Because we really care about your comfort, Dr. Pamela Marzban offers a range of amenities to help you relax while you are at our office in Burke, Virginia. You’ll feel comforted and pampered during your visit with the dentist with:

Neck pillows, blankets, refreshment towels, and a massaging chair to keep you comfy
CD Players to listen to your favorite relaxing music
iPads to play games and check the news
MiVue sunglasses with earphones that show your favorite movies and TV shows
Bite props to help your muscles relax while keeping your mouth open
Dr. Marzban wants you to feel absolutely comfortable throughout your visit, and our caring team will provide you with any of our amenities you need.

To take a real tour of our elegant and relaxing facility, please call 703-323-8200 or contact Dr. Marzban today to set up an appointment for a tour and consultation.

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Dr. Pamela Marzban

Burke VA Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Pamela Marzban provides a wide range of family and cosmetic dentistry services to patients throughout Burke, Fairfax, Fairfax Station and the surrounding Northern Virginia communities. As a native Virginian, she is both proud and honored to be able to serve the community in which she has spent almost her entire life.

Products & Services

Dental Bridges

If you have lost one or more teeth, it’s important to get them replaced as soon as possible. If you don’t replace a missing tooth, then you are putting your other teeth at risk. When one tooth is lost, the other teeth lose the support and bracing they need. Teeth work together to bear the stress of chewing, and when one tooth is gone, the other teeth have to bear more force. Excess force leads teeth to chip or crack. And teeth can drift out of place if they aren’t braced by their neighbors. There are many options for replacing a missing tooth. Dental bridges are a good option because they bond to your teeth, making them highly stable. As a result, dentures give more attractive and more functional results than removable dentures. Dental bridges are almost as good as dental implants for replacing missing teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is an approach to dentistry that recognizes that the appearance of your smile is an important part of its function. We always work to preserve the appearance of your smile and offer procedures that can improve your smile’s appearance.

Digital Smile Design

DSD is an advanced approach to cosmetic dentistry that utilizes the latest imaging and processing technology in designing your smile makeover. It gives us detailed control over every aspect of the design, and the process is so straightforward, visual, and intuitive that you can take part in the process. It also lets us harmonize your smile design with your facial features. It also lets us incorporate videos so we ensure this harmony is dynamic, and gives an attractive result for all the smiles that you naturally give.

We can take your suggestions and turn them into design features right before your eyes, so you can see if that’s actually what you’re looking for. We will use our expertise to guide the process, but, in the end, you are in control in a way that’s never been possible before.

Your smile doesn’t just sit isolated in space: it’s part of your face, and it has to be designed that way. With DSD, we can use images of your face to make sure that your new smile is in harmony with your lips, your cheeks, and your eyes–it looks like a natural part of your face. So natural, in fact, that likely no one will guess that you’ve had a smile makeover.

It’s wrong to think of a smile as a frozen expression. Smiles can flash across your face like spring storms–intense, but fleeting. A truly great smile design isn’t just made for the static grin in a picture: it’s also designed to look great in these rapidly-evolving expressions. By incorporating video into the design process, we can ensure that your smile is as dynamic as your personality.

Neuromuscular Dentistry

In principle, neuromuscular dentistry is simple and intuitive: teeth don’t function in isolation. A complex web of systems come together to ensure the proper function of the teeth, jaws, airway, and other components at the complex intersection at the base of the head. Neuromuscular dentistry is a dental perspective that looks at all these systems and tries to optimize the functions of all systems involved. In so doing, it can resolve many common conditions, including TMJ and sleep apnea

Dental Implants

For good candidates, implant dentistry offers many advantages. A dental implant:

Looks like a real, natural tooth
Has a stable, durable foundation
Is non-removable and will remain securely in place
Lasts many years, possibly a lifetime
Promotes strong, healthy bone beneath your teeth
Prevents other teeth from shifting and tilting into the space of the missing tooth
Replaces a missing tooth without using surrounding teeth for support
Requires only the same dental care as your other teeth
If you are looking for a natural-looking tooth replacement, dental implants are your best option. Not only is the dental crown an exact match, your gums will grow up around the implant just like a natural tooth.

The durable foundation of dental implants means you can keep eating all your favorite foods. Enjoy steak, corn on the cob, whole apples and more!

Because dental implants are securely bonded to your bone, they can last a long time. Studies have shown that dental implants easily last 30 years or more. Although they aren’t scientific reports, there are anecdotal accounts of people with implants for 50 years!

When you lose a tooth, the missing tooth root – the portion below your gums – can have negative consequences for your oral health. The bone in that area can deteriorate over time, causing a shrunken, collapsed jaw appearance. A dental implant is the only kind of tooth replacement that can prevent this from happening by replacing the tooth root.

