Dentist - Tyler Franklin Dental Center Welcome to the general dentistry practice of Dr. Donna Franklin Pitts. We are situated in Tyler, Texas and provide your family a comprehensive menu of gentle, caring dentistry services. Dr. Pitts is pleased to be the Only Woman General Dentist in Tyler. Please take a several minutes to browse our web page and learn more about our team and our huge menu of services.

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  City Tyler, TX
  Zip Code 75701
  Address 631 South Broadway Avnue
  Phone Number (903) 593-2330

From Our Website

Dr. Donna Franklin-Pitts doesn't just practice here in Tyler - she actually grew up in this town as well! Today, she loves being able to give back to her favorite community by helping whole families and patients of all ages achieve healthy, happy smiles that stand the test of time. Patient comfort is a big priority for her and the rest of our team, and you can look forward to being treated kindly and gently every time you come in for an appointment. At Franklin Dental Center, we're not interested in rushing patients through their appointments and then back out the door again to make room for the next person.

Sometimes, our patients can find themselves facing smiles with several cosmetic flaws at once. Thankfully, instead of having to undergo multiple procedures, veneers in Tyler can give your appearance the comprehensive transformation it deserves. A veneer is a high-quality, custom-made porcelain restoration that is extremely thin. This allows it to fit over just the visible surfaces of certain teeth, hiding years of aesthetic imperfections from view behind a new, flaw-free appearance. We look forward to helping you improve your self-confidence here at Franklin Dental Center!

The Franklin Dental Center team is happy to work with your whole family to achieve everyone's oral health care goals! We start seeing children at a young age. Our goal is to help your child develop positive associations with the dentist, so they never dread or fear visiting the dental practice to keep their smiles healthy for a lifetime to come. We offer a wide array of services that are specifically geared toward younger patients, and our friendly, gentle team will make your child feel right at home.

An emergency can happen at any time, and if you've ever experienced one, you know they usually happen at the worst possible time. Dental emergencies are no different. Whether you wake up in the middle of the night with a throbbing tooth or bite down on a chewy piece of caramel apple and watch your dental crown come out with it, Dr. Donna Franklin-Pitts and her Tyler, TX dental team are here to help. At Franklin Dental Center, we're happy to offer same day emergency dentistry appointments for our patients of record.

While our goal is always to help patients keep their smiles whole and healthy, only the very luckiest patients go an entire lifetime without needing any type of dental repair. When patients do experience tooth decay or damage, we offer a wide variety of restorative dentistry services in order to return damaged dental structures to their full form and function. Call our team right away if you're in need of any kind of repair. We're here to help patients in Tyler, Bullard, and other nearby communities.

In the past year have you: hidden your teeth behind your hand when you talked, frowned or did the "close lipped" smile in a photo, or been concerned about what others would think of your teeth? Ready to make a change in your smile? If you want to transform flawed teeth into the smile of your dreams, Dr. Donna Franklin-Pitts is here for you. She and her Tyler, TX dentistry team offer a wide array of dental services in a warm, welcoming office. Call Franklin Dental Center to find out more or schedule an appointment with our team.

Is a large part of your smile missing? Are you missing an entire arch of teeth? At Franklin Dental Center, we can quickly restore your confident, complete smile with dentures in Tyler! Dentures have been around for hundreds of years, and modern dental technology and materials have made this classic restoration more durable, lifelike, and comfortable than ever before! Dentures come in a variety of types and styles to suit different needs. During your consultation, we'll discuss your tooth replacement goals, review your medical history, and inspect your mouth to help you determine which one is best for you.

When a tooth has a deep fracture or extensive decay, bacteria can set in and cause numerous oral health problems. At Franklin Dental Center, Dr. Donna Franklin-Pitts can offer a personalized solution with dental crowns in Tyler. Each crown is custom-made to fit perfectly over your tooth and provide lasting protection against decay and damage. If you're ready to do something about a tooth that has been giving you problems, give us a call to find out if a dental crown is what you need. Also known as a "cap, " a dental crown is a restorative solution designed to fit over the entire visible portion of your tooth to restore its original structure and function.