If you are looking for a welcoming, comfortable dental home in Rochester, NY, then we want to invite you to visit Contemporary Dentistry. Our highly trained dentists Dr. Arlene Messer and Dr. Anna Belous offer holistic dentistry, which is focused not just on your oral health, but on your overall well-being. We’re not just looking for disease—we’re promoting your health. And we utilize noninvasive and herbal treatments whenever possible to avoid disrupting your body’s natural balance.

Dentistry with a heart is our practice philosophy. Everything we do is centered on you, your comfort and your health. Our dentists and their support team will respond to and even anticipate your needs to make an experience more pleasant than you thought a visit to the dentist could be.

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  • Invisalign
  • Holistic Dentistry

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  • Fellow by the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI)
  • Member of the Holistic Dental Association
  • Mercury-Free Dentists
  • Accredited member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
  • Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS)
  • American Dental Association (ADA)
  • Academy of General Dentistry (AGD)
  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM)
  • New York State Dental Association (NYSDA)
  • American Academy of Orofacial Pain (AAOP)
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD)

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  Person Arlene Messer, DDS
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Arlene Messer, DDS


Dr. Arlene Messer believes that dental technology should be utilized to improve her patients’ experience, making dental care more efficient, more effective, and more comfortable. To be able to offer her patients the latest technologies in dentistry, Dr. Messer has continued her education at some of the most highly respected training programs in the country, and has worked with some of the most knowledgeable and skilled dental practitioners.
After receiving her Doctorate of Dental Surgery, completed a one-year externship on dental implants at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo. She has been recognized as a Fellow by the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), one of the world’s foremost postgraduate dental education centers. Dr. Messer achieved the status of LVI Fellowship upon completion of intensive coursework on full mouth reconstruction, TMJ therapy, cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry.

Products & Services


It’s an injectable filler. It is made of hyaluronic acid, which is a compound your body naturally produces in the eye, joints, and skin as a moisturizer. In the past, hyaluronic acid was taken from cows and chickens, and there was concern about allergies. Now hyaluronic acid is not sourced from animals, which means there is little concern about allergies and you don’t have to be tested for allergies before your first injection.

Juvéderm is a smooth hyaluronic acid gel, which makes it ideal for injecting into lips, where the very thin skin can allow granular forms of hyaluronic acid to show through the skin.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding material starts out as a soft putty that can be spread and shaped by hand. First, we will plan the procedure in consultation with you, then we will lightly rough your tooth to improve the connection between the bonding material and your tooth or teeth.

Next, your dentist may decide to custom-mix your dental bonding to ensure it matches your teeth. Your dentist will spread the material on your tooth, reshaping it as they go to ensure that it looks natural. Once the material is in the right shape, a curing light is used to harden it. If the material is going to be thick, it may have to be done in several thin layers to ensure it achieves the desired hardness.

Once the final shape is achieved, and the bonding is hardened, it will be polished to attain a tooth-like sheen.

BOTOX ® Cosmetic

It works by relaxing muscles involved in the creation of certain wrinkles.

Some wrinkles are caused by a phenomenon similar to “muscle memory. ” Think of how many times a day you smile, frown, tighten your brows in concentration, squint your eyes, or do any of a hundred other expressions that call on your muscles to contract. Over time, those muscles become conditioned to contract. As with other muscles, they try to anticipate demands, so that, instead of responding to hundreds of separate calls to contract, they simply stay contracted.

This is what creates many of the common wrinkles that develop, although skin changes also contribute to the development of crinkled skin that is less flexible.

BOTOX ® Cosmetic injections cause these muscles to stop tensing and relax, which allows the skin to smooth.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening uses a variation on peroxide to break down the staining molecules and remove them from your enamel. There are different ways we can apply the peroxide.

First, we can do an in-office whitening procedure. This uses a highly concentrated whitening compound that is painted on your teeth and an activator light that helps keep the peroxide active and attacking stain molecules. This type of procedure can dramatically whiten your teeth in under an hour, and works great if you have a special occasion coming up that you don’t have time to gradually whiten your teeth.

We also offer at-home teeth whitening which takes longer to get results, which develop gradually, but your teeth can get whiter—and you can maintain those results indefinitely.

We can even use both approaches together: get an instant whitening, then gradually improve those results.


Traditional options are generally better than nothing, though not always. They let you smile with a full set of teeth, and you can eat many foods that you wouldn’t be able to eat without them. They make it easier to speak clearly, helping you make sounds that depend on your teeth. They also help your jaw maintain a comfortable position, which can help you avoid jaw pain, headaches, and other TMJ symptoms.