Dental implants hold their space like natural teeth, so your other teeth won’t shift. And while bridges and dentures rely on other teeth for support, dental implants support themselves. That means they won’t put other teeth at risk.

Caring for dental implants is easy, too. Just brush, floss, and see your dentist regularly.

Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional therapy is commonly used to treat what we describe as an orofacial myofunctional disorder (OMD) . We understand that you might not be familiar with the name, but you probably recognize one or more of the symptoms:

Difficulty chewing or eating
Speech disorders
Sleep disordered breathing
Bruxism (clenching and grinding teeth)
TMJ symptoms (jaw pain, headaches, and more)
Orthodontic problems, including orthodontic relapse
Mouth breathing
Lips that don’t stay closed
There are many possible approaches to treating these problems, including myofunctional therapy. In some cases, myofunctional therapy can be used as the primary treatment for these conditions. Usually, though, it’s an adjunctive treatment, which is used to improve the results of other treatment.

Treatment is usually most effective when started early, but both children and adults can benefit from myofunctional therapy.

Smile Makeover

Lots of people go to a cosmetic dentist to fix a single problem: a tooth is cracked, their teeth are yellow, their gums need recontouring, or something else. When you come in for a smile makeover, you are looking for more of a general improvement: you don’t have one single problem, and possibly see multiple ways your smile could be improved.

A smile makeover involves multiple dental procedures, including:

Porcelain veneers
Dental crowns
Teeth whitening
Tooth bonding
Dental implants
A smile makeover is special because your cosmetic dentist is performing these procedures in conjunction with one another, with a clear goal in mind for how your teeth should look at the end. By addressing long-term dental issues with multiple solutions, you have a better chance of correcting those issues for good.

Custom Made Dentures

Virginia Denture Dentist Serving Burke, Fairfax, Fairfax Station & other nearby areas

When our Fairfax-area patients lose teeth, this begins a process that results in the loss of bone tissue in your jawbone. This loss of structural integrity can cause all sorts of long-term damage, including a collapsed jaw appearance and an increased risk for tooth loss.

When considering your denture options, keep in mind that custom made dentures will be able to address serious foundational health issues presented by tooth loss. They provide better facial support, balanced bite, and an improved jaw line and facial contours.

A Before and After of custom made FOY® Dentures from Rod Strickland in Burke Virginia
As a general dentist with years of experience treating tooth loss, Dr. Pamela Marzban has seen exactly what tooth loss can do to patients’ facial appearance and bite. That’s why, in addition to traditional dentures, Dr. Marzban offers custom made dentures to her Burke-area patients.


Nearly everyone experiences headaches, but not everyone experiences chronic headaches, tension headaches, and migraine headaches. Because of how little we know about their mechanisms, headaches and migraines can be extremely difficult to diagnose and treat. Too often they are treated with painkillers that simply cover up the symptoms and fail to address the root of the problem.

Teeth Whitening

In the Washington, D. C. area, business professionals rush constantly through their daily routine. Convenience is crucial for you–if it can’t fit into your schedule, you can’t use it. To meet your teeth whitening needs, Dr. Marzban offers two different, but highly effective options for teeth whitening: In-office teeth whitening with Boost, and take-home whitening with Opalescence.

Boost Tooth Whitening is convenient for people who need to get their whitening done now. The procedure requires just one one-hour appointment, after which you will have significantly brighter teeth.

A couple that is very happy with their teeth whitening service
Opalescence teeth whitening is the brand of our take-home whitening kits. The initial appointment for getting these kits is shorter, but it takes longer to get final results. Instead of getting results immediately after the first appointment, it takes several weeks of wearing the trays (mostly at night) to see final results. However, the results are often brighter than with in-office whitening, making this the right choice for people who are looking for a significant amount of whitening. Continued use of the whitening trays can also preserve the results, making them virtually permanent.

Sometimes we recommend that patients use these treatments in combination so that they can get both immediate results and better results overall. If your teeth are not only discolored, but have chips, cracks, gaps, or other cosmetic problems, porcelain veneers may be a better treatment option.

Porcelain Veneers

As we said, porcelain veneers are probably the most flexible procedure in cosmetic dentistry. They can correct a wide range of common cosmetic complaints, including:

Discolored teeth
Chipped teeth
Small teeth
Unattractively shaped teeth
Crooked teeth
Rotated teeth
In fact, almost the only cosmetic complaint porcelain veneers can’t correct is missing teeth. If you are unhappy with your teeth for virtually any reason, there’s a good chance that veneers can help.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a disorder impacting thousands of people throughout Virginia. In some cases, it results in little more than snoring and occasional restlessness, but more often it causes serious and potentially fatal complications. Treatment for sleep apnea is very effective. But it is hard to treat it because as much as 80% of sufferers don’t know they have it. That’s why it’s so important to know the symptoms. If you have been told you snore or if you suspect you have sleep apnea, discussing your options with Fairfax apnea dentist Dr. Pamela Marzban could very well save your life.

