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Dr Mansfield is amazing. So gentle, and super funny. He really took great care of me, love him! Also his assistant was awesome I'm sorry I don't remember her name though. I've truly never had such an awesome visit with any type of dentist or oral surgeon. I would recommend Dr Mansfield

Dr. Metz, Crystal, and Trish are definitely my "go-to" people when it comes to caring for my teeth. I've followed them from when they were "Meridian Dental" and moved from their McClintock and Baseline location. They're very hospitable, caring, and ensure there's no pain while getting your

Dr. Matt Harmon exemplifies what an ideal dentist should be. He excels in dentistry, knows that every mouth is not the same, knows how to communicate with patients, providing them with complete information and time to consider options. When he provides treatment, you can know that it is the

Great Dentist. Works great with kids and adults!

This little pediatric office is terrific and so very cute. My kids LOVE going there. The doctors are great with kids and have excellent credentials. They are a husband/wife team that handles both regular dentistry and orthodontics which really simplifies my life. I only wish I had discovered

Dr. Hubrich is really the closest thing I have to a family doctor. I don't go to a physician on a regular basis, but I get my teeth cleaned twice a year.

I moved back to Arizona in 2004. I was a full time antiques dealer, and spent most of my time in 2003-2005 driving around to different cities, hundreds of.

Now, I am very hesitant to give a dentist 5 stars. I mean if I was rating dentists as a whole, I would give them negative stars. I have gone to a lot of.

I had been needing braces for YEARS, but growing up on the wrong side of that tracks made it hard for my family to afford them. So here I am friggin 27.

Newt Henderson rocks! I went to the dentist last week, the first appointment was just for x-rays and a quick consultation. My second appointment was to.

I had a great experience at this office. The staff was so friendly and the dentist was great. They took care of everything on the same day so I didn't have to miss work a second day to come back.

Best dental office I have visited: bran new office, all high tech equipment. Customer service was great. I befriended a lot of employees on my first visit. Would definitely recommend

I am so excited this great office is coming to Casa Grande! We have been going to their Maricopa office, and it is wonderful! They are a welcome addition to our town.

I am a long time Sun City Grand resident and I have been to my share of dentist. I wore denture for the past 25 years, and recently my denture broke, I was referred to Dr. Jenny by my golf buddy; after the initial exam, Dr. Jenny recommended dental implants +bridge work, I decided to proceed

Okay, so I am the BIGGEST chicken on the planet. My dentist Dr. Kerry Burgess was the first to test the waters with me. He was fantastic with my anxiety.

As embarassed as I am to say it, I hadnt been to the dentist in an extended amount of time when I finally decided to bite the bullet (no pun intended) and.

Arizona Pediatric Dental Care and Dr. Jared Welch has to be the absolute World's Best Pediatric Dentist! And I know a thing or two about these things. With.

Dr. Johansen is WONDERFUL. I can't say enough great things about him. He is awesome with children even though he is not specifically a pediatric dentist.

I don't like the dentist much, but they have a great new patient special, which consists of an exam and x-rays, plus cleaning and tooth whitening for only.

Let me be honest. I hate going to the dentist. It's not that I'm afraid it's going to hurt (frankly, it just never has), it's just that I am an.

Yes, yes, I know this will sound stupid, but I love going to my dentist. The office is filled with young, smart, funny, attractive and completely.

Wow. I'm glad I hadn't read the previous review before we made the appointment. We had the complete opposite experience. Since we've been having insurance.

This is the best dentist I have ever gone to!Jeremy has a odd sense of humor, dry. He has always worked with me to get my teeth taken care of. Even if I.

This is awesome practice! I have heard many good comments from from my friends and I now know why. I have been to several dental offfices before, none explained my insurance benefits as well as this office. Now I understand my insurance very well. Thank you Cooper Family Dentistry! They also

Great dentist. I've been going to him for 6 years and he gives great dental care and his staff is wonderful.

I love the office staff here! There's one woman, Liz, who's incredibly comforting and understanding, never cold or short with me. Dr. Steen is also a very.

Wow. I walked into their new location for my son's dental appointment and I felt like I'd walked into the future. Back when I was a kid, I was happy if.

I'm always nervous about finding a dentist when I move to a new city, but when I moved to Phoenix, I was lucky enough to know someone here who loved her.

I hesitate reviewing something medically-related, because it's often such a crapshoot and a very personal area. But I have to give props to these fab.

I first took my daughter to Dr. Weaver last spring. He's an orthodontist but also a dental surgeon. I thought she might have to have that done (her teeth.

This is the best dental office. On time. High tech modern equipment. This is a modern practice. No picking during checkups. They use video cameras,.

This guy is the sneakiest dentist ever when it comes to needles and dental work. No pain and a great staff that never leaves you hanging.

I had an absolutely stellar experience at All Smiles. I finally got dental insurance, and made an appointment based on Alicia's review. It helps that.

When my daughter was very young she was terrified of the dentist. I tried to take her to a couple dentists who just didn't see eye-to-eye with her. I.

For perspective, I usually fall asleep in a Dentists chair, so my mileage may vary from yours.Dr. Gibbons EARNS that! He is a particularly good.

I am not a fan of dentists, in fact, I despise the whole experience. All that said, I had 4+ hours worth of work yesterday and I'll have another 2+ hours.

Remind me I need to call my parents and have a serious conversation with them. I want to know what kind of quack dentists they were taking me to as a kid.

Dr. Miller is awesome and talented. The hygenist, Lauren is great and the cleanings don't hurt! Lovely offices, great location, and they will work with you.

Going to the dentist is fun again! Well it's enjoyable here. I love all the staff. The girls are awesome. I've never gotten so close to people in my.

I've been going to Dr. Harkins for over 15 years now. When I started I was in awful shape. My jaw locked open a couple times. I was in daily pain. A.

Dr. Blase had been seeing my daughter for several years before putting braces on her teeth and everytime we go to his office, he and his staff have been the.

So, I had veneers put on my teeth at 15ish because I didn't want braces.(WHAT was I thinking?)But, because I'm a moody B!@#$, I woke up one morning.

I've only had two dentists in my entire life: my childhood dentist back in Michigan and now my adulthood dentist-Dr. Hughes. As long as I live in.

This guy is the best. I'm not an easy patient when it comes to my teeth. Actually, I'm probably a dentist's worst nightmare.Here come the details, which.