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I recommend any and everyone to come here they make you feel very comfortable, they take their time, very gentle don’t put pressure on when you are getting service as far as they equipment.... overall my experience was GREAT and this will be my dental home. Thank You Modern Family Dental

Switched to Stansell after a not so great experience with another local dental office. This experience was night and day better. Everyone was very welcoming. The dentist was super patient and explained everything. They even let my little girl pick a prize (even though she wasn't the patient).

Went in there last week after not having gone to a dentist in 2-3 years because of a bad experience with my last one. Had some pretty bad plaque buildup and was more scared/anxious than usual about what was to come. Betsy and Dr. Cranford were both fantastic in keeping me calm and letting me

I had my braces for 3 years and the results are AMAZING. Just got them off today, and I never thought I’d see the day of having my teeth straight lol. Dr. Jones and his staff are incredible and super friendly. I absolutely recommend these guys for you orthodontist needs!

Our daughter went to this practice for a cleaning and whitening. We were thoroughly pleased with her treatment. Everyone from the front desk staff to the Assistants to the dentist always interacted in an efficient, positive, friendly, professional manner. They efficiently handled dental

Dr. Stephanie Stephanie 'Dodd' Bangs and her staff are awesome!!! They are always super friendly and professional in everything they do! I can't recommend them enough.

Dr Mansfield is amazing. So gentle, and super funny. He really took great care of me, love him! Also his assistant was awesome I'm sorry I don't remember her name though. I've truly never had such an awesome visit with any type of dentist or oral surgeon. I would recommend Dr Mansfield

They will go out of their way to treat you right.

The staff were professional and respectful. They were efficient and know what they are doing. You should make an appointment to have them clean your teeth.

I stopped by because my neighbor had a good experience and I am glad I did. Had a crown put on a molar and the price was right. Zero discomfort and I found myself a new dentist.

Dr. Briglia is always kind, caring and totally dedicated to the well-being if his patients. The staff is friendly, competent and just as caring!

Everyone was friendly and welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. The cleaning was thorough and the use of technology was helpful in addressing any issues.

From the warm greeting, the personal concern as well as the professional and gentle treatment, this was a great experience. You're always encouraged rather than admonished regarding your oral hygiene routine.

Dr. Gerry Curatola and his whole team are an incredible asset to NYC. Science is proving what he has been on the forefront of researching and teaching - that a healthy and robust oral microbiome with it's billions of varied strains of bacteria is essential to the strength of the entire body!

Visited the office today, and I have to say it was by far the best dental experience I've ever had in my 42 years of living. I was referred by the VA and I am extremely happy this office was the one! From the politeness of the receptionists upon arrival (I was 20 mins late) to the issues I

Dr. Metz, Crystal, and Trish are definitely my "go-to" people when it comes to caring for my teeth. I've followed them from when they were "Meridian Dental" and moved from their McClintock and Baseline location. They're very hospitable, caring, and ensure there's no pain while getting your

I was as satisfied as I could be as far as dental visits go. Dr. Froebel took care of 5 teeth for me in two visits. I have an anxiety when it comes to dentists. It had been a long time since I had been to one. He took care of me painlessly and I will be making routine visits.

If you're new in town and looking for a dentist; or maybe unsatisfied and have been unhappy with your current dental service provider (like in my case), you should definitely check out Dental Design SD and not wait any longer. My family and friends who I've recommended have been going here

National dental is a warm and caring dentist. All of the staff treat you like a friend of the family. I would tell anyone who needs dental care to go to national dental over any place else. It was a beautiful experience. Thank you guys.

I went to Arlington Dental excellence for the first time about three months ago and they came recommended from a friend. I haven't been to the dentist in over 10 years and I was speechless by their level of care and Dr. Layth attention to details. We won't get into details but I needed enough

I used to be scared of going to the dentist. So I often delayed going at all... But not since meeting Dr Frank Kestler and all the lovely staff at their North Fork, Mattituck NY location. After many root canals - that were virtually painless - I can honestly say he is my favorite dentist.

