We'll exceed your expectations for dental hygiene care and the more routine dental restorative requirements. Dr. McCoy does excel in the advanced restorative procedures such as, cosmetic dentistry, partial and full dentures, reconstructive dentistry, implant restorative dentistry and Invisalign orthodontic treatment. We make a daily dedication to supply you with our finest effort.

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Dental health is about more than your teeth. There's a connection between oral wellbeing, your body, and even how you sleep. Dr. McCoy has been providing comprehensive dental care and incorporating holistic principles for over 40 years. Dr. McCoy has been a dentist for 40 years and has expertise in many areas of dentistry. His experience and depth of knowledge allow him to offer a multitude of dental services under one roof. That means you won't have to drive to different offices for treatment.

Veneers are thin shells that we place over the front surfaces of your teeth to eliminate imperfections in your smile. They're made from durable, tooth-colored porcelain or ceramic to ensure a stunning appearance and long-lasting results. Dr. McCoy will customize your veneers so they fit perfectly, giving you the smile you've been dreaming about. Getting veneers is a fast and easy process. In many cases, veneers can be made in a single visit with CEREC technology. If you need more than two veneers, we'll send your impressions to a lab and provide you with temporaries while you wait.

The root canal is the inner chamber of your tooth that contains the pulp, which is made up of blood vessels and nerve tissues that nurture the tooth. If these tissues become infected, it can be severely painful and will generally need treatment. Dr. McCoy offers safe, gentle root canal therapy, as a quick treatment to relieve your pain and save your damaged tooth, without having to extract it. Learn about root canal therapy and see when you should give us a call if you experience the symptoms of an infected pulp.

If you have a tooth that's damaged or decayed, Dr. McCoy can restore it to full function with a dental crown. Many dentists require two or three office visits over the course of a few weeks to place a crown, but using our CEREC technology, we can complete the process in just one appointment. How is this possible? Instead of waiting weeks for a laboratory to make your crown and deliver it to us, we mill your custom crown right here in our office, saving you valuable time. A dental crown is a small cap that we place over your damaged tooth, restoring its strength and appearance.

Getting the best treatment for your sleep apnea symptoms begins with understanding your condition, and how it can harm your overall health. Unfortunately, many patients are unaware of their disorder and don't seek treatment as a result. According to statistics, 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, but 80% of moderate to severe cases are undiagnosed. At our practice in Glen Mills, we emphasize early diagnosis and efficient treatment solutions to keep your condition under control. Explore our guide to learn all about sleep apnea and how it affects you.

Tooth decay is an infection that occurs when bacteria builds up and turns into plaque or hardened tartar that sticks to your teeth and below your gumline. This can make it difficult to remove with simple brushing and flossing, which is why your oral hygiene appointments are so essential. When left untreated, tooth decay eats away at your teeth, creating hollow spaces called cavities. Cavities, also known as dental caries, are a threat to your oral health, leading to further infection and even tooth loss if left untreated.

Getting professional dental care is just as important as practicing good oral hygiene. During a regular check-up, we'll review your medical and dental history, take digital X-rays, and examine your teeth and gums. We'll also provide you with a thorough teeth cleaning to prevent bacteria and plaque from building up. Your smile has the power to make a lasting first impression. Our Glen Mills practice offers several cosmetic services to cover imperfections and give you a smile that'll light up the room.

Although we do everything we can to prevent it, there are certain situations when extracting a damaged tooth is the best option for your health. No matter the cause, Dr. McCoy and our team will gently extract the affected tooth, ensuring your comfort and safety throughout the process. Once removed, we can replace the removed tooth with a dental implant or another tooth replacement option that will restore your smile, health, and confidence. Extracting a tooth is never ideal, but there are certain situations where you can benefit from it.