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From the warm greeting, the personal concern as well as the professional and gentle treatment, this was a great experience. You're always encouraged rather than admonished regarding your oral hygiene routine.

Patients with dental insurance forced to pay in full for services in advance including services fully covered by dental insurance by this preferred provider. Patients are then forced to submit all claim forms to their insurance provider and wait for reimbursement, which is sent to the dentist.

BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR BILL WITH A FINE TOOTH COMB - tend to overcharge or not tell you what they are charging for.

I never thought I'd like my orthodontist so much, I mean what kind of weirdo even likes their dentist? Well this weirdo's search for invisalign years after an awful experience with an orthodontist in Rockville, lead her to Dr. Kwong's office. I was doing the typical rounds making appointments

Went for 2 normal check-up visits now and had good experiences. Receptionists are pretty nice and I never waited more than 5-10 minutes to get in during the.

Keith Karas is a great dentist in Columbia, MD. He gets points for both for his friendly manner, and efficiency. He is seemingly working on 3-4 patients.

This Orthodontist is much better then my past experience with Orthodontist Lisa Demarco and Nancy Tilkin. They left my teeth crooked and damaged them. But I find that Dr. Erickson does things right and is honest.

I love going to the dentist. strange, but true. i love getting my teeth cleaned, especially if the dentist and the office is as amazing as congressional.

It's probably not very common for a person to be connected to a dentist for all his life, but in my case, Dr. Hislop has been preventing cavities and.

5 stars! I am so please with the work Dr. Abigail performs. He is intelligent, professional, and caring. My daughter had a special problem that only he could resolve as I tried other orthontists in the area.AND his fees are reasonable especially for the quality of work. My daughter is beautiful

Amazing work, simply amazing!Fast, easy, and with my now beautifull teeth has totally changed my appearance.

Two of my children have had their orthodontic work done by Dr.Toothman and I couldn't be more pleased with the results!

Bobby is one of the greatest and most versatile people I know. Though I have never been to him for dentistry, as a person he is tops.

I hate going to the dentist. Not because of the pain or the smell but because of the lectures. Well, I was long overdue for my annual check up and since my.

Excellent Ortho experience - both the facility and staff. They are great with Kids. Very knowledgable. They have several offices but the same doctors - I have Dr. Labbe. Great website also and electronic access to dental pics and appointments. I went for adult invisalign.

Dr. Febus is the F in MAF dental in Laurel. I've been going to MAF for a number of years, the quality of the work and friendly staff is always very good.

I have been going to Sharon Whelton for 18 years on the recommendation of our infant's day care person. When Tracie broke her tooth in pre-school, Sharon.

After the fiasco at Spectrum Dental, which I also reviewed (, I came to Kings.

By far the best dentist I've ever been to. Not only is Dr. Keating very nice but the entire staff is competent. The regular cleaning and check-up.

I've been going to him since I was really young. We had to stop for a few years at one point because our insurance changed, but initially my mom still took.

Dr. P runs the most professional dental office I've ever gone to. He has done me right both for cosmetic dentistry and for regular checkups. I highly.

Great friendly staff, and they didn't bitch at me for not going to the dentist for like 9 yrs =P they were very helpful and always smiling. They explain.

A friend recommended Nuger & Sircus to me. I've had some not-so-amazing experiences with doctors in this area lately, so I was refreshed to experience.

Dr. Kitahara and his staff specialize in helping patients who are fearful of dentistry get the dental care and orthodontia they need. Dr. Kitahara is very.

Dr. Mirchin is a great dentist! He and his staff do their best to make you very relaxed and comfortable during your visit to the dentist. They have.

I've been going to Flower Hill dental for nearly a year now, since I moved to Gaithersburg. Dr. Winkleman (who actually is the only dentist at this branch.

Dr. Chan was my endodondist (aka dentist who did my root canals), and I paid about 4 visits to him throughout my HS and college years. He was also referred.

From the time you enter to the time you leave, every staff member is friendly and helpful. Dr.Murphy gives you options, NOT do this or your teeth will rot.

Over 10 years ago, I had braces. For some reason, my lost retainers were never replaced and so my teeth shifted back. What a waste! Not only did I develop a.

It's great finding a dentist who actually cares. Dr. Banzon, while she has a hygienist on staff, actually does all the cleaning. The hygienist is the one.

Full disclosure- Dr. Neel Satpute is a good friend of mine. He recently opened his pediatric dental practice in Baltimore after moving from Philadelphia.

Dr. Kwon is a great dentist and also a great second opinion. Friends of mine who have been suspicious of their dentists because they've been told that they.

I want to give a shout out to my dentist Dr Paul Iadarola. If you are looking for a dentist in Bethesda I highly recommend him for the following.