OFFICE HOURS: 8AM to 5PM - Monday thru Thursday - Friday and Saturday by Appointment.

Our team is dedicated to achieving your goals. Not only does Dr. Briglia provide a wide range of preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry services, he also has developed an entire team of dental professionals with significant and even specialist level skills.

For example, Dr. Glen Schreiber, a general dentist, has extensive experience and success in tooth saving root canal therapy, which actually makes you more comfortable. Toothaches are often caused by root damage or disease. No longer put off endodontic treatment since pain freedom is the result of root canals rather than caused by them. Also on TCD team is Dr. John Nikas, a periodontist. His periodontal therapies and treatments can prevent the leading cause of tooth loss in adults: gum disease.

Additionally, as a periodontic specialist Dr. Nikas is able to place dental implants. Since he is in our office, we are able to provide patients with almost every kind of dental service more efficiently and conveniently than other offices in Chester County and in this region: southeastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware, southwest New Jersey as well as Maryland.

Our Total Confidence Dentistry approach is about trust, comfort, oral health and creating a pleasing smile appearance. By working with specialists and advanced general dentists in our office and utilizing advanced restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments, we can transform your dental health and enhance your smile.

Whether you have an emergency toothache, demand the proper setting for your ongoing dental health checkups, are missing one tooth or many teeth, or are experiencing tooth loss or deterioration from gum disease, Dr. Briglia's is one of few offices in the Philadelphia metro area with such wide range of services all in one place.

The dental care we provide includes thorough examinations, emergencies, preventive cleanings, x-rays, routine care for the entire family, tooth sealants, implant supported dentures, composite white fillings, cost-effective, tooth-saving root canals, non-surgical, surgical periodontal therapy, snore/snoring appliances & mouth/sports guards and dentist enhanced at home teeth bleaching and in-office teeth whitening with ZOOM!

Many of our patients come from these Zip codes: 19335, 19355, 19380, 19381, 19382, 19383, 19460, 19341 and 19320. The Total Confidence Dentistry team can effectively serve residents from the four-state area.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Two Dentists with advanced expertise - also available in our West Chester Office
  • Dr. Schreiber: General Dentist focused On Tooth saving root canals therapy: end pain, toothaches
  • Dr. Nikas: Specialist in periodontics-preventing gum disease tooth loss, when needed dental implants
  • ZOOM! Advanced Smile/Teeth Whitening - in office - about an hour

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Certification: I.V. - intravenous sedation and oral conscious "sleep dentistry"
  • American Society for the Advancement of Anesthesia and Sedation in Dentistry
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation
  • Chester and Delaware County Dental Society
  • Alumnus: Pankey Institute
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • Pennsylvania Dental Association
  • Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Study
  • Alumnus: Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies - LVI
  • American Dental Association
  • Consultant: Dental Health Library

Serviced Areas

  • West Chester, Chester County, Exton, Paoli, Chester Springs, Malvern, Kennett Square, Phoenixville, Thorndale, Thornton, Chadds Ford, Broomall, Berwyn, Haverford, Coatesville, Westtown, Delaware

Payment Options

  • Financing Available, MasterCard, VISA, CareCredit Dentistry Financing, Chase Health Advance

Contact Details

  Person Dr. Ronald J Briglia
  City West Chester , PA
  Zip Code 19380
  Address 600 East Marshall Street, Suite 201 - Chester Cty Medical Bldg
  Phone Number (484) 319-4950
  Tollfree 866-607-4781

Business Representative

Dr. Ronald J Briglia

Dentist, Owner

Dr. Briglia earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Gannon University. He attained his Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree from Temple University Dental School. He has trained at the prestigious Pankey Institute, has attended the Las Vegas Institute (LVI) and is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. His West Chester practice provides an incomparable level of relaxation, especially with his certification in IV and oral sedation dentistry. Dr. Briglia and his dental team are dedicated to achieving your goals with it is preventive care for your family or an entire oral health and cosmetic smile makeover.

Products & Services

I. V. Sedation Dentistry, Dental Care

I. V. Sedation Dentistry, Dental Care

For years, Dr. Ron Briglia has provided a variety of medication based sedation services.

