Ryan Kezele is a yakima dentist that provides a full range of dental services to meets the needs of the entire family. A member of the American Dental Association and being a top guaduate with National Honors, Dr Kezele completed advanced courses in Periodontics, Endodontristy, and Restorative Dentistry. Services provided for the entire family include fillings, root canals, extractions, surgery, crowns & bridges, implants, dentures & partials, teeth whitening/bleaching and emergencies. Dr. Kezele is particularly good with nervous patients, both adults and children.

Contact Details

  Person Ryan Kezele
  City Yakima , WA
  Zip Code 98908
  Address 606 S. 48th Ave
  Phone Number (509) 965-3235

Customer Testimonials

I have had many traumatic experiences with dentists. I was in constant fear of needing any dental work, including simple cleanings. Then I started seeing Dr. Ryan Kezele. Dr. Kezele has systematically invalidated all of my fears, showing me time and again that going to the dentist does NOT have to be scary or painful. He is honest and up front, and is truly interesting in your dental and overall health. My most recent visit involved a root canal, one of my least favorite procedures EVER. Well not any more. I am no longer scared of root canals because he showed me that it was easy and pain free. I recommend this dentist to anyone and everyone. He is awesome.

Thank you Dr. Kezele for the amazing job you did this morning on my tooth. You saved it and that in its self is pretty awesome. Looking forward to having you as our family dentist.

I hate going to the dentist. I knew I needed to go, but kept putting it off. Finally, I made an appointment to see Dr. Kezele. He was very professional and seemed very knowledgeable. He made me feel extremely comfortable and was able to answer all my questions. I be going to the dentist more regularly now that I have been introduced to Dr. Kezele.

I have worked for Dr. Ryan Kezele for almost 10 years now as his main assistant, he is not only a great dentist but also a great boss. I highly recommended him to all my family and friends and they all think he is great as well. He has a gentle touch and is very honest with treatment plans and procedures.

My wife and I are kind of timid when it comes to seeing a dentist to say the least. Dr Kezele and his staff are very friendly and understanding. We have both had some major things done and I'm grateful for Dr kezele and his staff for taking their time, explaining the options and making sure we were both comfortable. My wife says she feels relaxed and not scared to see Dr Kezele and enjoys the environment.

Professional and compassionate. That's the bottom line with Dr Kezele and his staff. I had an emergency and did not think anyone would give me the help I needed the way they did. Not only did he resolve the tooth that was hurting me, he found another tooth that was the reason I had not been feeling well for months. His primary concern was not how much he could charge me, it was MY QUALITY OF LIFE!!! This is the kind of doctor we want for our loved ones, and he is now my Dentist. I recommend ANYONE in pain to see these people, they care and they will help you. By the time I left I felt informed and like I was friends with Ryan. Great Dr., great staff. Thank you Dr Kezele, you have improved my life.

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