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I am so thankful for the team at Rochester Advanced Dentistry. Today Dr. Tironi and the team were wonderful in fixing my tooth and making sure I was comfortable. I am a self-proclaimed dental chicken which they know! They are always so kind and make sure I'm comfortable.

I was a bit skeptical because there are so many different treatments and a lot of personal stories I’ve read people say orthotics don’t work. I think they had orthotic and night guard confused though. My regular dentist wanted to make me a night guard, which is great to stop the damage

When I was younger going to the dentist was very scary to me because I always had cavities (I still do) and getting them filled always hurt. Brian was the first dentist to make me feel at ease during my feelings and the shot is painless!!

Friendly and welcoming staff the moment you walk through the front door. Christina is a gem, walking you through the process, giving you all the time you to need to make a decision, understanding everything along the way. Dr. Hadaad has done amazing work in my daughters mouth. Dr. Doolin has

I have to say everything about my experience at Rochester Advanced Dentistry has been outstanding. I had my braces put on today and it really was a great experience. I can not say enough about Rachel. She is kind, compassionate and can empathize with what i'm going through as she has also had

I was suffering for years with chronic pain headaches, what I thought were chronic ear/throat infections and trouble sleeping. I’m knew I had a clenching and grinding problem and some symptoms of TMJ however I did not realize my bite was completely off and causing all these issues until I

Dr. Hines is very caring and accessible. Always there to aide me at any time of the day. Highly recommend

I cannot say enough great things about Rochester Advanced Dentistry! From my initial consultation with Cristina all the way through to the completion of my dental work with Dr. Doolin and Danielle everyone was friendly and professional and all that was promised for my end results was delivered.

Dr. Haddad and his entire staff are exceptionally focused on each patient's needs and desires. Dr. Haddad offers general dentistry services, but, in addition, he is trained in neural dentistry, which enables him to measure the functioning of teeth and jaw together. If you have bruxism, TMJ

As a result of orthodontic work as a child I have suffered for years with jaw pain, headaches and decreased mobility in my neck and upper back. In what seems like an almost “too good to be true story” within 2 weeks of Dr. Haddad repositioning my jaw, my neck mobility increased dramatically.

Just completed replacement of an old cap that fell off after 15+ years and now have a new crown that looks / feels / functions just like the original molar of 30-some years ago! Dr. Tironi has mastered not only the technology their Rochester office has in place to design and build crowns, but

I have dealt with TMJ problems for 40 years. I went to Dr. Haddad last month. He is professional; knowledgeable and kind. The staff and office is so amazing. I have been to UCLA; USC; top specialists in Beverly Hills Ca and Dallas TX. I started feeling relief within a week. The buzzing

It’s almost a year& half after the TMJ/ jaw injury due to a car accident, visiting dental clinics with no improvements until I found the amazing Michigan Center for TMJ & sleep wellness, great improvements after my first visit, Dr Haddad is an expert for your TMJ/ dental problems & you’ll

I have been going to Rochester Advanced Dentistry for over 5 years and they always do an amazing job. I normally see Dr. Haddad and his assistant Rachel - who are both amazing. This month I needed to get some work done on my teeth. Due to my tight schedule, I wasn’t able to see Dr. Haddad,

I have been going to the dentist every 6 months for 50 years. A cap here and a root canal there over the years left me with different shapes and colors if many teeth. Not one dentist ever mentioned that veneers were possible and would solve this unsightly problem. Dr Haddad has now given me

After suffering with headaches from my TMJ for years and years, I finally found someone who can help me! It's a huge deal to be able to eat a salad without getting a headache. I haven't had that pleasure in over 15 years. Dr. Haddad is highly knowledgeable and uses impressive technology to

He could not fix it right !! I went back and forth to get him fix it right. After 4 times, he had to pull my tooth out, he did not do a good job on root canal. I will never, never ever go back to him again.

I never heard of this place until my dentist referred me here to get my wisdom teeth removed. Although the outside of the building is not so attractive,.

I just had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Rosema. Everyone there made me feel extremely comfortable. All of my wisdom teeth were through the.

Dr. Henry and his staff are fantastic! They're extremely friendly, professional and punctual. I have rarely had to wait more than five minutes to be seen.

You have to see this for yourself. best one in town in my opinion!