But they have serious limitations. They aren’t anchored in the bone like natural teeth, they just sit on top of your gums. This means that chewing puts force directly on your gums, which can cause discomfort and limits your bite force. And because they just sit on top of your gums, they can slip and slide around, which can be embarrassing and interferes with function. To improve denture fit and function, we recommend anchoring them with dental implants.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial roots that are placed in your jaw. They can be made of titanium, titanium-zirconium alloy (TiZr) , or solid zirconia. Titanium isn’t just biocompatible, it’s a metal that your bone can grow around and bond to in a process called osseointegration. These implants literally become a part of you. TiZr implants provide a different metal option that may be more biocompatible. Some people are more comfortable with the metal-free option of solid zirconia dental implants, which offers many benefits over titanium or TiZr implants.

Then we will put a cosmetic restoration on top of that root, such as a single dental crown, partial dentures, or even full dentures.


Many people with crooked teeth decide they would rather live with them than deal with having metal brackets and wires on their teeth. Good news: now you can get your teeth straightened without having to get metal braces. Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners, similar to a teeth whitening tray, to move your teeth into place. Not only are these aligners clear and comfortable, they’re removable. That means you won’t have any diet restrictions, and you won’t have to learn any special cleaning techniques—just brush and floss normally.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Some people think that cosmetic dentistry is frivolous, but the truth is that the appearance of your teeth is an essential part of their function. Smiles are almost the universal greeting, and they have the power to control the first impression you make. In the short time it takes for someone to make a judgment about you, perhaps 1/100th of a second, a smile gives you an edge because it’s the easiest and fastest recognizable expression.

And your smile controls what that first impression will be like. After an initial meeting, more people will remember your smile than will remember your smell, your clothes, or even what you said. People with straighter, whiter, and more healthy looking smiles are thought of as being more intelligent and more trustworthy, as well as more compassionate. If making a good first impression is important to your personal life or professional livelihood, an attractive smile is a great investment.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is rapidly increasing in popularity because it offers many benefits over other orthodontic treatments, such as:

-Shorter treatment time
-Faster tightening appointments
-Discreet appearance
-Less discomfort
-Very predictable results
-Lower cost

Six Month Smiles is partly remarkable because it accomplishes all the above using braces—the same technology that we’ve been using to straighten teeth for over a century. But while traditional braces may be based in the age of the steam engine, Six Month Smiles is a very advanced procedure, taking full advantage of all the discoveries in computers and materials in recent years.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Many people wonder why we grow teeth that cause so many problems, and the answer is that we live a very different life from our ancestors. Primitive anthropoids, like many modern apes, ate low quality foods. In order to get all the nutrition they needed from these foods, they spent a lot more time eating and chewing. Some estimates say they spent as much as 50% of their waking hours chewing.

All that chewing stimulated the jaw to grow, and it grew much larger than the jaws of modern people. But with the advent of cooking about two million years ago, and the much more recent trend in processed foods, we have a lot softer diet than our ancestors. (The closest thing our ancestors would have to a Twinkie is a grub—mmm, cream filled!) With a softer diet, our jaws develop less, so wisdom teeth lead to crowding.

Holistic Dentistry

We know that it takes a quality team to get the best dental care and overall health. That’s why we always look at holistic dentistry as a team effort. First, there are the people in our office, who will do whatever we can to protect your health.

Next, there is you, the most vital member of our holistic health care team. We will talk with you about what you can do to help protect your oral health. This may include changes to your traditional oral hygiene routine, but it may be more than that, too, including changes to diet and some habits that can have a negative impact on your overall health.

Finally, we may invite other members to our health team, such as:

-Integrative physicians
-Physical therapists
-And more

Gum Disease Treatment

It is an infection of the gums. It occurs when bacteria infiltrate your gums and begin to grow there, causing damage to your gums and the bones that surround and support your teeth. But the most serious damage occurs when your body begins to respond to gum disease. It can trigger an extreme immune response that will damage your gums and bones, leading to tooth loss and triggering effects in sometimes distant parts of the body.

