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Dr. Kincaid is awesome! He's honest with what kind of services you need, don't need and how long you can realistically wait to get them done. He.

Dr. Rosenblitt was my dentist most of my time in Cleveland. He was gentle, patient, and friendly. I had a lot of work to be done on my teeth and he was.

I went to get my teeth cleaned on Friday and had a good experience at Dr. Elfers office. The office is located in Hyde Park Square in an old house.

Their sign is funny looking.but their service is pretty good. Nice group of people they have working there. Helpful and informative. I'll go back.

Dr. Shempp is great! Helpful, kind, caring and extremely gentle! I highly recommend him to anyone that wants caring, informative, affordable dental care.

Dr. Anderson is the best.He fixed my teeth and my face! His staff were really nice and playing the nintendos at the chairs was really cool.

As a new mom, I was unsure when I should start taking my child to the dentist; and I wasn't sure how to take care of his teeth at home. Dr. Welsh gave me the info I needed and reassured me that my questions and concerns were perfectly normal.

Top-notch dental practice. Been going to him my whole life.

We recently moved to Strongsville and needed to find a dentist for our family. A friend recommended DentalWorks and so I made an appointment for myself to see what I thought? and the overall experience was positive. So, I intend to make appointments here for my children, too.

Dr. Tran's greatest quality is that he genuinely cares about making your smile beautiful and healthy.My mom, sister, and I all visit Dr. Tran for all of.

I really liked Dr Solon Alexiou (dentist) in Stow. I'm dentist-phobic and hadn't been to see a dentist in more than a decade when a friend of mine.

Dr. Bob Haring has been recognized and awarded as the top pediatric dentist in Columbus for years. Now don't let Bob's credentials intimidate you. He is a.

I have been going to Dr Doty since I was a child and he's great! The staff is always friendly, and I normally don't have to wait long before I'm in the.

Dr. Montgomery is not only friendly but really knows what she's talking about. In some situations she could really relate to what I was going through because it had happened to her. She truly does her job to help give people the smile they want and need. She found information out that my past

Who likes going to the dentist? I do, that's who! Don't worry, I'm not crazy. I just really love my dentist - Dr. Mark Springer. Since 1999, Dr. Springer.


Ok, it may be lame to review your dentist's office. but i don't care. i'm lame. i've been going to dr. henry since i grew teeth. no, that wasn't.

I have been going to Dr. Pap and Dr. Farr since I graduated from college in 2004. They were highly recommended to me from some of my work colleagues and I.

My child use to enjoy going to the orthodontist, now they don't because of the moody staff.

I do not reccommend this bussiness to anyone. Ellinger orthodontist is right down the street from Vicek and i garuntee they will do a much better job, and in half the time! i know from personal experiences. So if you are thinking about going here or taking a childer here. DON'T do it! go to

If we had not seen Dr. Sprowls for a second opinion our son would be, by now, in the 1st phase of a multi-phase, very expensive, treatment plan. All of which may not have been necessary, but was called an emergency situation by another practitioner. Dr. Sprowls approach was the least amount

Everyone there is so nice. It is really catered to kids. Mine Love It!

Faheback and Gordon Orthodontics is a very good dental office. They have a very nice staff and will answer any question your have. There office is very clean and have a very friendly enviornment. They will not stear you wrong.

Last year I had my wisdom teeth out taken out by Dr. Hauser, and would highly recommend this oral surgeon to anyone.Dr. Hauser made me feel very.

Thanks Dr. Anderson for my new smile. I love my new straight teeth and couldn't be happier. I looked great in my senior pictures.

Dr Straker was my dentist from when I was a kid till about 30. So my whole life I have been going there. I moved to California a few years ago, and I have.

This is the best dental office I have ever been to in this area! It is kid friendly and the staff and doctors are so helpful and knowledgeable! The kids are able to play video games while waiting for their appt. They also are able to watch movies from the tv's in the ceiling while the doctor

Excellent service, affordable pricing, and a very efficient business with unique and easy to understand scheduling systems. We never had to wait to get in.

The staff is always so nice and cordial, and the good Doctor knows how to run an office. My teeth have never been healthier and I get comments about them.

Would not allow me with my 7 year old (ADHD) son in any exams. Office staff not friendly at all.

Both Dr Dietrich's are great! They do everything to make you comfortable and my teeth are beautiful.

Let me make one thing very, very, clear: I HATE going to the dentist.but I'm still giving Dr. Eric Koren and his team of dental hygienists a 5 star.

So none of us like going to the dentist. Me, I hate getting my teeth flossed, because I never do it on my own, so my gums bleed. But I do like that the.

When I was a young girl my dentist said to me Sara, you need braces. I was none too happy about this, but endured it politely. Dr. Pierce managed to keep.

Dr. Wnek was recommended to me by my regular dentist back when I was younger and in need of some decent tooth re-alignment. Located in Hyde Park Square, he.

Great bedside manner. Tv's in every room are controlled by the patient. You can choose to watch tv, a relaxing seascape, or the nursery/play room, where.

. Most of us don't like think about going to the dentist because we know it can be an unpleasant experience. However, when I tell my kids they have.

If you have to get a root canal, you might as well do it up and go all out. Dr. Joel and Judy Jose, are a husband and wife team who will kill your root.

I give Dr. Allen Black 5 stars for quite a few reasons. I found his name in the yellow pages about a year ago when I was desperately searching for a.

Now this is a dentist!Dr. Angela Courtney is a wonderful, professional who absolutely loves what she does for a living. The only thing she loves more are.

Fast and friendly service, and a pretty building. It doesn't have that all-white, sterile feel that some dentists' offices do - it has big windows and tons.

I have been going to Dr Kesler since I first moved to Columbus and it would take some hard convincing to have me go elsewhere. (Though would be easily.

This is a dental practice which has been serving my family and myself for many years and has always been honest and knowledgeable. It is a dental practice.