Because of he is dedicated to provide patients with a solution for just about any kind of sedation need as well as in response to patient requests, Dr. Briglia became certified and licensed to administer Intravenous or I. V. Sedation.

Coupling certain prescribed medications with even more advanced monitoring technology provides, Dr. Briglia has the resources to successfully manage just about any situation that can hold back patients from accessing thorough and comfortable dental care.

For all patients seeking sedation dentistry, we consult with their medical doctors and specialists to make sure they are candidates for IV Sedation care or whether oral sedation will suffice. Safety is paramount with any sedation care we provide.

With advanced anesthesia monitoring equipment that precisely matches what licensed Anesthesiologists (MD's) have in hospital operating rooms, the need for undergoing routine or complex dentistry outside of our office is nearly eliminated.

There is also the added benefit of avoiding the high expense of hospital related costs for the operating room and general anesthesia services.

Dr. Briglia's licensure, certification and operational status of the equipment is closely monitored by the Pennsylvania government agencies that monitor hospitals. He maintains active participation in local Medical and Anesthesia organizations, which keeps him abreast of advancements in administration and medication types.

Whether you are fearful of dentistry treatment, have dental visit anxieties, dentist phobias or want to experience complete oral health efficiently, Total Confidence Dentistry can help you.

Tooth Saving, Pain Ending Endodontics-Root Canal Therapy

Tooth Saving, Pain Ending Endodontics-Root Canal Therapy

Total Confidence Dentistry in West Chester, PA provides patients with the vitally important service of endodontic treatment also known as root canal therapy. It ends pain while preserving natural teeth. Many toothaches are caused by root damage.

Dr. Schreiber, a general dentist, who emphasizes root canal therapy, works in our office, which also offers oral and Intravenous (I. V.) sedation dentistry. He has developed a proficient and methodical approach that is both healthfully successful as well as more affordable than most other dental offices, locally and in the region (NJ, NY, DE, MD) .

Recurring infection is significantly reduced and the need for another root canal is eliminated. Basically our dental patients save money on the front end and also because return, redo visits are avoided.

While not a specialist in this specialized treatment, Dr. Schreiber's knowledge and background in endodontics is thoroughly documented by the 800-1000 successful and comfortable root canal procedures he performs each year.

When patients have oral pain, swollen, throbbing gums, a discolored tooth (compared to adjacent teeth) or a toothache, and are looking for dentists or specialists in the Philadelphia area, they should make sure these elements of dental care are covered:

1) Dental Care Diligence: Thoroughly cleaning out canal debris and sealing the tooth root is critical. This attention to detail has a positive tradeoff, which can be lifelong health rejuvenation rather than re-infection and costly and time consuming return visits. Saving the natural tooth with root canal therapy has an extended and expanded level of value.

2) Emphasis On Failure Avoidance: Many more root canal compromised teeth can be treated successfully with the proper approach. To avoid endodontic treatment failure, a focused awareness of the tooth anatomy and a more exacting level of care are required. The likelihood of saving teeth with a root canal is greatly increased when these methods are combined.

3) Ending Chronic Inconvenience: Total Confidence Dentistry Team member Dr. Schreiber knows getting it right the first time is vital. Poor treatment can cause chronic abscesses, requiring more expensive re-treatment. Another visit could create costly inconvenience for the patient (missing work, etc.) . Too many times this means distressing tooth loss as well. Unfortunately, the more expensive, re-treated root canals are also known to be less successful, even with the best approach in the most skillful hands.

4) Scientific, Evidence-Based Treatment: After having treated thousands of teeth, Dr. Schreiber has found that about 80% of first upper molars (teeth #3 and #14) have 4 canals instead of the previously expected 3 canals. Four canals, is now the accepted number in endodontic literature and other journals for these teeth. It is important that dentists look for all four root canals and treat them when appropriate, otherwise, discomfort and re-infection of the tooth can occur.

Total Confidence Dentistry
> Root Canal Therapy: Glenn F. Schreiber, DMD
> Dentist/Owner, Ronald Briglia, DMD
Chester County Medical Building
600 East Marshall Street, Suite 201
West Chester PA 19380

Implants Dentistry, Tooth Replacement Dental Treatment

Implants Dentistry, Tooth Replacement Dental Treatment

Dental Implants - Rejuventated Appearance and Enhanced Oral Health.

