Your smile really is a individual treasure. It's one of the 1st things people notice about you. Studies show that people who smile are perceived as vastly more attractive than those who don't - irrespective of their other facial features, age, or body type. We're so glad to have you as a new patient and look ahead to enhancing your smile and well being. First class permeates my office.

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Our teeth can sometimes be just as much of a personal signature as our fingerprints, whether congenital or caused by broken or aging dental work or decay, unique Imperfections or abnormalities need not be a permanent issue in anyone's life. If you are tired of hiding your teeth or confidence prevents you from enjoying social outings and keeping you away from your favorite foods and restaurants, new methods of teeth replacements may be the answer. The ultimate goal is to prevent dental disease and loss of teeth.

The reasons for a tooth extraction vary including severe decay, periodontal issues, impaction, and irreparable breaks. Nevertheless, Dr. Conrow will only extract a tooth when it is deemed necessary or in the best interest of the patient. Before the decision is made, we'll make sure that you are completely informed of why the extraction is the best option, how the procedure will occur, and what you can expect after the extraction. With the exception of wisdom teeth, an extracted tooth will usually affect your ability lo chew food.

Dentist-supervised whitening treatments are still the AACD recommended procedure for bleaching discolored teeth. We create custom dental trays and dispense highly effective gels that maybe used at home. The Zoom2 Professional Teeth whitening treatment consists of a gentle hydrogen-peroxide gel activated by a special gas plasma light. The science behind Zoom is the secret to our success. The Zoom gas plasma light technology, combined with a proprietary new, wavelength-specific gentle bleaching gel, has created a revolutionary method of teeth whitening which quickly, safely and effectively whitens all teeth at once.

Porcelain laminate veneers are probably the most aesthetic means of creating a more pleasing and beautiful smile. They require a minimal amount of tooth reduction (approximately.5 mm) and are, therefore, a more conservative restoration than a crown. Porcelain veneers allow us to alter tooth position, shape, size and color. They are not the only alternative for all aesthetic abnormalities but are truly a remarkable restoration when they are the treatment of choice. Have you ever wished you had better-looking teeth without all the hassle of braces (orthodontics) or crowns (caps)?

Sometimes when patients even hear the phrase 'root canal', they assume ii is a painful experience. The reason is that in times past the procedure did involve a high level of discomfort. Conrow Dental approaches root canals from a unique perspective. Instead of simply taking the nominal method, our practice incorporates strategies from other medical disciplines. In this way we are able to put effective medical insights to use for each of our patients. Our meticulous attention to detail during root canal treatments ensures that patients avoid future problems.

Are you looking for an experienced and compassionate dentist in the Palm Desert area? Dr. Conrow is at the forefront in dentistry and invests in the very best technology, materials and equipment. Improved technology and the best dental care available translates into peace of mind and sometimes even cost savings for you. We offer a comprehensive spectrum of expertise that sports from general and wellness dentistry to advanced cosmetic, restorative and implant dentistry. Your smile really is a personal treasure.

Are you desiring to correct your smile, but are not interested in traditional metal braces? If so, lnvisalign may be just the corrective dental solution that works for you! Your smile is unique. Consequently, correcting it should encompass a customized strategy that always keeps your oral health in view. Our practice accomplishes this by combining state-of-the-art dental technologies and a wealth of dental experience. Read below to find out details about lnvisalign and how our customized approach can fulfill your needs.

Today, we can make them out of pure porcelain, ceramic or aesthetic reinforced resins. There are still occasions on the back teeth when the durability of a metal crown makes it the restoration of choice. But for crowns that show, wouldn't you rather have one that looks as natural as possible? A dental crown is needed when a tooth is badly broken down - either a cusp has broken off, or there are large old fillings or a large portion of tooth decay. A filling is used to fill a small portion of the tooth - a crown when the tooth has extensive damage.