But gum disease may begin with very modest symptoms that can be hard to notice. Here are some of the symptoms, starting with the more common and ranging to the more severe:

Red or swollen gums
Painful gums when brushing, flossing, or eating
Persistent bad breath
Bleeding gums
Tooth sensitivity
Receding gums
Loose or mobile teeth
Tooth loss
It’s important to remember that your gums should not hurt or bleed when you brush, floss, or eat. This is a sign of advanced gum disease that may soon get worse.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns are versatile and can be used in a wide range of situations. Some of the most common reasons why we use dental crowns are to:

-Restore a heavily decayed tooth
-Preserve a tooth that has been weakened by a large filling
-Build up teeth that are too small or poorly shaped
-Help straighten teeth as part of an instant orthodontic procedure
-Preserve a cracked tooth that has been weakened
-Restore worn teeth
-Restore proper occlusion (tooth contact) and support as part of a TMJ treatment
-Support a dental bridge

BioClear Veneers

We are excited to be able to offer this innovative new cosmetic dentistry approach. We know that our patients will love it because it is very versatile. We can use it to:

-Fill in “black triangles” in the top or bottom of your smile
-Reshape small or poorly formed teeth like retained baby teeth or peg laterals
-Close gaps in your smile
-Restore worn or chipped teeth
-As well as other common cosmetic complaints. We can often resolve multiple complaints at once. During your consultation, --we can talk about what BioClear can do for you.

Although there are often multiple treatments that can be used to deal with these cosmetic concerns, BioClear is growing rapidly in popularity because it offers many benefits. With BioClear, you enjoy:

-Lower cost than ceramic veneers
-One-visit convenience
-Attractive, uniform coloration
-Smooth, bright surface
-Greater stain resistance than traditional bonding
-Higher strength than traditional bonding
-Easy repair if necessary
-Preservation of natural tooth material
The combination of low cost, high convenience, and preservation of your natural teeth make BioClear a treatment that stands apart from anything else available today.

Bad Breath Treatment

There are many benign causes of bad breath, such as eating smelly food or shifting your metabolism with a low-carb diet.

Sometimes, bad breath can be related to a serious health condition such as diabetes.

But often, bad breath, especially when it’s persistent, it’s related to bacteria living in your mouth. There are two kinds of bacteria in your mouth: aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic bacteria breathe oxygen just like you and me, and they exhale oxygen compounds that are not particularly smelly, like water and carbon dioxide.

But anaerobic bacteria don’t breath oxygen, in fact, it’s toxic to them. Instead, they breathe sulfur, and they exhale sulfur compounds that can be very smelly. Large colonies of anaerobic bacteria will produce a lot of stinky sulfur compounds, causing bad breath.

These anaerobic bacteria shelter in places where oxygen doesn’t reach. It may be in your tonsils as part of a tonsil stone. It may be between your teeth, or it may be below your gumline. Or it may be inside an infected tooth

Dental Fillings

Dental cavities are caused by parasitic oral bacteria that have colonized your mouth. These oral bacteria feed on carbohydrates, especially sugars. When they eat sugars, they excrete acids, which attack your tooth enamel. As your tooth enamel gets eroded, it creates holes, or cavities, which can shelter bacteria and trap food particles that feed them.

Dental cavities are different from dental erosion. Dental erosion occurs when your mouth is acidic everywhere. This can occur when you get dehydrated, drink acidic beverages like soda, or vomit. Dental erosion removes enamel from all your teeth, resulting in widespread, serious damage.

Your saliva contains minerals to try to fight the processes of decay and erosion, but the decay and erosion processes can overwhelm the remineralization.

Cleanings and Checkups

The most important part of your oral hygiene protection is your daily cleaning routine. Brush twice every day and floss once a day to make sure your teeth are clean.

Make sure you’re brushing for at least two minutes, but not more than three on a regular basis. You might think that if a little tooth brushing is good, then more must be better, but that’s not the case. Instead, over-brushing your teeth can lead to erosion of your tooth enamel, the smooth white outer coating on your teeth.

But that’s not the only way your daily cleaning can contribute to erosion of your teeth. If you brush too many times a day, you can also cause erosion. Stick to twice a day most days, with a third time only occasionally. Instead, keep teeth clean by chewing gum after a meal, ending your meal with hard, crunchy raw vegetables, then rinse with water. Also, try to avoid between-meal snacks.

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to help avoid erosion, and make sure your toothpaste isn’t too abrasive.

And, of course, making regular dental appointment and getting a dental cleaning are also vital to helping keep your teeth clean.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery includes a number of complex dental procedures that should be handled by a specialist such as a periodontist. These procedures can not only maintain your oral health, they can stop and even reverse the effects of serious periodontal disease, from receding gums to tooth loss.