As a dentist focused on comprehensive oral health, Dr. Briglia and Peridontist John Nikas of Total Confidence Dentistry often recommend implant dentistry because of its potential more fully enhance the well being of her patients.

Whether implants are needed to support dentures, replace missing teeth or for a complete oral health and smile appearance makeover, she has the training, skills and dental team assembled to achieve your goals.

West Chester and Philadelphia area residents are able to live life to the fullest with advanced restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Single or multiple implants or implant-supported dentures are a superb alternative to adhesive dentures, partials or crown & bridge dentistry.

Missing Teeth Speed Up Dental Health Decline
When someone is missing many teeth or even one tooth, oral health can collapse much more abruptly. Nearby teeth wear down more quickly and break more often. Dental disease spreads faster. Bone structure deteriorates and shrinks.

Besides a decline in health, bone structure changes also produce an unappealing facial outcome: the jaw shrivels up, prematurely 'aging' the face.

While treatments like traditional dentures and crown bridge dentistry help improve some aspects of this oral decline, dental implants provide comprehensive results. Implant specialist, Dr. Nikas and the Total Confidence Dentistry is able to achieve a lifelike, long-term and youthful result with this advanced tooth replacement treatment.

Additionally, dental implants have a unique health benefit: they preserve the natural tooth structure. The reason: adjacent healthy teeth are not ground down (no bridge is needed which is anchored with crowns to perfectly health teeth on either side of the missing tooth) .

Dr. Nika's specialist training, many years of experience, treatment expertise, and caring style offers patients with the confidence to proceed. The Total Confidence Dentistry team including Dr. Briglia perform detailed assessments and use advanced technology to diagnose each patient's needs to plan their individualized treatments.

As a specialist, Dr. John Nikas will precisely perform the implantation.

NOTE: Dr. Briglia is certified in oral or I. V. sedation provided.

After the implant has healed and is ready to be restored, Dr. Briglia will place a natural looking porcelain crown over the implant to achieve a lifelike smile makeover result.

The Rewards of Implant Dentistry
> Placing a dental bridge often involves removing healthy enamel of adjacent teeth
> Fewer worries: implants eliminate redos, relines, replacements, etc.
> Implants last longer and are healthier for your other teeth (2 or 3 decades is typical)
> Dental Implants your jaw stronger and jaw line youthful looking
> No more slipping dentures, painful experiences or frequent discomfort
> Lifelike implants prevent bone loss by taking the place of the tooth root
> Start speaking, biting and chewing with confidence
> Smiles Look and Feel Great!

Long Term Value, Real Life Savings
As Total Confidence Dentistry patients know, the cost of less comprehensive dental treatments is often higher because of the repeat visits, hassles and frustrations a 'good enough' solution ends up creating later on. Save money and make a valuable investment in your oral health with dental implants

Main Dental Implant Treatment Types
Single or Multiple Tooth Implants
Implant Supported Dentures (a more affordable option with the superior results)

Adult and Family Preventive Dental Care

Adult and Family Preventive Dental Care

Total Confidence Dentistry provides comprehensive services for their patients in the West Chester area and surrounding communities.

Dental Sealants
'White' Fillings
Regular Checkups
Fluoride Treatments
Oral Cancer Screenings
Crowns and Bridge
Dental Implants
Implant Supported Dentures
Teeth Whitening
Toothache Relief
Emergency care for patients
Root Canals Therapy - Endodontics
Periodontal Disease Management
Restorative and Reconstructive Dentistry
Sedation Dentistry - BOTH IV and Oral sedatives - for the fearful, phobic, disabled, etc.
Cosmetic Dentistry including smile makeovers/veneers
TMJ treatment and other pain relief
Bite Evaluations (occlusion) .

Dr. Ron Briglia and the Total Confidence Dentistry team including Periodontist Dr. John Nikas and Dr. Glenn Schreiber, a general dentist who emphasizes endodontic tooth saving therapy, are all ready to improve your oral health and enhance the appearance of your smile.

Dental Exams for Optimum Oral Health

Dental Exams for Optimum Oral Health

Getting regular dental exams ensures optimum oral health. Exams provide opportunities for early detection of serious dental problems and development of a comprehensive dental treatment plan to address any issues, including restorative and cosmetic procedures.

