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I stopped by because my neighbor had a good experience and I am glad I did. Had a crown put on a molar and the price was right. Zero discomfort and I found myself a new dentist.

Visited the office today, and I have to say it was by far the best dental experience I've ever had in my 42 years of living. I was referred by the VA and I am extremely happy this office was the one! From the politeness of the receptionists upon arrival (I was 20 mins late) to the issues I

Dr. Ospina is what I miss most about Miami! She is that rare mix of highly skilled with the ability to immediately put you at ease. She is just Zen. Professionally, she instilled the utmost confidence in her ability and well rounded talent as a Dentist, fully explaining everything in a relatable

Not a pleasant time for crown placement. A total of 3 trips to correct crown still not happy with it had to sign a waiver for 5 year replacement. Unbelievable! The shots were very painful for 4 days. Upsell. For ortho over 60! Not needed. Done with this dentist.

I went in to have one tooth extracted. Instead of doing what I asked they took x-rays and set me up for $2500. Program and that price was not sure. Needless to say I didn't go back. Also they will not accept your check - you have to pay with cash or credit card. And I've never had a check bounce

I needed some teeth looked at they were hurting me. I called Oceanside Dental and they took me in right away (the same day). When I arrived they did an exam and told me my options. I had my teeth fixed at a very reasonable price. I have referred my wife, son and daughter there. They also took

Dr. Oswick is the best Dentist in the Windermere area. He has always treated me fairly and it has always been an overall good experience.

Dr Oswick & Kashlak have been my family and friends dentist for over 20 years in Windermere. He has always taken care of our cleanings, pulls, fillings, braces, veneers and other services with no problems, ever. He has always treated us fairly and has always been there for our emergencies with

No bedside manners. A piece of meat in there to be dealt with quickly and moved out. Corners of my mouth torn and gums all scraped up after x-rays. Girl said tell me if it hurts. I did and she said it has to. Told her my husband is very jumpy and sensitive at the dentist. She said he will have

Who thought that going to the dentist would be as relaxing and comfortable as getting a hair cut! I had been putting off having a tooth extracted. I was worried about the discomfort of having it done. A friend recommended Oceanside Dental in Tampa. I couldn't believe the warm and welcoming

Dr. Patino is the best dentist in Gainesville, excellent work, able to talk to doctor without feeling rush to leave, modern, clean, and friendly staff. Great location and flexible hours make my appointments easy.

I went to Dr Klechak for braces. I was a bad patient. I am not a fan of any dentist. He was kind enough to put up with my being scared to death. I had.

As a parent of a special need child my major concern is the well being of my child. Our visit to Pediatric Dental Associates was an awesome one. Dr. Ortiz-Perez caring and loving way of handling our child's needs made us comfortable and at peace. Her skills and knowledge are ouitstanding. After

Only a psychopath would look forward to going to the dentist but, Dr. Masi is great. Not great as in I look forward to her drilling my person, but great as.

Chipped my tooth, saw me same day. Awesome office with a great staff, beautiful decor. Super friendly doctor. Young, professional, and affordable for.

Dr. Nicieza and staff were very professional and helpful. I love my new smile!

Dr. Gill is a fantastic orthodontist. Both of my children had braces at the same time-his entire staff is warm & welcoming!

I was pleasantly surprised at the helpful staff and quick service. Didn't have to wait at all and Dr. Short did excellent work. I recommend him to all my friends.

Great atmosphere, clean & beautiful office, friendly doctor and staff, affordable fees. Doctor is Board Certified Orthodontist Specialists and a Premier Provider of Invisalign / invisible braces.

Super friendly dentist's office! Recommended by someone who works in our building. The staff is like a family and all really nice, and as we don't have.

Dr Fontaine is very friendly and welcoming! Many of his staff members are the same. His rates are acceptable and he offers flexible payment plans. The office is comfy and welcoming with a tv in the waiting room and tv's above every chair in the back! A+

As painless as it gets.He has all of the very latest equipment and enjoys his work. Don't be misled by the beautiful office and building, the prices are.

I'm picky about dentists and have had trouble finding a general dentist that I like consistently for YEARS. Since I'm all about convenience I needed someone.

