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Top Down Dental is awesome, and crazy as it may sound, I look forward to going to my dental cleanings. I've been a patient of Dr Nancy's for nearly 25 years, and appreciate the care and compassion she and her amazing team bring to their work. The place is lovely, sparkling clean, with massage

Love Dr. Sellick and his staff. Everyone is kind, friendly, professional and caring. Would never go anywhere else.

Their professionalism and high level of care. Top of the line services. I go there because I know my teeth and I are in great hands.

As a son of a dentist, spending 38 years in Larry Hartman's chair, I have pretty high standards for dentistry. I was AMAZED by my experience with Dr. Rice, and his phenomenal team. His recommendations were fair and honest, very much in my best interest and not self-serving. Every part of the

As a son of a dentist, spending 38 years in Larry Hartman's chair, I have pretty high standards for dentistry. I was AMAZED by my experience with Dr. Rice, and his phenomenal team. His recommendations were fair and honest, very much in my best interest and not self-serving. Every part of the

There is a reason there are so many 5 star reviews. It's all true...our experience here was more than you would ever ask for. Professional, polite...good listeners. Explanations on what was happening and more importantly why. The entire staff made you feel welcome and would commonly go

Professional, informative, caring. She really took the time to understand my symptoms in order to analyze the issue; and took time to explain the process.

I had veneers put on and my smile improved tremendously. I asked for a movie star smile and I got it! I no longer have a fear of the dentist. Dr. Rice is very gentle and made sure I was comfortable and pain free.

If you're new in town and looking for a dentist; or maybe unsatisfied and have been unhappy with your current dental service provider (like in my case), you should definitely check out Dental Design SD and not wait any longer. My family and friends who I've recommended have been going here

Just had a crown put on and a cavity taken care of by Dr. Taylor Rice. Can't say enough great things about Dr. Rice and his staff. They were warm, friendly, and took the time to explain the entire procedure. They made sure I was comfortable the whole time. Most importantly, I didn't feel any

Best. Dentist. Ever. Everyone is professional and friendly. They anticipated my questions about my insurance coverage and had the answers ready to go when I asked. They are excellent!

Exceptional dentist with an incredible staff! Dr. Rice is the best dentist I have ever had and the staff is highly experienced, friendly and efficient. Anyone in the market for a new dentist, this is definitely the place to go!

Exceptional dentist with an incredible staff! Dr. Rice is the best dentist I have ever had and the staff is highly experienced, friendly and efficient. Anyone in the market for a new dentist, this is definitely the place to go!

Always friendly and professional office.

Very good dentist.

I went in to see Dr.Guss with a bad toothache and was immediately comforted by his calm professional bedside manner. He explained what needed to be done to get me out of pain and after discussing finances with Wendi at the front desk he fixed my tooth, so I could once again think straight and

Great dentistry, professional and courteous recommend highly!

Exceeded my expectations and more! He did a smile makeover on me and I love my new smile! I only wish I had done it years ago.

I always feel so well taken care of with Dr. Lavi. I know that he will recommend whatever is best for me and then let me make the necessary decisions. I totally trust him and have recommended him to several friends who have all been very happy with his work. I feel very lucky to have found

You're in safe hands with Dr. Nancy Azizi! Her expert care went over and above my expectations. It's been over a year since she designed and placed veneers on my uppers and worked on my lowers for an amazing smile makeover. At 52, let me tell you - its well worth the time and money for the

Growing up we had to share clothes and opt for hand me downs, but one thing our parents never compromised was our health, oral health in particular. We never had a cavity during our childhood but with age I've had a few cavities filled and have been fitted with dental implants, with this

It's very important to me that when I go to any doctor's office how the staffs treat me. I am very nervous that I take tranquilizer even if I don't need any extensive treatment. Visiting Wisetooth Dentistry was superb! People there made me so comfortable that I already felt that I belonged

My son is under going treatment program to straighten out his teeth and we can see the progress. Everyone in the office is great too.

Dr. Rideau has provided excellent service to all three of my children. He told my older son that he didn't need braces because his lovely teeth were aligned correctly. We liked that advice. My middle son had a two stage process with his braces, and he was finished by the time he turned 15.