Six Month Smiles

For straight, appealing teeth within months, Six Month Smiles® clear braces are an effective orthodontic treatment. Like Invisalign®, Six Month Smiles provides a way to straighten your teeth without metal.

If you live in Fairfax, Fairfax Station, Burke or elsewhere in Virginia, Dr. Pamela Marzban provides Six Month Smiles clear braces in your area. She can determine the best way to create the smile you want.

Improve Your Smile in Six Months
The Six Month Smiles system has many advantages, including:

Straightens your teeth rapidly
Clear brackets and tooth-colored wires do not attract attention
Tends to be more comfortable than traditional orthodontics
May be less expensive than other options like porcelain veneers
Treatment with these braces tends to take anywhere from four to nine months, but the average treatment length is six months. The rapid treatment time is not due to increased force. Instead, these clear braces work faster because of gentle pressure exerted mostly on the front, most visible teeth. Metal braces tend to take longer because they focus on repositioning the bite, which requires some time.

Six Month Smiles braces are less noticeable. Six Month Smiles has clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, which do not stand out like metal. Clear braces cause less distraction when you smile, so you can enjoy greater confidence throughout your treatment.


Most dangerous of all, snoring is tied to sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder where the sleeper periodically stops breathing, sometimes as frequently as hundreds of times in a single night. Sleep apnea disrupts normal sleep patterns, and can even cause the sleeper to wake completely when breathing starts again, fully interrupting their sleep.

People with sleep apnea will frequently make a choking or gurgling noise, much like a snore, when they start breathing again after an episode. Some estimates suggest that tens of millions of Americans snore, and approximately half of those who snore suffer from sleep apnea. Even more terrifying is the fact that an estimated 80% of people with sleep apnea are undiagnosed — and as a result, untreated.

Sleep apnea commonly results in increased daytime sleepiness, headaches, decreased focus and memory, dry mouth, and sore throat. But while these symptoms are inconvenient, it’s the related health risks that truly make sleep apnea dangerous: People with untreated sleep apnea are at increased risk of hypertension, coronary artery disease, stroke, and heart attack.

Sleep apnea treatment can decrease these risks, but most people never receive the treatment they need due to not recognizing the symptoms.

Gummy Smile Revision

The main reason to correct a gummy smile is because it makes you unhappy. If you aren’t happy with your smile, you’re less likely to share it. This can make you feel unhappy in social situations and can impact your confidence in personal and professional relationships.

Your smile is not just part of your appearance, it’s your ambassador: it introduces you to people you meet for the first time. It’s also an essential component of your personal brand. It’s how people remember and think of you.

In addition, a recent study looked at the impact of correcting gummy smiles. Several patients who were unhappy with a gummy smile had their pictures taken. Then computer imaging was used to simulate the effects of a gummy smile revision. Then raters, made up of a combination of dentists and laypeople, were shown a mix of the modified and unmodified images (never seeing both pictures for a single patient) and were asked to rate the person’s:

The results showed that the images with longer teeth were rated significantly higher in all five characteristics. Dentists and laypeople were roughly in agreement on the ratings.

So, although you are the primary audience for your more attractive smile, you may also benefit from improved perception by others.

Jaw Pain

The jaw is a complex system of bone and tissue. The temporomandibular joints have to enable a much wider variety of movement than most of the other joints in the body — your jaw can move up, down, forward, back, and even side to side. That flexibility also makes the temporomandibular joint vulnerable and puts it at greater risk of damage.

Muscle pain is the most common type of jaw pain. This pain can expand throughout the facial region and is often described as facial pain or mistaken for headaches, including sinus headaches or migraines.

The most common cause of jaw joint pain is inflammation of the ligaments that connect the joint. Often that inflammation is the result of malocclusion, more commonly called a “bad bite. ” A poorly aligned bite can create tension all throughout the jaw and joints. This tension can result in teeth clenching or grinding, which inflames the ligaments and can also create soreness in the muscles and bones.

Those same ligaments can also become torn under stress, which hinders the smooth movement of the joint. A torn ligament or displaced disc of cartilage may result in popping or clicking sounds when the jaw moves. If left untreated, this problem will worsen and may eventually require joint replacement surgery to correct.


