Dr. McCorkle and his wife, Gayle have four boys. There, he received a BS degree and gained membership in HKN, an honorary electrical engineering society. He obtained his dental education at the Medical College of Virginia and received recognition for excellence by the American Society of Dentistry for Children.

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Our goal is to see kids grow up with healthy smiles and happy hearts, emotionally able to embrace dental health care eagerly. Preventing dental caries, decay, requires some facts to build a healthy smile. A healthy smile helps build a happy heart. Prevention Preventing dental caries is easier than restoring decayed teeth. A Healthy Smile is Valuable Healthy, attractive smiles can be had by people in all walks of life, whether they be rich or poor, highly educated or not. Pleasant smiles are seen in people who think well of themselves and appreciate the important role that their smile plays in their lives.

Dr. McCorkle offers aesthetic restorative dental care for children to ensure that kids have a beautiful smile. Children have higher self-esteem when they have teeth that look and feel healthy. Dr. McCorkle understands how to manage a child's emotions, behavior and comfort. Keeping primary teeth until they are lost naturally helps the permanent teeth erupt correctly. A child will need some of their deciduous teeth until the age of 11 to 13 years. Rather than covering a decayed or injured incisor with metal or removing it from the child's mouth, it is essential to give it a natural appearance.

We understand that sometimes people are concerned about the transmission of infectious diseases in medical and dental settings. In this office, you can be assured that your child's total health and well-being are our primary concern. We'd like to answer some of the most common questions about blood-borne diseases such as AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) and Hepatitis B. Please take a few minutes to read this information on the special steps we take to protect your child. No, it's extremely unlikely.

Pediatric Dentists help you keep your child's smile healthy: Dr. McCorkle and our staff will work with you to understand, select, and provide preventative therapy and treatments to keep your child's smile healthy and avoid cavities, gum disease, halitosis, malocclusion, and injuries. Sealants keep Molar Chewing Surfaces Healthy: Before a child develops cavities, the application of protective sealants on the chewing surface of molars is very effective. Sealants are applied to the molars, teeth toward the back of the mouth, where the chewing surfaces are at risk.

For children, a dental visit can be stressful since the experience is new and unknown. However, this entire experience may be improved through the combination of dental sedation and local anesthesia. Due to the fear and anxiety that comes with the thought of dental procedures, Dr McCorkle offers sedation dentistry so your child can receive excellent dental care and grow emotionally. The purpose of sedation is to reduce anxiety, improve comfort and enhance safety through reduced movement. The sedation used depends on the demands of the procedures and the health and emotional status of your child.

An early very good first visit for your child is important. At first, while some children love to go to the dentist, others may be frightened and anxious. A myriad of different challenges may arise. Dr. McCorkle and his staff have training, experience and interest in how to deal with every one of them in a positive manner. Especially children who by their nature are timid and fearful, starting early is critical. Easier at two years than three, at five than seven, etc. Every child has a different capacity to deal with new situations and, properly handled, the potential for that capacity to grow.

Decay is an infection of the teeth, so when one tooth decays the infection spreads to other teeth and they decay as well. Decay infection also spreads from parents to their children. For a healthy mouth, first, the teeth must be restored. This gets rid of the infection and eliminates the decay. Second, the infection must be prevented from starting again. Permanent teeth are more likely to stay healthy if the primary teeth are healthy first. No matter how badly your child's decay is now, with good home care and regular preventive visits, you can expect the teeth to stay healthy.

Children rarely require oral surgery, but when they do, Dr. McCorkle knows how to care for your child's procedures and emotions. Children often find the thought of removing a tooth scary. After discussing all the concerns and worries for the child and parent, a plan can be created to best provide the necessary treatment. The removal of extra teeth can prevent overcrowded teeth. In some cases, children are born with extra tooth buds, leading to an abnormal number of deciduous teeth that require removal.