Northwood Dental in northwest Michigan provides complete dental care for our patients. Dr. Brian Klym has extensive experience with many types of treatment. He has straightened the teeth and smiles of may people with Invisalign aligners. This kind of orthodontic straightening of teeth is favored by many because Invisalign "braces" are clear, removable and very effective when properly diagnosed for the patient.

Dr. Klym has been heavily involved in root canal therapy (saving root damaged teeth). When dental patients have tooth pain, toothaches, and other oral pain - many times it is the root that needs attention. As a Fellow of the Misch Institute's implant dentistry program, he also is highly trained in the replacement of missing teeth. Tooth loss caused by periodontal or gum disease affects many adults. With implants, dentists like Dr. Klym can return youth to the smiles of his patients. Rather than crown and bridge or slipping dentures and partials, implants preserve natural adjacent teeth, renew jaw strength and make it possible to eat a robust variety of foods.

Total Health and cosmetic smile makeovers are now the choice of many. Implant supported dentures help many people achieve complete oral health more affordably. Northwood accepts most every type of dental insurance, maximizing your coverage. Insurances include Delta Dental, Blue Cross/BCBS and DenteMax.

We serve many zip codes around our office include 49686, 49684, 49690, 49685, 49696, 49682, 49629, 49670, 49646, 49616 and others.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Fellowship in Dental Implants - Misch Institute
  • Preferred Invisalign Dentist
  • DOCS certification in oral sedation Dentistry
  • Kodak 9000 3D Dental imaging system - Improved Diagnostics, Comfort, Safety

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • Misch Dental Implant Institute
  • OBI: Foundation of Bioesthetic Dentistry
  • DOCS: Education in Oral Sedation Dentistry
  • Michigan Dental Association
  • American Dental Association
  • Dental Advisor Magazine (Consultant)
  • University of Michigan School Of Dentistry

Serviced Areas

  • Traverse City, Kalkaska, Leelanau, Lake Ann, Empire, Cadillac, Kingsley, Cedar, Maple City, Grawn, Elk Rapids, Rapid City, Grand Traverse, Northwest Michigan

Payment Options

  • American Express, Financing Available, MasterCard, Personal Checks, VISA, Blue Cross, DenteMax, Delta Dental Insurance, CareCredit, Chase Health Advance

Contact Details

  Person Brian P. Klym, DDS
  City Traverse City , MI
  Zip Code 49684
  Address 10748 East Traverse Hiwy
  Phone Number (231) 947-7202

Business Representative

Brian P. Klym, DDS

Dentist, Owner

Dr. Klym became interested in dentistry because of his father, who was a root canal specialist. He remains passionate about the field of dentistry, and continues to enjoy providing his patients the highest level of dental care possible. After graduating in 1992 from Albion College with a degree in biology, Dr. Klym received a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Michigan in 1996. He opened his first dental office in Glen Arbor, Michigan back in 1998. Then in 2005 he opened his Traverse City practice.

He continually enhances his expertise through ongoing education. Dr. Klym is a member of the American Dental Association, the Michigan Dental Association and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and has completed the yearlong dental implant fellowship at the prestigious Misch Institute. He is also a Clinical Consultant for the Dental Advisor Magazine and belongs to OBI, the Foundation of Bioesthetic Dentistry.

Products & Services

Invisalign: Clear Alternative to Metal Dental Braces

Affordable Monthly Pay Plan Available
Invisalign: Clear Alternative to Metal Dental Braces

Invisalign is able to make crooked teeth straight in many situations without traditional fixed braces. Invisalign was designed with leading orthodontists and is FDA cleared.

Invisalign treatment consists of a series of aligners, which are switched out about every couple weeks. Each removable aligner is manufactured individually. Exact calculations are gradually made to 'shift' teeth into place. The Invisalign orthodontic system is custom-made for each dental patient's teeth.

Each smile straightening plan is developed by Dr. Brian Klym of Traverse City, a general dentist, so every Northwood dental patient will get a result that truly fits their expectations. Although there are many options available, no other orthodontic therapy works as effortlessly as the Invisalign system. Invisalign is the best way to transform smiles without interfering with everyday life.

Invisalign 'braces' are comfortable, removable and nearly invisible! Convenient and confidence, the combination you deserve. This dental treatment can correct many dental and orthodontic conditions. Oral health can be positively impacted as well. Over a million patients and smiles attest to Invisalign's capabilities.