For many professionals in the Northern Virginia area, traditional metal braces are simply not an option. While metal braces are effective, you may not want to sacrifice your mature, professional appearance. Dr. Pamela Marzban understands those feelings, which is why she is proud to offer Invisalign as an alternative to braces.

Invisalign® uses a series of clear, removable plastic aligners to straighten your teeth. This system eliminates many of the drawbacks associated with braces, allowing you to achieve the beautiful smile you desire in a more discreet and comfortable manner.

If you would like to straighten your teeth, but prefer to avoid the hassles and inconvenience of traditional metal braces, then Invisalign may be the right option for you. You can receive individualized treatment recommendations by speaking with Dr. Marzban in person. Please call 703-323-8200 or contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our dental office is conveniently located in Burke, Virginia.

General Dentistry

General dentistry is the branch of dentistry that focuses on the health and function of your teeth and gums. Visiting Dr. Marzban at our Burke, Virginia, office for twice yearly cleanings and thorough examinations is the most basic form of general dentistry, but general dental services do not end there. Included under the umbrella of general dentistry are services such as:

Snoring treatments
Sleep Apnea
Family dentistry
Pediatric dentistry
Root canals
Dental crowns
Dental implants
We might divide general dentistry into preventive dentistry and restorative dentistry. Preventive dentistry, which includes both home oral hygiene and routine dental checkups, focuses on protecting your teeth from decay and gum disease. Restorative dentistry is used when teeth are damaged or lost and need repair and replacement.

Holistic dentistry focuses on the relationship between your oral health and overall health. It includes treatment of oral health problems as well as treatments for related conditions like sleep apnea and TMJ. We consider this an important part of general dentistry.

Teeth Bonding

Teeth bonding, also known as dental bonding, is a quick, safe, and incredibly effective way to address various cosmetic and general dental issues. Fairfax dentist Dr. Pamela Marzban often recommends teeth bonding as a stand-alone procedure, but may also suggest it be used in combination with other treatments for complete smile perfection. The best way to learn which options will strengthen and enhance your smile is through a one-on-one evaluation with our experienced and caring dentist.

Family and Pediatric Dentistry

Family dentistry services offered by Dr. Marzban include:

Pediatric services such as sealants and fluoride treatments
General dentistry services including routine cleanings and examinations
Tooth colored fillings and dental crowns
Root canal
Periodontal treatment
Dental bridges
Sports dentistry and mouthguards
Six Month Smiles®
Oral cancer screenings
Tongue tie and lip tie release
Working with each member of your family on an individual basis, Dr. Marzban will provide those treatments and services best suited to ensure peak oral health. Dr. Marzban also offers a full range of cosmetic dentistry services and specialty treatments for TMJ and sleep apnea. During your routine visits to our office we can discuss all of your oral care needs and help you determine which treatments are ideal for your specific concerns.

Root Canal Therapy

Inside your teeth are three layers: enamel, dentin, and pulp. The enamel is the hard outer shell that protects the sensitive dentin and the extremely sensitive pulp. Below your gum line, the roots of your teeth branch out into canals where the protective enamel disappears to allow your teeth to absorb nutrients and purge waste into the bloodstream through the pulp.

Because the pulp is extremely vulnerable, a bacterial infection in your root canal can actually kill pulp cells, which causes inflammation. An inflamed root creates pressure inside your tooth, which can be extremely painful and if left untreated can damage your tooth to the point where you need a tooth extraction.

Untreated tooth infections are serious. They can spread to your sinuses and brain, travel to your lungs, or pass through your blood to infect your heart. These infections can be deadly. When you experience the symptoms of an infected tooth, it is vital to see a dentist for treatment.

Dr. Marzban is passionate about helping you maintain your oral health and have a beautiful smile you can show the world with confidence. Root canals serve both these functions, keeping your roots healthy while preventing the need for a tooth extraction that would leave a gap in your smile. If you have a serious infection and your tooth cannot be saved, Dr. Marzban is also skilled in providing aesthetically appealing and functional tooth replacement restorations such as dental implants.

Reconstructive Dentistry

Tooth decay is probably the most common chronic illness we face in America. About 96% of all adults in the US have had a cavity.

Tooth decay is caused by oral bacteria, which eat sugars and other carbohydrates in the food we eat. These bacteria then form biofilms that cling to your teeth and excrete acid. The acid attacks your teeth, removing minerals from them and eventually creating small holes. This is what we call a cavity. Small cavities are typically treated with fillings. Currently, we use tooth-colored fillings to repair cavities. This may be a composite resin filling or a ceramic inlay or onlay depending on the location of the cavity, the size of the cavity, and your preferences.

As a cavity grows, or if new decay develops around an old filling, the tooth may lose structural integrity. When this occurs, we will replace or supplement fillings with a dental crown. A dental crown completely covers the visible surface of the tooth and can protect it from future decay to a great extent.

