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Dr. Ouyang and her staff, such as Amy, are very very friendly. Dr. Ouyang is also incredibly professional and intelligent in what she does; her extra schooling at OHSU really set her skill level high. She and her staff are also very understanding and willing to work with your comfortability

Dr. Boehne and his staff know how to take care of their customers! They are super nice and friendly and go out of their way to accomodate your dental.

Dr Olesberg and his staff are simply the best. I started going to him in the early 90's. I had broken a tooth and a co-worker recommended him. They got me.

I've been going to Ron Maple for about 6 years and have been completely pleased since day 1. The thing I appreciate the most is that his entire operation is.

Fantastic dentist and support staff. Very welcoming and friendly. They'll get you in and out quick, little waiting time. Good stuff!

Nice Mom n' Pop type of place. Flannery is a solid dentist with excellent credentials. He does the cleanings himself, is a pleasant conversationalist,.

So I'm dickin' around, pretending to be a Neanderthal and I attempt to use my teeth as pliers. Lo and behold, my already half-fake tooth, from a.

I am very please to have these people as my orthodontists. They are awesome, and know what they're doing!

I absolutely hate going to the dentist. I always seem to have a horrible experience with rude receptionists and dentists who are uncaring and rude. A friend.

I saw Dr. Portash for the first time a few months ago on a friend's recommendation, and I was impressed. He's friendly and down-to-earth, and has a fabulous.

We've been taking our kids here for over 2 years and they love it. Strange, I know, but they really get excited when I tell them it's time to go to the.

I'll be the first to admit I have a mega dental phobia (thanks to my first dental experience by having a modified root canal at the age of five). Thank you,.

Larry is such a sweet old man, as a retired former dentist for the Blazers he has LOTS of stories to tell. He was so pleasant and lovely during my visit, I.

This guy rules. Don't tell my current dentist (I moved to the east coast, what can ya do?) but I actually think Marshall Kuhn the Younger is my favorite.

Moving to a new town and finding a new dentist, and doctor, etc is terrifying. I am so glad I lucked into Laurelwood Dental. Every member of the staff.

I can't say enough about how amazing these people are. I'm literally terrified of Dentists. hate them - freak out every time I have to go and inevitably.

They are all wonderful in this office. I love Jon; I love the Rachels; I love Jamie. They're all attentive and warm and knowledgable. Believe it or not,.

I am deathly afraid of dentists and, apart from the Krippaehne Family dentistry (which, unfortunately, is not part of my dental coverage), I am very happy.

I have been seeing Dr Blickenstaff and his staff or almost 2 years now. They care for me, my wife, and our sons. Their hygentists are fun, sweet, and.

The staff are extremely friendly and courteous. Dr. Gilbert is just amazing. I found his office because I had a dental emergency and didn't yet have a.

I had all four wisdom teeth removed here about 6 weeks ago. Two were standard removals and two were impacted. I had general anesthesia.The office was.

My hygienist is retiring after my next cleaning in April, so maybe my rating will change next year w/new hygienist. But, she is awesome. I have this.

Thirty nine years of dentists, and usually I fear the week of the appointment. This time, I actually couldn't wait to get there. Seriously.Dr. Eiler's.

Quick and Professional. Dr Sundberg gets the job done right. This office uses the latest in Dental Technology and even offers you the ability to go online.

I'm so surprised there aren't any reviews of Dr. Allan Pike. I recently took my son to him on the recommendation of so many people I've forgotten who they.