Please see the directions page! Now delivering full ADA compliance and a special treatment operatory for wheelchairs. It is our mission to listen to patients' requirements and to assist them gain their restorative goals. We aim to aid patients improve their oral health, improve their smiles and aid stabilize their mouths for a lifetime of aesthetic form and optimal function.

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Implants are a great way to replace a missing tooth, and are now done completely in office without referrals to specialists! This will save the patient a significant amount of money, but also ensures there are no communication, or timing issues due to coordination with specialists. The implant is a metal post placed in the bone. After the surrounding structures heal around the implant, we will cement a crown on top of it. The reason implants are well-liked is because they look and act just as a natural tooth - there is no special appliance to apply/remove or clean under.

Whitening (or bleaching) is very popular - you can find many over the counter products on the market. We recommend the tray system, which is clinically proven to far surpass other methods of bleaching, for keeping your teeth white for long periods of time. This method includes treatment-strength bleach at home. We continue to have wonderful success with this system and can lighten most individuals teeth between 2-4 shades. Once you have bleached 7-14 days, you can purchase bleach to "touch up" once/twice a year.

Sealants are protective coatings which are usually placed on the chewing surfaces of back teeth, especially molars, to help prevent decay. The grooves and fissures in the back teeth can be extremely difficult to keep clean, and those grooves can be too deep for a toothbrush to even reach. These are areas where bacteria found in plaque can get trapped. They produce acid where they contact sugars that we eat. This acid will weaken the surface of the tooth, in time causing cavities. Sealants are a great way to help prevent the process of cavity formation.

Fillings are restorations that are used to reform missing tooth structure which is lacking due to caries (decay, fracture), malformation or for cosmetic reasons. They are generally tooth-colored and are resin-based. You are probably familiar with older amalgam/silver fillings which are not as commonly used now.

Crowns are now done with our in-house Cerec milling system, so you can wait a short time for the finished product! We are thrilled with this new technology and can finally produce crowns with materials which are very similar in appearance to the natural variation and coloring of your individual teeth.

We work closely and advise the patient while respecting their wishes and goals for their desired asthetic achievement.

It is normally recommended that patients have a dental examination and cleaning two times annually. Cortland County does not have a fluoridated water supply, which means frequent dental cleanings and exams are critical to maintaining dental health, particularly in this area. Our office suggests dental radiographs (X-rays) be taken once per year. Routine X-rays serve as a diagnostic tool to indicate early dental caries (cavities), periodontal bone loss, and/or abscesses. Early detection and treatment alleviates dental discomfort in most cases.