If decay progresses too far before we manage to put a crown on, it can penetrate into the internal chamber of the tooth, the area where the living part of the tooth, called the pulp, is found. When this occurs, your tooth will become infected. As bacteria grow inside the tooth, it can cause terrible pain, and the infection can spread to your brain, heart, or lungs if it’s not treated soon enough. Fortunately, we can remove the infection and restore the tooth to full function and beauty with root canal therapy. When this is done, the treated tooth may continue to be in your mouth for decades or more.

TMJ Relief

The most common symptoms of TMJ occur in and around the jaw. These can include:

Clicking, popping, or grinding noises when opening and shutting the mouth
Pain and swelling around the jaw joint
Chipped teeth, cracked teeth, and worn teeth
Difficulties opening the mouth
These are clear indications of jaw misalignment and should be brought to the attention of Dr. Marzban immediately.

Additional symptoms of TMJ include:

Chronic headaches
Generalized facial pain
Ear, eye, and nasal pressure/pain
Tinnitus and vertigo
Neck and backaches
These issues are often related to misalignment of the jaw, but often doctors and other healthcare providers misdiagnose them. People with TMJ can spend years seeing many doctors, specialists, and therapists. They often try many treatments that give minimal relief, temporary relief, or no relief. Sometimes doctors dismiss their symptoms as imaginary or not serious. Meanwhile, their symptoms can worsen and may disrupt their life, leading to lost work time and other challenges to maintaining a normal routine.

Because Dr. Marzban received her training from the world renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, she has the experience necessary to identify even these more subtle and complex symptoms of TMJ.

ControlledArch Orthodontics

Works for teens and adults
Encourages natural development of jaw
Improves profile and facial appearance
Corrects TMJ
Improves sleep apnea
Works about 30% faster than traditional orthodontics
Compatible with myofunctional therapy
Although most people think of orthodontics as something we do as teens, ControlledArch orthodontics is effective for adults as well.

With few exceptions, we are all genetically predisposed to develop healthy, straight teeth. It often doesn’t happen that way, however, thanks to environmental and behavioral factors such as indoor air quality, the modern diet, and other causes. ControlledArch techniques are designed to draw out your natural developmental potential.

Since the structure of your jaw defines the structure of your face. If your jaw is underdeveloped, it can impact your facial appearance, especially your profile. ControlledArch takes this into account. ControlledArch techniques are cosmetic dentistry that doesn’t just straighten your smile, it can reshape your face. And now, with Digital Smile Design (DSD) , Dr. Marzban can use more digital imagery to help plan your ControlledArch orthodontics. With DSD, Dr. Marzban looks at pictures and even video to better understand the aesthetics of your smile. Then she plans a treatment that harmonizes all the features of your face.

ControlledArch Orthodontics
*Photos used with permission of Dr. Steve Galella

And in developing your jaw, ControlledArch techniques are also working to improve its function as well as its appearance, which can help correct TMJ. And because the size and shape of the jaw also defines the size and shape of the airway, reshaping the jaw can improve breathing. This not only helps treat sleep apnea, it can improve breathing during the day, too.

Because ControlledArch techniques are designed to work with your natural development, they’re compatible with myofunctional therapy, which leverages your muscles to encourage jaw development. And because it’s not fighting your body, ControlledArch is about 30% faster than traditional orthodontics, and can be even faster with myofunctional therapy.

Preventive Dentistry

The most appealing thing about preventive dentistry is that it’s largely in your hands. Even though there are some things you need a dentist for, most of your preventive dentistry goals can be met at home.
You can do this through the application of basic dental hygiene. That means:

Brushing at least twice a day with a soft-bristled tooth brush
Flossing regularly
Rinsing with an antiseptic, anti-cavity mouthwash (when recommended)
Avoiding over-consumption of staining, acidic foods and drinks like wine and soda
Reduce consumption of sugary foods
By taking these steps you’ll go a long way toward avoiding gum disease, tooth decay and other serious dental issues.

Tooth Extractions

Most of the time, Dr. Marzban is able to save a severely decayed or cracked tooth with top-quality dental restorations that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, such as dental crowns or porcelain veneers. However, when a tooth is excessively decayed, broken, cracked, or has been damaged by injury, tooth extraction is sometimes necessary. Dr. Marzban may also recommend tooth extraction in the case of:

Misaligned or non-functioning wisdom teeth
Full denture candidates with damaged remaining teeth
Impacted wisdom teeth or overcrowded teeth
Before scheduling a tooth extraction, Dr. Marzban and her knowledgeable, friendly team will listen compassionately to your needs and concerns and will conduct a thorough exam using the latest in dental technology. If necessary, we may refer you to a qualified Northern Virginia oral surgeon for the actual extraction of the tooth.

