This may be caused by heavy handed brushing or with a stiff tooth brush. Patients should realize that the gingival inflammation and bone destruction are largely painless. Our mission is to assist you achieve optimal dental health through the highest possible periodontal care. Our mission is to supply you with the highest possible options regarding your periodontal health.

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Periodontal disease causes bone loss around teeth, which can increase the chances for tooth loss. Once a tooth has been lost, the supporting jaw bone will disappear over time. This can make wearing dentures uncomfortable. However, simple techniques are now available to regrow lost bone, provide support for dental implants, or to improve esthetics beneath a fixed bridge. Guided tissue bone regeneration does not always require the removal of bone from any other part of the body. Instead, many options use membrane barriers, tissue stimulating proteins, or bioactive growth factor gels.

The LANAP Laser Treatment is the first and only FDA cleared laser protocol for the treatment of moderate to severe gum disease. LANAP is minimally invasive and most patients report little, if any, pain after the procedure! Many patients that undergo this procedure are surprised how simple and minimally invasive the entire process is, and PST may be just what you need to take care of receding gums and restore your smile. Since opening in 1992 in Tupelo, we have worked very hard to provide the highest quality of safe, affordable periodontal care and dental implant therapy.

Periodontal maintenance therapy is an ongoing program designed to prevent periodontal disease in in the gum tissue and bone. Periodontal maintenance is usually necessary for patients who are susceptible to periodontal disease or who have been treated for gum disease. Maintenance visits to the periodontist will help prevent additional dental problems in the future. Treating the disease in its early stages saves you not only discomfort but also money! Flossing and brushing will keep the calculus to a minimum but regular maintenance is needed to professionally remove what has been missed.

Bone loss in the jawbone is common when one or more teeth have been lost due to injury, decay, or trauma. Without the tooth in place to stimulate the jawbone, the bone around the missing tooth will begin to deteriorate. Over time, the jawbone may deteriorate to such an extent that there may not be enough bone to place dental implants. In cases such as these, your dentist may recommend having a bone grafting procedure. Autogenous grafts take bone from one area of the patient's body and transplant it to the location in the mouth being restored.

If you need periodontal disease treatment in north Mississippi, you have two options: Traditional gum surgery, which uses a scalpel and is very painful and or a laser gum surgery alternative, which uses light energy. Traditional periodontal disease treatment in North Mississippi requires a scalpel to cut away gum tissue and scrape bacteria from the gum pockets. Good, healthy tissue is also cut away in the process, which causes a lot of bleeding and inflammation. Stitches and bandaging are necessary.

It is important to know that your doctor is keeping up with the constant and rapid advancements in modern technology. Digital x-rays are just one more advantage you will have at your disposal when you visit our office. Instead of using a conventional film, we use a special computer sensor which puts the x-ray picture directly into the computer and which allows us to reduce the amount of harmful radiation by nearly 90%. Since the pictures are in the computer, we can enhance the images to better diagnose conditions--often before they become problems.