Dr. Wurtzel is OK as far as dentists go, solidly 3-star.The good: Dr. Wurtzel's office makes it easy to make an appointment there. The office is easy to.

The only dentist I've ever been to that didn't torture me. They didn't even need to use gas or shots when I got fillings done. Expensive, but totally.

I love Dr. Nolan. He spent a while monitoring and assessing my children's growth (at no charge) but NEVER pushed for work to be done that they weren't ready for. They have friends that have had to have braces twice because they were put on too early in the first place! His office is very helpful

I moved back to Metro Detroit 4 years ago and Dr Ferrari has been my dentist ever since. Dr Ferrari is very friendly and amicable, and very upfront about.

Let's be honest. No one really wants to visit the dentist, but we have to. On my last visit I could not have been more pleased with the service I received.

If you are afraid of the dentist, this is the office for you!Dr. Rachel Woll and her staff do everything in their power to make your visit a comfortable.

She is a great dentist, and her staff is friendly and professional as well. I feel she is honest and skilled in her oral care and treatment. My whole family.

I just had my 6-month cleaning appointment yesterday.Dr. Mansour's team of Dental Hygienists are great. I used to use a dentist in New Baltimore, and I.

I recently had to take my little guy (about 14 months old) to the dentist for the first time because of bottle rot. (Yes, I'm apparently the world's worst.

The inside is a very newly updated and comfortable surrounding area with very nice employees, which makes the whole dental experence more comfortable. They take plenty of time for each patient (my boyfriend had a visit with them as well) to answer any questions you might have and help you in

It's probably cliche to say I had a crush on my dentist, but I had a crush on my dentist. He would sing a silly song when he would use that cool water.

This is a very well organized and clean office the staff is amazing with my kids.My daughter never can wait to come in to see her favorite technician. I defiantly recommend Dr. Bieszki's practice.

Oh how I miss my dentists at Gentle Dental. I am terrified of the dentist. I am also terrified of needles. This meant that growing up I had a lot of.

My teeth are straight, so I gotta give them five stars, right? Wear your retainers, kids. They really do make a difference (check out my teeth vs. my.

Best dental practice I have ever been too. I'm kind of a computer geek and I love the fact that this practice uses cutting edge technology to keep track of.

My children went to Dr. Keller's and all I have to say is never again. My kids never seen the doctor, just his assistants who were terribly rude. His assistants never took the time to inspect their teeth for cavities or inform them of their progress; most of the time, they were just pushed

Absolutely wonderful person and better dentist. He does a lot of volunteer dentistry for underpriviledged people. I highly recommend him if you live in.

I have never even been to another dentist in my entire life. What's the old saying? If it ain't broke, then don't fix it. That's how I feel about my dental.

For a lot of people, the thought of going to the dentist for a mere cleaning can send rivers of shivers up and down their spine. The orchestra of drills.

A great dentist! She always does a great job and I am never nervous for my appointments. She's gentle but does a through job. She is also a very genuine.

I still have a Dr. Iacobelli smile. He gave me braces and took them off without pulling out a single tooth. He was our second opinion. The first dude.

Dr. Claflin and Dr. Eick are both great. I first started going to Dr. Claflin because of the TVs mounted in the ceiling over each exam chair. I kept going.

A very good dentist. He went way out of his way to make sure my new bridge matched the rest of my teeth exactly. Very gentle. Can't ask for a better dentist.

A place to receive a great dental attention, the prices are affordable not only in traditional orthodontic braces also with the new Invisalign's invisible removable aligners. Es un lugar donde te sentir's c?modo porque adem's de tener un equipo de profesionales en atenci?n dental, hablan el

Don't let the first impression of this office fool you. It certainly doesn't look like a clean and sterile environment, but does it need to?Dr. Miller has.

This doctor is awesome. I had a procedure done with him and he was the best dentist ever. I dislike doing to the dentist and was a little worried, he made.

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Thompson. I want him to move to Boston so he can still be my dentist. He gave me the two best crowns I could ask.

I highly recommend him! He's a really nice guy and a great dentist. Everyone there is really friendly.

Very warm and caring environment, everyone knows you and three of my children have came to Dr. Majznerski and I will be bring my last child next year, along with myself for braces. Very good experience, I tell everyone where we go for orthodontics