As we age, we produce less saliva, which works to prevent bacteria in the mouth. Teeth may develop a gray or yellow hue, and the older we get, the likelihood of oral diseases, such as periodontal (gum) disease increases. Early detection and treatment prevents oral health problems from spreading and becoming serious, and early treatments are more likely to keep long-term costs down.

At the same time, children and young adults need regular exams to check for proper dental health maintenance, cavities, and other common oral health problems.

Patients should get a full dental exam every six months. Your dental exam appointment is also an ideal time to schedule a professional cleaning.

Dental Exams

Studies show that good oral health contributes to general physical health, which is why taking care of your teeth and gums is essential to your overall well-being.

A dental exam includes a visual examination of your teeth and gums to check for damage, deterioration, cracks, and decay as well as sores or growths that may be present within your mouth.

The exam also includes a full set of X-rays, which help the dentist detect any problems below the gums or within the tooth structure. Early detection is critical in preventing serious oral health problems in the future, which, in most cases, will be costly to treat.

Regular dental exams offer a number of health benefits:

Prevention or early detection of oral cancer and/or gum disease
Good overall physical and oral health maintenance
Keep teeth healthy, white, and intact and prevent bad breath
Once the exam is completed, your dentist can make recommendations for the best options in repairing or restoring any problem areas. At this time, you will work with the dental team to establish your treatment plan.

Treatment Plan

A treatment plan ensures that any problems discovered during your exam are addressed in the most effect manner possible. The dental team will review your oral health status with you and make recommendations for treatments, procedures, and your home routine.

Enjoy a Healthier, More Confident Smile

Regular dental exams and professional dental cleanings along with good home regimen are essential for preventing cavities, plaque buildup, gum disease, and other serious oral health problems.

Total Confidence Dentistry offers dental cleanings and regular checkups and dental exams. Call us at (610) 692-4440 to schedule an appointment or request a consult.

  • I would recommend this business

Dr. Briglia is always kind, caring and totally dedicated to the well-being if his patients. The staff is friendly, competent and just as caring!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Scott - Total Confidence Dentistry Patient:

I am an educator in a local school district and I lived in the West Chester area for 10 years during the 80's.

This is where I first met Dr. Ron and I have been a patient of his (going on 25 years) and under his care ever since, even after moving to Downingtown. I think that it says a lot about the level of care and comfort that is provided at his practice as I am a bit of a dental phobic.

My wife often heard me talk about the dental care I received after my visits so she began getting checkups and going to him as well along with both of my children. I have been very pleased with the care I have received and find Ron to be very thorough, gentle, and knowledgeable on all current trends and procedures in dentistry.

He constantly checks on my condition during any procedure that I have to ensure that I remain comfortable and I know that he has a sincere interest in each of his patients always providing the best care with the least (often none) amount of discomfort.

I have recommended him to friends and colleagues and several have now become his patients as well. I will continue to recommend Dr. Ron and his practice to anyone who asks as I have been extremely satisfied with the preventative and restorative care I have received.

Testimonial from Gary

Total Confidence Dentistry Patient

Gary (Age 52) at time of treatment - came to our West Chester dental office because he was not happy with the appearance of his teeth. They were chipping and had many gaps between them. He also had many old amalgam silver fillings that were breaking down and causing pain.

He also was apprehensive about having dental work done, and hated spending long hours in the dental chair. He was determined though, to get what he wanted. It was time to get the smile of his dreams and his whole mouth restored in the best way for the long term.

Gary did not want traditional silver-mercury amalgam fillings, which tend to crumble and breakdown after a few years. He decided to replace all his old broken silver fillings with cast gold inlays and onlays, along with porcelain crowns for his back teeth. After reviewing several cosmetic makeover options for his unattractive front teeth, Gary selected high quality porcelain veneers/restorations for their strength and natural appearance.

Gary didn't want to sit through many long hours of dental appointments over several months, which can be typical for many makeover treatment plans.

He decided to take advantage of custom sedation services so major procedures could be done in just a few appointments. Before his first sedation appointment Gary had Zoom one-hour in office laser whitening completed. This was followed up with take-home whitening trays that he will use for maintaining the color shade of his choice.