Relaxation Dentistry

Dental anxiety is common. About three-quarters of all Americans experience some degree of dental anxiety. Although a much smaller group of people avoid the dentist because of their anxiety, most people will either not get as much dental care as they should or have negative experiences at the dentist partly because of their anxiety. Relaxation dentistry helps people overcome their anxiety so they can get the dental care they need and have a more enjoyable experience as well.

Sedation Dentistry

Does the mere thought of visiting the dentist make you nervous? If so, you’re not alone. If you are like millions of other Americans who avoid dental treatment out of anxiety, then you should consider sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry allows you to remain conscious, aware, but relaxed during your dental treatment. Caring cosmetic dentist Dr. Pamela Marzban offers sedation dentistry so you can get the dental treatments you need with less emotional and physical discomfort.


Sedation dentistry is an effective way for patients who are anxious or struggle with discomfort during dental treatments to get the comprehensive oral health and beauty services they deserve. Traditionally, optimal comfort has been achieved through sedation dentistry options such as nitrous oxide and oral medications. But these options are not right for everyone. To help ensure all of our patients are provided the safe and effective sedation dentistry solutions they deserve, Fairfax dentist Dr. Marzban is pleased to offer NuCalm®, a non-medicated and natural way to achieve complete relaxation before and during your entire procedure.

Healthy Start

Healthy Start represents an alternative to traditional orthodontics. It’s an approach that aims to encourage proper development of the jaw to stop problems in their early stages, maybe even head some off before they begin. This approach can offer many benefits over traditional braces because it:

Develops a beautiful smile for life
Can eliminate the need for braces
Costs a fraction of the cost for braces
Is covered by most insurance
Can improve the appearance of the face as well as the smile
Works during sleep and a brief period of exercise–not all day wear
No diet restrictions
Easy to clean
Cure sleep disordered breathing and related problems
Healthy Start is an orthodontic system that encourages the proper development of the jaw and teeth. This leads to a straighter smile without braces, and, usually, without a retainer. Because it’s a less invasive system, it’s also less expensive, costing, typically, a fraction of the price of braces. It’s covered under the same insurance plans, so you’ll likely see a significant savings in out-of-pocket costs. The Healthy Start system can be used even if your child already has crooked teeth. In that case, results typically take 2-12 months.

Because Healthy Start is focused on development of more than just teeth, it can also improve your child’s facial appearance. It can help your child develop an attractive facial profile, eliminating a weak chin or protruding upper jaw.

And unlike braces or many functional orthodontics approaches, your child doesn’t have to wear Healthy Start all day and night. Just overnight wear and then a brief period of active wear during the day. Another difference with braces and many functional orthodontics appliances is that Healthy Start appliances are removable, so there’s no diet restrictions, and all you have to do is brush and floss normally.

But perhaps the most important benefit of Healthy Start is that it can cure your child’s sleep disordered breathing.

Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Release

Lip and tongue tie can have significant consequences for the health and development of a child. Children with lip and tongue tie may face:

Difficulty breastfeeding
Breastfeeding complications for mother
Impaired development of jaws
Speech difficulties
Orthodontic problems
TMJ and other bite problems in the future
Sleep apnea as children and adults
One of the first functions that babies use their tongue and lips for is developing proper latch and sucking motions for breastfeeding. Tongue tie and lip tie can make it hard for a baby to form a proper latch, which not only makes it hard for a baby to latch on and get adequate suction, it can cause difficulties for the mother as well.

The tongue is also an important influence on the development of a child’s jaws. A child with tongue tie may not exert the pressure necessary to push the teeth and jaws outward to develop a full arch.

With an underdeveloped arch and a tongue that’s less mobile, children may experience speech difficulties, although this is not generally the case.

And as children’s teeth come in, the lack of development in their jaws can lead to crowding and other problems with their teeth. This can mean that they are more likely to need orthodontic treatment.

But straight teeth are only one small problem associated with a lack of jaw development. Jaw function may also be affected. This can manifest as temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) , bruxism, and other bite problems later in life.

Another important function of your jaw is to shape and support your airway. Children with tongue tie are more likely to develop sleep apnea, which may follow them throughout life.

Early treatment of lip and tongue tie can help children avoid these complications. Dr. Marzban works with IBCLC-certified lactation consultants to ensure your baby has the best possible results from treatment.

Cold Sore Laser Treatment

Cold sores are typically a manifestation of the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) , and are sometimes called herpetic lesions. This is different from the herpes virus that causes the majority of genital herpes infections, which is HSV-2. About 80% of people with cold sores have HSV-1, while about 20% of people with cold sores have HSV-2.

