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The staff & dentist was efficient and caring. The procedures were pain-free. My questions were answered thoroughly.

Always on time. great dental work. organized and clean office. Jamie is the best dental hygienist I've ever come across and makes my oral health so easy to upkeep. Dr. Kruyer does fantastic and thorough checkups and it's so wonderful to see how the staff are happy to be there. makes for a comfortable

Dr. AnnaLee Kruyet has been our dentist for 7 years. Her work is impeccable. But it's how her office is run & their attitude toward the clients. Nothing less than amazing. I remember well their daughter first coming to their office. Sure enough, there seemed to be a line to look in on her just

I found Regina Crowley to be incompetent, uncaring and dishonest. Dr Crowley's incompetence cost me two good teeth. She never apologized, and billed! Avoid Regina Crowley!

Dr.Hamilton's office is first class all the way.the Dr. and staff are great.they care about all of there pt.s.and they make you feel like your in good hands.dr.hamilton also care about his community and gives a helping hand when he can.if i ever needed braces again i would go back.i also will

Due to having some very bad experiences over the years, going to the dentist has never been something I looked forward too. Since my very first visit I have been made to feel special by the entire staff and all my dental problems have been addressed in a very professional manner. I have never

Not only are the dentists good, the friendly, staff kept my fears at bay, and I walked out of there knowing some kind and gentle humans! Thanks!

The staff is very friendly. The Office is state-of-the-art and clean. They use an electric impulse device to remove plaque. It helps cut down on the awful.

If you need a good dentist, he is very good. He really cares about his patients and won't sugar coat a problem if he sees it. He does except several.

I realize I don't have any orthodontists to compare him to. But this one is fantastic!I actually wanted braces. and I got them in my late teens as.

I hate dentists. I love the staff here. That's enough for 5 stars right there. But I'll elaborate a little. The gal at the desk (Melissa or Michelle.

I have had a few consultations in Vegas, but I have never been as happy as I have with Dr. Nguyen. She's great, the staff is great, and the office is.

My goodness! I have been a loyal patient since 1989. Dr. Lynn is the greatest. She is very caring and great with kids. The office is a husband and wife.

Gentle Dental is a great dentist, the staff are very friendly (especially the hygienist Betsy.say Hi when you see her!) and always remember you even if you.

Great dentist. Great work. Seems up-to-date in both equipment and training. And the dentist hygienist Kathleen is the gentlest in the business.

The only con about this place is that I couldn't take it with me to California, when we moved. James is a great dentist! During my visits, he educated me.

I am completely petrified of dentists! I decided it was time to go, and Dr. Yup was on my list. I tried him because he got my husband in for an emergency.

Love this dental office! When I moved back to Vegas I had trouble finding a dentist I liked. After horrible visits with cleanings that left my mouth feel.

Can't recommend them enough! After a traumatic experience with an upscale but rough handed (and also trying to sell me unecessary services) dentist when I.

Dr. Thresher and his staff are fantastic - if you are looking for a great orthodontist near summerlin, he is the one. My daughter has had braces for 2.

As you can tell from my other review, I don't like dentists. I never have. Nothing personal; I just hate teeth pain, and the scraping noise. But I have.

Personable for fearful patients. Thanks, Dr M

Dr. Neugebauer has been my dentist for the past 10 years and has been my dad's dentist for at least 20 years. He is incredibly nice and he doesn't tell you.

I called about a dozen dentists in Las Vegas and Absolute Dental had the lowest price for a so called deep cleaning of my teeth. They are half the price.

It's not the most beautiful office, nor is it the fanciest. But Dr Tong is friendly, knowledgeable, good with my dental phobias, and unlike some dentists,.

Ok normally I do not take surveys or even write reviews but this orthodontist really deserves to be acknowledged for all that not only him but his staff do. They are so friendly and caring. The orthodontic work I recieved was outstanding. The before and afters are amazing. My son has just started

Doctor Green, I MISS YOU! You probably don't even remember me since I haven't seen you nearly often enough since moving away from Las Vegas. But you were.

Beware of this guy. Don't be fooled by the fake smile and reassuring eyes. It's all about the money. Consider yourself warned.

Dr. Sidhu and his staff make visiting the dentist a much more tolerable experience! They have gone above and beyond for myself, my husband and my two.

I have been a patient of Dr. Frei's for years and would not recommend seeing anyone BUT him. He has changed my life. I had an underbite and Dr. Frei recommended corrective surgery. I had my braces put on and once my teeth were perfectly straight, I went for the surgery. With the help from Dr.

It's possible that this dentist office might be on the expensive side, but they are well worth it. Like the previous reviewer, I absolutely loathe going to.

I used to hate going to the dentist, but after visiting Dr. Tran, I have never met a dentist so gentle and more perceptive to my individual needs as a.

This review is definitely for the locals. Now, you have to understand that writing a review for a Dentist is hard because no one is ever excited about a.

I had a root canal, cleaning, and some other work done by Dr Steven. I am short of words of praise for him and his office. It's been over a year and I have.

No pressure to start friendly and very informative