Dr. Hani Jabbour and Dr. Julie Kwon are two of the major practitioners of advanced general dentistry in Walnut Creek. Dr. Jabbour obtained his Bachelor's degree in Biology from Santa Clara University and then attended Temple University School of Dentistry Philadelphia, PA where he received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in 1998.

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  City Walnut Creek, CA
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  Address 108 La Casa Viaduct # 102
  Phone Number (925) 930-8465

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Dentistry is more than cavities and getting your teeth cleaned. Total dental wellness requires us to examine multiple systems related to your health. Our exams are Comprehensive - we review all systems related to Oral-Maxillofacial health, evaluate your personal risk factors, customize care with your personal risk factors in mind. Intraoral and Oropharyngeal evaluation at New Patient exams and every check up appointment. Evaluate risk factors for TMJ deterioration that could lead to pain, locking, decreased Range of Motion, and bite changes.

Different types of restorations will be suitable in different circumstances, so if you have a damaged tooth that needs to be repaired, you should schedule a consultation at our office to learn about your treatment options. Our practice prides itself on using the most advanced technology and materials available to offer our patients an efficient treatment process that results in a lifelike appearance of the restored tooth or teeth. Call us today to schedule your consultation! When determining which restorations will best meet your needs, Drs.

This dental specialty, which focuses on enhancing the smile's appearance rather than restoring health to the teeth and gums, can draw on several interventions to fix defects that cause your smile to deviate from the characteristics that make a smile beautiful. When seeking cosmetic dentistry services, it's important to work with a provider who takes a holistic approach to improving your smile. At Kwon and Jabbour, we consider all of the elements that contribute to a beautiful smile when making treatment recommendations.

At Kwon and Jabbour Dental, we recognize that our patients are unique individuals with unique needs. As such, we tailor plans for our patients that include the basics - cleanings and exams - along with additional preventive services that may be beneficial in your case. If you are looking for a dentist who cares for the entire person, not just the smile, we encourage you to schedule your next semi-annual cleaning and exam with our team at Kwon and Jabbour Dental. Professional dental cleanings and dental exams are the keystones of general dentistry services.

Although the treatment process for dental implants is more involved than it is for a fixed dental bridge or a conventional denture, it's a worthy endeavor for a long-lasting tooth replacement that is nearly as functional as your biological tooth. We encourage patients who need to replace a missing tooth to schedule a consultation at Kwon and Jabbour Dental to learn more about dental implants. Dental implants are small cylinders made of biocompatible titanium. Because that titanium is biocompatible, the bone tissue is able to fuse with the surface of the implant.

For your convenience, our patient forms are available online. Click below to download the form, then complete the form prior to your first visit at our office. This helps our team prepare for your visit, but most importantly maximizes time with our doctors.