family dentist. They're honest, and won't drill any extra holes.

Best Orthodontist in the area! Great experience and a perfect smile:)

I recently moved from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, as a child I was not blessed with healthy teeth even though I was in a dental chair at the early age of 6 years old. Back then,I was told that it would take preventive maintenance in order to keep my teeth healthy. However, not

I had braces as a teen through this practice, and after many years, had some shifting and crowding on my lower teeth. In my late 20's I returned to this office, and they put my lower braces back on for a discounted rate. I was very pleased with that, along with the results. They made me feel

I've had my braces for about 16 months, and still have them on as of now. Lititz Orthodontics has been wonderfull! The girls are very sweet, they know what they are doing and walk you through it while they are working on you. Dr. Palasz is alwasy high-spirted and it's awesome to know everybody

Took both of my children to Dr. Purvis. He and his staff were wonderful. So wonderful in fact, I decided to go back and get braces myself! We were very pleased with all 3 of our results. I recommend him to anyone who needs braces. Can't say enough about Dr. Purvis and his staff.

Dr. Petrillo has been in practice in this area for years. He is a skilled and experienced practitioner with a pleasant personality.He is a great guy!

Here's what I like about getting my semi-annual check-up and cleaning at Dr. Kohn's. I drive up and park 10 feet from the door. The secretary greets me. I.

Dr. Steel is great. Nice staff to. Nice, friendly office.

Myself, and my family have been going to Dr. Krymowski for many years now. He is a nice, sincere, and honest person. He is kind when giving care, and also very down to earth, doesn't rush and talks you through everything. He is a practicing Catholic, and knowledgeable person. I will continue

My experience with Brady Orthodontics was pleasant right from my initial phone call to their office. The entire staff is extremely helpful and you can tell that they enjoy what they are doing. Dr. Brady is a very skilled orthodontist and my result was perfect, and I can now enjoy showing off

Great people work here. I am a chicken and they put me at ease. They have worked with me over the years to make me more at ease and have never insulted or.

This dentist is truly amazing. First off, let me tell you that before I ever went to him, I was THE BIGGEST CHICKEN EVER as far as going to the dentist is.

This is how a private practice should be run. They are awesome and efficient and always run on time with every single patient. I have never seen anyone.

Dr. Cassalia is an average doctor. He is not the problem. The issue with visiting his office is his wife/thief. She is best described as a lier. She will charge you fees on your statement after Dr. Cassalia advises her not to and that he agreed not to charge you for a particular item or service.

Not a bad dentist. Nice office, nice staff, nice salt water fish tank out front. Ive always been able to get my appointment in a reasonable time, not like.

Everytime I have an appointment, they take me back within ten minutes. Not having to wait for 20 minutes to 1 hour means so much. The staff is very polite. Other places I have went, to have my teeth cleaned, ended up hurting and making my gums bleed. I did not have that problem here. I am very

Even kids who are plagued with nightmares about going to the dentist will change their minds after a visit to Dr. Alegria D'Agostino (Dr. Alice) at the.

Hello we just moved here from California.My grandaughter has braces on and we need to find a Dr. for her.We went to Western Dental in California and we were on a payment plan monthly.Is this service available here?

I love this office. My 10 yo is never stressed to go to see Dr Cassagrande. The staff is great and it is welcoming to children.

I've had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Marmo for sometime and having consultations with him and visiting his beautiful office. He has a vast wealth of.

Perfect. Paul Gabriel is an excellent and caring dentist, very personable, and knowledgable. The hygienists are excellent and every room is equipped with a.