Dental Veneers/Lumineers

Dental veneers, also known as porcelain veneers, are very versatile cosmetic dentistry treatments. They can be used to correct many common complaints people have about their smiles, such as:

Discolored teeth
Chipped teeth
Worn teeth
Crooked teeth
Gaps in teeth
Small or poorly shaped teeth

And not only can porcelain veneers accomplish all this, they’re often better at it than other treatment options. They can get your teeth whiter than teeth whitening. They also work on teeth that are discolored from within, which teeth whitening can’t affect. And the results last years, not months.

Emergency Dentistry

There are many dental emergencies we handle on a regular basis, including:

-Broken, chipped or cracked tooth
-Loosened or knocked out tooth
-Infection in tooth or jaw
-Impacted or infected wisdom teeth
-Tooth extractions
-Broken, chipped, or lost restorations

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry helps you feel relaxed during a dental appointment. It can help you overcome many common complaints that can make dental visits uncomfortable, including:

-Dental anxiety
-Strong gag reflex
-Inability to get numb or stay numb
-Tenseness or soreness in jaw at or after a dentist appointment
-Inability to sit still for treatment
-Need to consolidate many treatments into a single visit

As well as other feelings that can make dental appointments unpleasant. We offer three forms of sedation dentistry: oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation.

TMJ Treatment

TMJ is not a well-known condition, and many people have difficulty recognizing the symptoms. That’s partly because the symptoms of this jaw disorder can be various and may manifest far from their source. Among the common TMJ symptoms to look for are:

-Jaw pain
-Jaw sounds like popping or clicking
-Irregular jaw motion, including locked jaw
-Chipped, broken, crooked, or worn teeth
-Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
-Dizziness or vertigo
-Ear pain or fullness
-Neck pain
-Upper back pain
-Tingling or numbness in the fingers

Sleep Apnea

To treat sleep apnea, we have to make sure that your airway stays open. This means giving the soft tissues of your airway some much-needed support. Fortunately, we have a built-in support for your airway in the form of your jaw, the primary bony support for much of your upper airway. Mandibular advancements devices (MADs) , the most common type of oral appliance for sleep apnea, works on this principle. By moving your jaw forward, the appliance utilizes its bony support to help keep the airway open. This works well for sleep apnea, though many doctors will want to start you with a treatment known as CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) .

CPAP uses a pump to force air into your throat and lungs, which keeps the airway open, and keeps your oxygen supply going. This treatment really works if you use it, but many patients don’t, and therefore they remain at risk for the serious problems. Many people enjoy MADs more and choose them over CPAP.


Snoring is caused by constricted airways. When your airway narrows, the airflow becomes turbulent, which causes the adjacent soft tissue to vibrate, and these vibrations create the sound that we hear. What leads to narrow airways? There are many potential causes, including:

-Underdevelopment of upper or lower jaw
-Poor jaw position
-Deviated septum or other nasal structures
-Nasal congestion
-Weight gain
-Sleep position
-Alcohol or drugs

With these numerous potential causes, your snoring will usually not have just one cause. Often, we can identify multiple causes, and sometimes successful snoring treatment requires a combination of multiple approaches.

Gum Bleaching

Does the color of your gums make you unhappy? Gums might appear dark if they are unhealthy, but sometimes healthy gums are affected by “hyperpigmentation. ”This might make them darker in appearance than you’d like. Fortunately, both these causes of dark gums can be treated. We can treat gum disease to return your gums to a healthy color, but if healthy gums are dark, we offer gum bleaching. This procedure doesn’t actually bleach the gums–it removes pigmentation with a minimally invasive procedure. It’s quick and convenient–taking just one appointment. And it’s almost painless with quick recovery time.

  • I would recommend this business

I have never in my life felt so good about going to a dentist office as I do here. Dr. Messer and her staff are exceptional. Thank you for the great service I receive and for making going to the dentist something I no longer dread. You are wonderful.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

I called several Oral Surgeons to have an extraction, plus a bridge removal done simultaneously while sedated. Half of them refused, and the other half wouldn't even return my calls. This practice was very responsive, saw me the very first day and completed the procedure within 2 days. My procedure was painless and the cost for extraction w/ sedation although high, was no more than I have paid other providers in the past...plus the doctor took the extra step of removing my bridge. Steps still to come (implant) but I am feeling confident in Dr Geminiani's abilities.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

Just a great, wonderful staff who makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

I have been searching for years to find a dentist where I am comfortable at. From the moment I walked in the door, I knew I found the right place. I am looking forward to getting my healthy smile back!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

This is only my second time coming to CD and I found the staff and Dr's to be great. The facility and operation is clean, efficient and customer centered. I especially appreciate the email and text reminders about appointments. That was a huge help to me. Although out of network I'll keep coming.