After quickly establishing the color shade he wanted (critical step for assuring new restorations match existing teeth), Gary came in for his first major treatment appointment (7 hours long) where all the back dental restorations were completed, along with the preparations and impressions for the gold crowns, onlays and porcelain dentistry.

It was a remarkable appointment. Gary had little memory of his treatment, felt great with no reports of post operative discomfort or pain. He went out with his wife for a late night dinner the same day.

Subsequent appointments were made for fitting of the new porcelain restorations. As with any premium porcelain product, Gary was thrilled with the outcome. The undersized teeth and gaps were gone forever. His self confidence rocketed nearly overnight. He felt especially great because his teeth and smile never looked this good.

Dr. Briglia cares.

There are many reasons I could give to recommend Dr. Briglia:

He's talented and skilled - You'll love your smile!
He's professional and courteous - This is a doctor who listens.
He's trained in modern dental practices - His knowledge is always current.

But the quality I keep returning to, a quality I've had the good fortune to experience for over 15 years as his patient - 15 years of cleanings, fillings, caps, chip fixes, gumline work, emergency visits - is that this is a doctor who cares.

He cares about your comfort, both physically and emotionally. He cares about his work. He cares about your satisfaction.

I work in the healthcare field; Dr. Briglia's unique blend of expertise and caring is truly one-of-kind in this industry. I would, and do, recommend Dr. Ron Briglia without hesitation.

If you're looking to improve your dental experience - even if you've avoided the inside of a dental office for years - give Dr. Briglia a call. You'll be happy you did.

This is one example of how Dr. Briglia cares. My father had valve repair surgery, and the hospital where had the surgery lost his dentures. He was sent without teeth to a long term Acute Care facility near Dr. Briglia's office for the first part of his recovery. I called Dr. Briglia right away to help get my dad a new set of teeth. He immediately came to my dad's rescue. He went above and beyond what was required, actually treating my father at the rehab facility after his regular hours. As a result, my father is eating again and making progress every day.

If it weren't for Dr. Briglia and his dedication and kindness, my father's recovery would be much slower. I want to recommend Dr. Briglia as a wonderful family dentist. he is not only talented and gentle, but also compassionate.

Testimonial from Liz. B.

To say that Dr. Briglia and his team perform nothing less than magic is an understatement. It has been a long journey for me since Dr. Briglia first evaluated the condition of my teeth and gums.

Over the ensuing three years, much reparative work was required before any thought could be given to cosmetic improvements. Once gum health was restored, Dr. Briglia and his technician, Kathy, launched their campaign to improve the look and feel of my teeth and smile.

The end result has truly been miraculous. It is quite a tribute when you can say your dentist has taken ten or more years off your appearance. There is little doubt in my mind that this team of dental professionals could fix anything that needs fixing. You can put your full trust in their work and their compassion.

What do you want to know?

"I had the BEST experience with Dr. Briglia this evening. I realized that my tooth had broken, and I needed it fixed fast as I had a wedding to attend the following day. I called Dr. Briglia at 5:30 pm and he met me at his office at 7 pm. He was so nice and accommodating. He was very concerned with my comfort and made sure I did not feel any pain while he worked. My tooth came out beautiful and I am so thankful for Dr. Briglia!"

"Dr. Briglia and his staff are EXCELLENT."

"I have always hated the dentist and neglected my teeth due to pass (horrible) experiences. My co-worker has been going to Dr. Briglia's office for 15+ years and made an appointment for me. I was no happy about this but it ended up turning out to be the BEST experience at a dentist. Dr. Briglia and his staff understood my BAD anxiety and were so patient with me. I have been to his office multiple times and each time my anxiety lessens. Dr. Briglia and his staff did everything possible to make the dentist a good experience for me!! If you have any anxiety about going to the dentist, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Briglia!"

Dr. Briglia is an excellent doctor always making me feel at ease. I have had a few cavities filled and all were painless. All the hygienists do a fabulous job cleaning my teeth. Last but not least Karen the receptionist is always friendly, professional and a joy to speak with. Often my husband and I have to reschedule our appointments due to our work schedules and she always is so understanding and caring! We love going to the dentist!

Everyone in the office is friendly and welcoming. I had the best cleaning I have ever had and that is saying something since I am averse to going to the dentist. They are wonderful and I am so glad to be under their care!

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