Some of the conditions Invisalign can correct: Crowding, Spacing, Overbite, Underbite, Deep bite and an Open bite. Dr. Klym will help you find out if this orthodontic treatment is for you.

Implant Dentistry: Beyond adhesive dentures, partials or crown/bridge

Implant Dentistry: Beyond adhesive dentures, partials or crown/bridge

Traditional (adhesive) dentures, partial removable dentures and crown and bridge dentistry offer the results many patients appreciate and value. However, dental implants provide substantial rewards and an outstanding level of satisfaction, comfort and confidence. Implant dentistry ends embarrassment and reverses oral health deterioration.

Oral health decline is speeds up when teeth are missing. Adjacent healthy teeth wear quicker and will break more often. Bone strength is reduced. The jaw recedes, creating a less than youthful facial profile.

Missing Teeth: All Too Common
Missing a tooth is a relatively common occurrence it is likely someone close to you (and/or yourself) is missing at least one tooth. Sometimes teeth are knocked out from an accident or other trauma. More likely, it has been lost due to oral health deterioration.

Periodontial disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Statistically, more than 17% of Michigan residents over the age of 65 have lost all their teeth. Therefore, many of our other Michigan neighbors, younger than 65, are experiencing missing teeth in high numbers.
While the first line of defense at Northwood Dental is preventive care and reversing any underlying oral health problems, Dr. Klym and our entire team is ready to restore our patients back to complete oral health.

Dental Implants: Enhanced Health Value
Various forms of dentistry can provide positive restorative results. However, dental implants have many other valuable characteristics. Implants are lifelike and long-term. Adjacent teeth are protected no need to attach a bridge or partial denture to them, making the procedure more conservative of your surrounding healthy teeth.

Implant dentistry is comprehensive oral health rejuvenation with the added benefit of naturally beautiful smile makeover. It is dental care everyone with a missing tooth should consider, and then experience, if this treatment is right for you.

Tooth & Money Saving Dentistry
While dental insurance will cover some or all the cost of an implant, an initial level of financial investment is required to achieve the goals of our reconstructive patients who have needs that are more significant. Yet, the cost of the other dental treatments can be much higher especially when you consider the need for repetitive "redo" visits, and the hassles and frustrations associated with adhesive or removable dentures.

The long-term savings in time and elimination of the aggravation means a better overall quality of life from mental stress to pocketbook pressures. Implant dentistry makes it possible to enjoy life's little pleasures more as well as be consistently healthier throughout life.

Implants Made Financially Possible
And, yes, Northwood Dental accepts most insurance plans, and will maximize your benefit, and provide various financing options to help you make this investment a reality now.
A few of the dental plans our office accepts: Delta Dental, DenteMax, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan. Besides major credit cards, Northwood Dental offers CareCredit dentistry financing and Chase Health financing.

Stunning Smile Makeover Veneers

Stunning Smile Makeover Veneers

"I am a very happy customer. I had veneers put on all of my teeth. I look like I am 29 instead of 73. They are all well trained and up to date on the latest technology. Their office reflects that. The environment is comfortable and inviting. I would only go to the best. " - A. H.

Smile makeover veneers deliver stunning results. Expect a lifelike, brighter, whiter and rewarding result with this advanced cosmetic dentistry technique. This thin wafer of porcelain has many noteworthy tooth transformation qualities. With veneers, Traverse City dentist, Dr. Brian Klym achieves a blend of health and beauty his patients value.

Porcelain veneer restorations whiten stained and discolored teeth and visually balance tooth alignment. Traverse City residents with gaps in their smile or crooked or misshapen teeth will get a confident smile rejuvenation and visual symmetry with veneers. While the natural beauty of veneers is undeniable, the rewards are multi-facted.

Veneers: For You Too!
Smile makeovers might sound like something "other people have done" but this level of cosmetic dentistry does more than straighten teeth and make smiles beautiful. As a dentist focused on total health, Dr. Klym also uses veneers to restore teeth that have been damaged. They are bonded with existing tooth structure, achieving a strong, durable, and lifelike result.

Additionally, because veneers are thin, tooth preparation is minimal, which helps preserve natural teeth. In as little as two visits, you can have an exceptionally healthy and confident smile makeover. Northwest Michigan cosmetic dentist Dr. Klym also offers Lumineers. Contact our Northwood Dental office and see if a Lumineers smile makeover fits your needs and wants.