Although nearly 60% of US adults age 14-64 have HSV-1, not all of them develop cold sores. In fact, so many people are asymptomatic that nearly 90% of people with herpes don’t know that they have it. People may remain asymptomatic carriers for years, even decades before they develop symptoms.

A elderly couple no longer dealing with cold soresSo it’s not just the presence of the virus, but also likely genetic factors that make people more susceptible to outbreaks of oral herpes. In addition, people may develop cold sores after experiencing certain triggers, such as:

Cold or flu
Sun exposure or sunburn
Hormonal changes including menstruation
Dental work
Once an outbreak occurs, it can take two weeks or more for it to subside on its own, and conventional treatment doesn’t reduce this period very much.

However, laser treatment can lead to faster healing and fewer recurrent outbreaks.

Sports Dentistry and Mouthguards

The benefits of sports mouthguards are obvious when it comes to sports such as football, hockey and rugby. But sports mouthguards provide protection even in noncontact sports like cycling, gymnastics, track, and tennis.

Damaging dental impact can be caused by everything from a crushing tackle to an awkward step while running. Custom-made Intact mouthguards provide stability to your jaw and cushion the blows that can cause severe dental injuries, including:

Broken teeth
Knocked-out teeth
Jaw fractures
Tongue, cheek and lip injuries
Gum damage
Mouth guards are very effective at preventing these types of injuries. Because dental injuries can be expensive to treat, this makes sports mouthguards a great investment. Injuries sustained in youth sports can have a lifetime of consequences, so mouthguards are also protecting your child’s future.

Holistic Dentistry

Are you concerned about the potential impact of toxic substances used at the dentist’s office? Do you think it’s important to harmonize care for your oral health with care for your overall health? Do you think tooth restorations should be as close to natural tooth material as possible? If so, then you might benefit from working with a holistic dentist.


PerioSciences products available through Dr. Marzban include:

ProVantage gel for soft oral tissue
ProToothpaste and ProToothpaste White Care for daily brushing
ProRinse and ProRinse White Care to freshen breath, condition teeth and gums, and improve tooth color
Solutions for dry mouth and sensitive teeth
ProVantage gel provides healthy antioxidants and essential oils to improve the appearance and health of your gums.

ProToothpastes offer a good mix of antioxidants, minerals, and moisturizers. They help protect your teeth and your overall oral health.

ProRinse is an alternative to traditional mouthwashes. The mouthwashes offered at your grocery store are full of alcohol and other harsh chemicals that can be hard on your mouth. ProRinse combats oral bacteria with powerful natural ingredients–and no alcohol.

Because saliva is critical for your oral health, dry mouth is a serious concern. Unfortunately, many oral care products don’t help with dry mouth. In fact, many of them make it worse. But PerioScience products work to protect your oral health and help hydrate your mouth.

Some of these products work well as stand-alone options or in combinations customized for your needs by Dr. Marzban. Others, such as solutions for whiter teeth, chronic dry mouth, or sensitive teeth, are available in pre-packaged kits for your convenience. You can purchase these products during your appointment or order them through our online store. Please visit the link at right to browse available products and they will ship directly to your house.


Microabrasion works by repeating an abrasive process of rubbing away the outer layers of the enamel containing the stains to reveal a smooth, glassy enamel surface below as the finished result. Generally the abrasion process will continue until the stained layers of enamel have been completely removed or until the process must be stopped for other reasons, such as the enamel getting too thin or the tooth becoming sensitive.

The process is relatively painless and teeth are usually bathed in a fluoride gel in order to reduce post-operative sensitivity. The entire process typically takes less than an hour and yields permanent results.

Sometimes microabrasion can be combined with other whitening methods to produce optimal results, but this will depend on the type of stains you want to remove.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is any kind of cancer that forms in the mouth or throat. Although cancer can appear anywhere in the oral cavity, most cancers start on the tongue or in the floor of the mouth. The death rate associated with it is very high compared with other kinds of cancer because it usually isn’t discovered until very late in its progression. But if caught early during a dental exam or other medical exam, oral cancer is very treatable.

A happy couple living without oral cancerRisk Factors for Oral Cancer
Although oral cancer can affect anyone, it’s more likely in those who:

Are male
Are older than age 40
Use tobacco or alcohol
Have a history of head or neck cancer
Have a family history of cancer
Cancer of the lip is also more common in those who are frequently exposed to the sun.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is caused by plaque. Dental plaque is a filmy, sticky substance that is always building up on your teeth and is composed of food debris, saliva and bacteria. The bacteria in plaque convert sugar into acid, and the acid eats away at your tooth enamel, forming a cavity. The bacteria can also irritate and infect your gums, which is when gum disease begins.