Let me start by saying right when I walked in, everyone in the building was smiling and ready to serve. The receptionists were very kind and I only had to fill out a few papers that took about 2-3 min. They told me to get comfortable and I will be seen shortly, they have a plethora of magazines

Clinic is clean and sophisticated. Great deals. Staffs were friendly they have bright smiles for everyone.

Came in for assisstance with regards for my tooth decay. Explain to me what will the best applicable treatment be and give offers from which my budget will suite best.

Satisfied Customer in here. Came to him for my tooth colored restoration and it's perfect.

His been our Doctor for about 6 years now. He is knowledgeable, professional, and friendly that is why we lasted that long as his client. He also offers great deals most importantly. Thank you.

Doctor Rusznak accepts credit care which is a good thing. Came to him for my regular cleaning.

I had an accident seek for their help. I've consulting then fitting. They'd managed to fix my broken teeth. I was so scared that my teeth won't be the same. He seemed calm and professional while I was freaking out.

They have a very nice and warm clinic. From scheduling to checking treatment.

We just recently moved in around the area and decided to pay him a visti for my brother's problem on his tooth. He looks professional with a friendly smile.

I helped my grandma for her dentures and he seems so polite and friendly. I thought that will wait for quite awhile but we did not. Place is also near so I wouldn't have to drive that far.

Great Doctor and service with affordable price. I'm more comfortable with my whitened teeth. :D

Had an appointment with Dr. Rusznak and solve my tooth decay problem. Makes me smile so brighter.

I'm satisfied with Dr Rusznak service. Must try.

I went to Dr. Rusznak clinic and give me a full service.

This was my first appointment with a dermatologist. They explained my issues and how we would resolve them. Dr. Katz is great.

Dr. Vora is an awesome dentist! She is very skilled, has the latest technology in her office, but the best part is the way she treats her patients. She never rushes and she always listens. Her staff is terrific too - very on top of things, and so nice. Going to the dentist is not so fun, but

I'm on a strict diet to avoid heavy staining foods like coffee. Teeth whitening is pricey, i wouldn't want to waste it.

Fantastic customer service & excellent price! I walked out with a brighter smile than how I walked in. Will definitely go back to complete the dental work I need.

My image of dentists in general is not great. It gives me the chills just getting near a dental clinic. My ashburn dentist is different though, all the staff have a great friendly atmosphere around them.

I wasn't able to eat properly because of my protruding tooth before, I had to undergo a tooth extraction under Dr. Rusznak.The procedure for me and was painless. I respect the way he helped me and I can see how dedicated he is with his profession.

Service was great. He answered all my questions about Dental crowns. Not much financial problem because my dental insurance covered my bills. I would give this office 5 stars for overall service.

It was a worthwhile experience if not the best., but they are really good at their dental service. I’m not looking forward for a second visit anytime soon, just because the dental crowns they applied are great quality. Good job Dr. Rusznak! :)

Always friendly and professional office.

Dr Altshultz is arrogant, and so is his staff, billing problems he blames on his CEF who is never available but it is his wife. They are not friendly and easy to work with, he is more worried about swing dancing than his practice and patience.

Dr Lindsay is by far the best orthodontist I've ever worked with! Her care, skill, and judgement is incredible. The results are perfect & customized to each patient. I should know, I've sent 3 kiddos thru her program.

Dr. Matt Harmon exemplifies what an ideal dentist should be. He excels in dentistry, knows that every mouth is not the same, knows how to communicate with patients, providing them with complete information and time to consider options. When he provides treatment, you can know that it is the

I and my family of five have been patients of Dr. Cakmes for over twenty years. The services provided are best exemplified by compassion, expeditious professional service, totally painless experiences, all within a culturally warm and nurturing environment. This may be hard to believe but

Dr. AnnaLee Kruyet has been our dentist for 7 years. Her work is impeccable. But it's how her office is run & their attitude toward the clients. Nothing less than amazing. I remember well their daughter first coming to their office. Sure enough, there seemed to be a line to look in on her just

I found Regina Crowley to be incompetent, uncaring and dishonest. Dr Crowley's incompetence cost me two good teeth. She never apologized, and billed! Avoid Regina Crowley!