Root Canals Dentistry - A Teeth Saving, Toothache Ending Therapy

Root Canals Dentistry - A Teeth Saving, Toothache Ending Therapy

Time To Rethink Your Perspective On Root Canal Treatment.

Root Canal Therapy is frequently misunderstood and even dreaded. In reality, the discomfort typically associated with this restorative treatment has to do with the toothache that prompts a dental office visit. And, putting off a dentist appointment can increase the painful, tooth-aching memories.

Northwood Dental is ready to change how you feel, and feel about root canal treatment, clinically known as endodontics. Dr. Brian Klym provides Northwood Dental patients with extremely essential endodontic treatment. His proficiency in RTC therapy can make toothaches a distant memory while preserving natural teeth.

Dr. Klym's extensive experience and training in endodontics achieves for our patients an exceptional level of quality, efficiently and more affordably. His systematic approach and depth of training means patients are much less likely to have recurring infection and need to have work redone.

Without a toothache, root canal treatment would rarely rise above the discomfort some might have experienced during a normal dental visit. Of course, Dr. Klym's DOCS certification and use of anxiety removing sedatives virtually assures patients will have painless and surprisingly pleasant treatment visits. In addition, Dr. Klym makes enhanced root canal therapy possible. The key characteristics of RTC Therapy:

Expertise developed through comprehensive experience (endodontics, preventive, implants, cosmetic, sedation)

Efficient convenience and precise treatment returns obvious savings (first time right)
Superb success rate drastically reduces re-infection & return visits

Meticulous examination and expert awareness effectively sideline failure (using advanced imaging like the K9000 3D scanner)

Enhanced comfort and calm with sedation dentistry (when needed*)
* Because of the advanced methods we use, sedation is actually not requested as much as many would think.

About using the K9000 Imaging System, Dr. Klym says, With a hairline fracture - no matter how a root canal is done - it won't be successful. With the microscope we get direct visualization of each canal and can determine what the actual treatment should be.

Promotions & Discounts

Spring into a Beautiful Smile - Invisalign Savings Event

Invisalign is an invisible, removable and comfortable method of straightening crooked teeth, which works for both adults and teens.

Dr. Brian Klym of Northwood Dental in Traverse City Michigan will determine how best to achieve the result you want.

Discover What Invisalign Makes Possible!

Contact Northwood Dental ASAP to get these SAVINGS.

- $500 OFF Your Invisalign Treatment
- Payments as LOW as $169/Month with approved credit
- Complimentary Invisalign Consultation

> CALL 231-947-7202

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  • I would recommend this business

When I was younger going to the dentist was very scary to me because I always had cavities (I still do) and getting them filled always hurt. Brian was the first dentist to make me feel at ease during my feelings and the shot is painless!!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Testimonial from Alva S.

Why Alva Needed, Wanted Dental Treatment?
"I have had teeth and jaw problems for many years as well as having difficulty chewing. With missing teeth, I also smile a lot less and I know it is not good for my overall health."

Why She Chose Northwood Dental?
"I like Dr. Klym and everyone here is great. Of course, Dr. Klym's education and background made me feel very comfortable about the treatment he recommended. They are very knowledgeable. I felt if I came to an office where I knew and trusted the people, I would be treated right."

Concerns Alva Had About Sedation, Implant Dentistry.
"I've never had implants before. So, I was delighted Dr. Klym was trained in oral sedation, which made me feel even more comfortable about proceeding. I was also apprehensive about the cost. Mostly because I did not know personally, how dental implants worked, and wanted to be sure the treatment would be worth it in time and money."

What Alva Thought of Her Treatment Experience?
"Because they prepared me, I had peace of mind. So both the day before and day of my appointment were a lot easier than I had expected. From their greeting, the minute I walked in to how responsive the (Northwood Dental) staff was, made me feel very secure. I was not rushed; Dr. Klym made sure I was comfortable and relaxed before he started. After all the years of dentistry, I was very happy with how the sedation helped everything to breeze right by."

How She Feels About Her New Smile?
"I was very excited about the outcome even two weeks before they put the permanent new teeth (lifelike restorations) on my implants. I thought More chewing power will be great. Plus looking healthier and younger will make me feel better as well!"

What She Says About Our Dental Team?
"I could say many more great things about Dr. Klym and his staff and I will when I talk with my friends and family in and around Traverse City. But the fact that they were able to help get me to this place (decide to proceed) and gave me a smile I did not think I would ever have again, says a whole lot more."