A middle aged couple avoiding gum disease by seeing their dentist frequentlyTo combat the plaque and bacteria on your teeth, you must brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day. Flossing is a very important preventive measure because it removes the bacteria and food stuck in between your teeth.

There are certain factors increasing your risk of developing gum disease:

Poor dental hygiene habits
Failing to visit the dentist for routine cleanings
Smoking and smokeless tobacco
Hormonal changes
Certain health conditions
Family history
Dr. Marzban, our dentist near Fairfax, can help you manage these factors to reduce your risk of gum disease.

  • I would recommend this business

My experience with Dr. Marzban has been nothing short of amazing. To start, She is one of the nicest most peaceful people you will ever meet. I found her through extensive research for some staining and discoloration on my teeth. I also had cavities galore. My first appointment with her was about 3 years ago. We started treatment for dental fluorosis and some whitening. It removed a lot of my staining and helped the issue perfectly for that time period in my life. During that time, we also worked on filling my cavities, and I worked on getting healthy again so that I could have beautiful teeth forever. A couple years later, I was ready to completely rid of the staining I had caused, and get porcelain veneers. Out of all the Dentists I have seen and read about, Dr. Marzban is the one I get the best feeling from, and I just knew she could deliver exactly what I wanted. Do you ever just get that "feeling"? I trusted that "feeling" and have 0 regrets.

The procedure itself was pretty long, 4 hours, then about 2 weeks with temporaries, then a final 3 hour finish placing the veneers. I would do it all over again just because they look THAT amazing. So amazing I cried. I look at myself in a complete different way now. No more stains, and not to mention my teeth are perfectly shaped. They fit my face perfectly. In addition to all of these positive things, I can actually chew better!!!

Thank you Dr. Marzban & Admarys for taking such great care of me and making this such a fun and light experience.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Dr. Marzban and her fantastic staff are wonderful! They took my rather cranky old husband under their wing, fixed his teeth and made him like it! And my dental service has been equally good. From crowns to root canals to periodic cleaning, Team Marzban has been there for us for a long time! Thank you!

For those who have a fear of dentists, Dr Marzban is the dentist for you. I am beyond fearful-- to the point of tears but EVERYONE at this office has made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Holding my hand when necessary and reminding me to breath. Telling me that they've seen people worse than me even if it is a little white lie.

The goal is to get you a healthy mouth and a happy smile. Dr Marzban delivers.

Everyone in the office is always kind, beyond helpful with their guidance and advice and so patient with me. I always feel understood and well taken care of. Their genuine personalities and warmth always makes me feel comfortable. Thank you all!!

Doctor is the most brilliant dentist I've ever used! Start early and take care of your teeth, it's so important! Staff is so kind.

Dr. Pam Marzban (Dr. Pam) has been my dentist for 14 years. I was quite the dentaphobe prior to becoming a patient of her office. The dental care plans have always been made clear and easy to understand, with options provided to suit my personal needs (phobias). My confidence grew in dentistry and in my personal life as I progressed through my treatment plans. Today, I smile more comfortably and confidently than every before. I truly feel as if I'm part of the office family as I've seen the many of the same faces for 5-10 years or more. The front desk is always more than accommodating even when they're busy.

The staff has always taken care to know both my treatment plans/needs as well as knowing me personally. It is a pleasure going to my checkups and procedures because of the constant excellent service and their continued efforts to make my appointments as tailored as necessary to make me comfortable. I have never found a better balance of personal attention and professional conduct in another office. Keep up the great work and I love pointing out your constant top ratings in the Northern Virginia magazines to all of my friends and colleagues. I wish my experiences for everyone that needs dental care.

Every wonder who dentists see when they need care? Dr. Pamela Marzban!. Not only do her and her team provide exceptional customer service, but also clinical superiority! When I have a dental problem whether simple or complex, my first call is always Dr. Marzban!

The entire staff at Dr. Marzban's office was polite, professional and personable. My filling was quick and painless, and it's top notch work.

Best dental office I've ever been to... Highly recommend it!


Tongue release on a 5 years old boy

Dr. Pamela Marzban performs a tongue release in a 5 years old with a CO2 laser. Patient started with prep op myofuntional therapy exercises . He responded great to treatment and followed with post op myofunctional exercises.

Sleep Apnea | Pamela Marzban, DDS

Learn how we can help at!

Tongue release procedure on a 5 years old

Fortunately, a procedure known as frenectomy can be used to loosen these ties, allowing your child to function and develop normally. For some children and even adults, we may want to encourage development with myofunctional therapy.

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