I visited several orthodontists trying to decided who should do the work on my 8 year before choosing Freedman and Haas. I did so as I like that they were going to expand her jaw before applying the braces as opposed to putting braces on immediatly. I knew in the long run this would give her

Dr.Krumholtz is the best! His staff is nice and it is a really cool place. They have an aquarium and dolphins coming out of the ceiling (fake ones of course). They have a gameboy at every seat and a gameroom with free games. They are always having contests. The whole place is cool and if I

I love dr. Eder and his whole staff. He has been friendly and professional with me and my children. He is an excellent, sharp doctor, and a great guy. He treats his staff well and they are in turn happy, friendly and professional. THe office is beautiful and clean. He has toys, video games,

Friendly, clean and modern office. A little on the pricey side, but hey, it's your smile. don't be cheap! Highly recommended.

My wife started using Dr. Stock a few years back, when her other dentst dropped off our insurance plan.Everyone here is so nice and friendly. When my wife.

Excellent service David Lowe is the best my son had some trama and this guy is awsome he's a big kid himself. I would recommend him to everyone who needs braces or any other orthodontic services. Easy to get to the office. Friendly staff. very relaxed atmosphere. #1

I LOVED Dr. Radell when he was my orthodontist! My mom took me to all the big ones in town so I could pick and as soon as I met the staff at Dr. Radell's, I knew it was the place! Everyone is so nice and they make it a fun environment. My sister also went to him and loved it there, as well.

Family dental plan that offers 25% savings on Braces.

This was a new dentist office for me because of relocating. They were able to take me immediately as I was suffering from a loose cap. The receptionists were very friendly and made payment easy (my insurance was from out of FL). The dentist was down to earth and made me feel comfortable. She

From now on I will be choosing all professionals I visit (from dentist to hair stylist) based on recommendation from friends who really know me. Dr.

This Orthodontist is top notch! He sponsors the local JTAA soccer festival every year! Free pizza, donuts and so much more! I also took my son to his office for dentist and it was amazing. The office was so inviting and exciting. My son did not want to leave. we are lucky to have Dr. Meier

He took excellent care of me in less time than predicted, and was a pleasure to go to. They even have TVs to watch while you are being worked on.

Dr. John puts you right at ease with his humor and the friendliness of both him and his staff. They have TVs overhead and a library of movies to watch while.

Very nice practice and a wonderful group. I have never had any complaints about the service or the value. Waiting times are amazingly short and the offices are real clean. A great experience.

Dr. Parker has been a GOD SENT to my daughter. He was very considerate, and VERY helpful with her and her teeth. The workers there are TOP NOTCH! I HIGHLY Recommend.

My 8 year old daughter, Alyssa, is a patient of Dr. Angela DeFabrique (Loxahatchee, Florida). Her kind, courteous and extremely professional office staff is always available to answer your question(s). Dr. DeFabrique was highly recommended by her Professor at NOVA University and by Dr. Scott

The doc does a great job. he is very thorough. and very adept at using those tools.

What a great office! They will see kids under age 3 for FREE! You can't beat that. Plus, they have a cool game room with toys and videogames. That really helps to keep the younger ones entertained. Fantastic place to go!

I went in with my two kids ages 3 and 4. The staff was extremely nice and did a good job at making the kids feel comfortable. Dr. Reed was really good as well and had both kids happy. I would highly recommend this office. I had been scared to take my kids in after a bad experience at a different

We've been going for years (different services). The staff is wonderful. The office is always pleasant and clean. The results are a wonderful smile!=)

Cutting Edge Technology With Down Home Service.Friendly. Inexpensive. Thorough, but not nit-picky. They use rubber dams during fillings and use video.

I really like Dr. Brown's Office. They are quick and get you in an out in just a few minutes. The ladies there are very nice. Extremely professional office. Dr. Brown called me the night I got my braces on to check and make sure I was okay. Not many doctors do things like that. If your looking

I have been searching for a dentist for two years. Finally, I bit the bullet and said, OK, this guy is close by, I can just try it out and hope for the.

When I look for a dentist, I look for 3 things: 1) No hairy hands 2) Good demeanor. 3) Tolerable waiting room.It's also an amusing bonus that this.

My first visit there was great, it seemed like a very warm welcome. i was attended to the point of getting a warm towel from the hygienist after cleaning.

Roughly a month and half ago I went through the dreaded procedure of having my wisdom teeth removed. Clearly this is not something that I was looking.

I'll admit it - I'm a big chicken when it comes to the Dentist. bad experience many, many years ago, but when I met Dr. Lascheid and his staff I was.