Testimonial from Tom T.

"About a year and a half ago my tooth broke. While it affected my chewing and eating, what had the most effect on me was how embarrassed I was about missing a tooth. Essentially, I quit smiling. I tried a couple times to get it fixed, but was not happy with those experiences like when my regular dentist referred me to another office. That office made me feel like I was just one more tooth to work on. Everything was rushed. All business. No one seemed to focus on or have time for my concerns. One instance stands out. It was very clinical and impersonal. I was put in a room made to watch a video afterwards they said, 'What do you think?' It wouldn't be appropriate to say what I thought of the experience. I am just glad the attitude Dr. Klym and his team have is 180 degrees opposite.

Their office persona is excellent. It was all personalized and not rushed. I was never made to feel nervous. The atmosphere was calming and by having sedation, the implant treatment seemed to happen very quickly. They followed up after my appointment and were genuine in caring about how I was doing. The only thing they could not help with was my regret for not having done this sooner.

I can chew and eat just like I could before. Even though having the dental implant (with a natural looking restoration) has increased my confidence a lot, I need to learn to smile again. You know what I mean if you have gone a long time covering your smile, or a missing tooth. But I am more then ready to start a new habit."

"I have had a lot of dental work done in my life because I grind my teeth. I wore them down so badly that my lower front teeth had the nerve exposed. I went to see Dr. Klym and it has been two years since the last cap went on and not a day goes by that I don't think about how great my mouth looks and how wonderful I feel. My son in law calls me Hollywood because my smile is so nice."

Testimonial from Helen

"While I never had a perfect smile, for the last five years I have been noticing how much my teeth have changed. They did not match well with my other teeth, having yellowed a lot. A few months ago, I noticed the smile of someone at the fitness center. Their teeth were perfectly white and healthy looking. So, I asked who their dentist was, and they said, 'Dr. Klym'. I probably would have come in earlier but dentists have always seemed scary to me. Rather than being afraid or apprehensive, I had a very nice and relaxing experience. I loved it! Sedation dentistry helped me get through the treatment part; it made it pain free.

I was worried about the temporaries (plastic restorations worn between the dental treatment visits). Just not sure what to expect - maybe the teeth would look fake. They looked great. But I couldn't wait till my permanent teeth were done. The entire Northwood Dental team was incredibly welcoming and calming, doing everything possible to make me comfortable. They reassured me that they were here to help in any way they could. My new smile has made me even more confident. I feel healthier and smile a lot more. Everything looks very natural. My smile looks and feels just like I have always wanted."

Testimonial from Northwood Dental Patient A. H.

"I am a very happy customer. I had veneers put on all of my teeth. I look like I am 29 instead of 73. They are all well trained and up to date on the latest technology. Their office reflects that. The environment is comfortable and inviting. I would only go to the best." - A.H.

Advanced cosmetic dentistry gave A.H. a whiter, brighter, fuller smile for increased confidence. Her lower teeth were restored to keep her smile healthy and jaw comfortably balanced.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Klym!! He was very thorough with his exam and was very detailed when explaining the work I needed!! If I had any questions, he had an honest answer. The staff was very nice and all had smiles on their faces and seemed to love working there!! Very pleased with my visit!!

I could not be happier with Dr. Klym and his staff. I first started seeing Dr. Klym in my early years of high school, but ended up moving. 8 years later, I move back into the area and made Dr Klym my new "old" dentist. So glad I did. Dr. Klym is the most gentle dentist I've ever visited. Plus he's a no nonsense dentist and you can tell he's not in it for the money, but for his clients and their smiles. I've always been missing teeth, and the first time I saw Dr. Klym again after moving back he started talking about implants or bridges. Every other doctor I've seen didn't want to talk to me about it or wanted to go through a complete different process and it was exhausting. Immediately, Dr. Klym said we were doing this or this and that's it. Today, after only a few months, I went in for a bridge procedure and even thigh it's not completely done yet (still have to do permanents), I could not be happier with what Dr. Klym and his staff did. They're also so gentle and I didn't feel a thing.

Another note: the staff is amazing. They know you by name and greet you like you're close friends, or even family. Without a doubt, the best dental office I've ever been to.

I drive an hour to get to Dr Klym's office.
It is worth the drive for me!
The entire staff is friendly and puts you at ease immediately.
I recommend Dr Klym and his staff, without any resrrvation, to anyone looking for a new dentist!

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