May 15, 2006 Best Patient Care! By raklysbunnie - See my reviews (2) I have been through so many orthodontists and this one is my favorite by far! They pay special attention to their patients, are very happy people, and do whatever it takes to satisfy your needs. When I told them how I wanted

When is the last time that your DENTIST cleaned your teeth? What's that? Your DENTIST has never cleaned your teeth? Maybe your new dentist should be Dr.

I am currently in treatment with Dr. Giannetti, and extremely happy with my treatment, as well as her and her staff! They all go out of there way to make patients comfortable, and they are very nice! I have friends and family that Dr. Kelly Giannetti has treated, and we all highly recommend

I set up an appointment for all 4 of us. My husband, 12 year old and my 3 year old. It was my lil ones first appointment, and they were so sweet. They.

My likes about Bright Now Dental is that they have available late evening appointments and also Saturday appointments. This is very convinient. The staff is very courteous and helpful and they put me and my daughter at ease. They Doctors' are also very nice. My only dislike about Bright Now

It is the best orthodontist in Santa Ana. The staff was very helpful and friendly.They answered all my questions (and I had alot). The doctor was nice and friendly was not uptight like other places I had been to.I heard about this place through a friend I am glad I checked it out.It is a place

One of most friendly doctor.I just have to admit that I hate dentist. I hate that drilling sound. However, he just help me to relax. (I'd never relax).

I recall coming here when I was a student a few yrs back & the staff particularly the dentists there being nice & friendly (more so than the one on La.

I love this place. The doctors and the staff were so nice. The dentist explained everything so well, and it was obvious he tried to take care of me as best as he could. The receptionist was not very welcoming, but the back office staff was great! I reccomend this place.

I have been 'shopping' around for a dentist for years and finally settled on Dr. Noriesta. He is extremely gentle and has a great office. I have been.

Five stars, not just because he is my father, but because, undoubtedly, every Christmas he is paged for an emergency toothache, root canal, etc. and every.

I have been going to this office since I was seven and it was owned by Dr. Israel Ismaj. A few years back Dr. Ismaj sold the practice to Dr. Melad so he.

An average Doctor with poor admin support. at least a couple of times I was treated for something which they said was covered under insurance but then later i was billed. To talk to them over phone is useless. To my shock they reported it collections agency! bringing my credit score down -

I was recommended by a good friend to this orthodontist. I've been searching for an ortho that understands every mothers concern over their children's teeth. My kid says that he's an exceptional orthodontist for adults, too. Highly recommended. Thank you kindly.

Dr. Marine Martirosyan and her staff provide an excellent service and are very efficient! The office is clean and modern, with very high tech equipment. Best dentist in Glendale!

Really? No ones going to review Doc Tran? Maybe Yelp just hasn't caught on yet in Irvine. LA loves it. San Francisco loves it.Alright first, I think.

What a painless pleasure to have this father & son team as my Dentist. Their professionalism is outstanding and their staff is excellent. Their equipment is state-of-the-art and so are the proceedurers that they use. No long waits for the xrays to develop or your crown to come back from the

Dr. Henry is awesome, especially with kids! He's humorous yet very professional and does a great job!He stated I should have them on and off in about a.

Dr. Leigh is probably the best dentist I have ever been to. He and his office staff are extremely friendly, funny, and talkative, and they seem like they.

Quality, qualified and honest Orthodontist. Member of AAO. Professional staff and office. The best!

I'm hesitant to Yelp about my dentist Dr. Kim because he's so popular that you have to make an appointment weeks in advance for a simple cleaning. I've.

Nobody really likes going to the dentist, but if you must go then go to the best. I have been going to Dr. Ki's dental office ever since I was a little.

The PBHS salesperson was very persuasive in promising a fully customized web site, but all that meant was fill-in-the-blank with your company name. Their generic content was not appropriate for a dental specialty website, so I had to write all the content. Their idea of a $10,000 dollar logo

Love this place, love the dentist, love the staff. I had seen another dentist and was not a happy camper. This dentist was willing to work with me and.

I am very sketch about who gets to look at my teeth, bad experience with five pulled molars as a kid with nothing but Novocaine. Dr. Hirasuna and his newer.

I highly recommend Dr. Noguchi. I started treatment with Dr. Noguchi one year ago. My decision to go with Dr. Noguchi was simple. I actually work with a lot of orthodontist throughout California and Dr. Noguchi stood out amongst my choices for treatment. Dr. Noguchi and his staff are very courteous,