They went beyond a normal cleaning trying to find the root cause of excess staining on my teeth. They were very welcoming and did a great job

I have never had a complete comprehensive exam like this before. I learned a lot of new things about my mouth and teeth the other dentists either didn't look for or just didn't think it was worth mentioning to me. Thanks to everyone at the office who made my first visit a great one.

Appreciated the staff I was able to interact with (Tammy & Dr. Arlene). I liked how they asked me if I had any questions several times to make sure all of my concerns were addressed. Also, I think it is an excellent idea to take photos of the teeth to use as a talking point and future reference. Great standard of care!

Dr. Geminiani was professional, quick and the procedure was painless. My tooth extraction was textbook easy. After care instructions clear and simple to follow. Perfect results. I highly recommend him.

Meri, my hygienist, is bubbly and knowledgable. Dr. Messer takes great care. Everyone from check in to check out is friendly and professional. In large part because of the staff at Contemporary Dentistry, I'm someone who actually looks forward to going to the dentist!

Just visited contemporary dentistry for my annual cleaning. Was seen by the hygienist at the scheduled time who completed my cleaning in a timely, professional manner. Was in and out within a hour with my teeth and mouth feeling clean and fresh

I visited the office yesterday after being away for a lengthy period of time. i have a phobia of the dentist office after having several bad experiences starting as a child. I had found a dentist that I was comfortable with but she is now retired. I reached out to friends and even my husband looking for someone that I would be comfortable with. Many recommendations came in and I decided to give this office a try. After the exam, photos and lengthy conversation I spoke with Harold for the estimate on my plan. I was going to schedule a cleaning but there was a cancellation and I went right in. I had nitrous administered and headphones to get me through. I must say that the entire staff was friendly, supportive and understanding of my needs. I have a filling to deal with next but am confident that they will do whatever is needed to make that a comfortable experience. I am confident that I have found the right place to care for my oral health while dealing with my significant fears.


Porcelain Veneers Rochester, NY

Contemporary Dentistry patient Scott from Pittsford, NY describes his experience getting porcelain veneers with cosmetic dentist Dr. Arlene Messer. He says that he went from hiding his smile on a regular basis to being consciously happy about size, shape, and color of his teeth on a daily basis. He says Dr. Messer is a passionate cosmetic dentist who will always give her best. He feels she cares about his well-being, not just his teeth. When people compliment his teeth, he recommends Dr. Messer without hesitation.

Dental Implants Rochester, NY

Contemporary Dentistry

Rochester, NY implant dentist Dr. Alessandro Geminiani discusses the benefits of dental implants. He describes the dental implants offered by Contemporary Dentistry. Contemporary Dentistry uses metal-free zirconia implants or zirconium alloy implants for maximum biocompatibility.

About Dr. Geminiani Rochester, NY

Contemporary Dentistry

Rochester, NY implant dentist Dr. Alessandro Geminiani introduces himself. He describes his goal of providing the highest level of surgical care to patients in an environment that is convenient, comfortable, and familiar.

About Contemporary Dentistry Rochester, NY

Contemporary Dentistry

Jack, a patient at Contemporary Dentistry in Rochester, NY, describes how much he loves his dentist. He says that the dentists office is beautiful and everyone is friendly and welcoming. He also notes that other dentists often comment on his teeth and ask who worked on them because of the quality of the work. Jack says that its obvious his dentist loves what she does, and he benefits from Dr. Messer being at the cutting edge of integrative dentistry--they protect teeth so he needs less dental work.

Holistic Dentistry Rochester, NY

Rochester, NY holistic dentist Dr. Arlene Messer describes what holistic dentistry means at Contemporary Dentistry. Holistic dentistry strives to provide health and wellness of the mouth in relation to the whole body. It includes TMJ treatment, the safe removal of metal amalgam fillings, diet counseling, metal free materials, material sensitivity testing, saliva testing, and ozone therapy. Cosmetic dentistry understands that patients may be following specific guidelines recommended by naturopaths, integrative physicians, and others--guidelines we will respect. We also offer non-pharmaceutical treatments that are based on essential oils and no alcohol.

Insurance Rochester, NY

Harold Messer, office manager of Contemporary Dentistry in Rochester, NY, explains the limitations of dental insurance. He answers questions about being in network and the nature of dental maintenance organizations. He reminds patients that insurance estimates are only estimates, not guarantees. Finally, he notes that financing can help people afford procedures not covered by insurance.

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