Dr. John Karotkin has quickly risen to prominence as one of Houston’s leading orthodontists. He and his team at Advance Orthodontics utilize cutting edge technology to deliver the optimal smile for each individual patient. As an expert in Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen®, Dr. Karotkin is able to treat the majority of patients with clear plastic aligners, without the need for traditional braces. He is best known for his treatment of highly complex cases, where his outside-the-box thinking has earned him a sterling reputation in the Houston dental community.

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  City Houston , TX
  Zip Code 77042
  Address 10455 Briar Forest Dr Ste 200E
  Phone Number (713) 783-8888

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OrthoPulse® has developed a new technology that is a breakthrough in the field of orthodontics. People of any age who have problems with crowded or crooked teeth, gaps, underbites, overbites, and jaw disorders may need treatment. Orthodontic work is often done for cosmetic purposes, but misaligned teeth and jaw can lead to health concerns.

Advance Orthodontics is one of the first providers in Houston.


Invisalign® is a comfortable and easy way to straighten your teeth and correct your smile without the wires and brackets that go along with braces. It consists of a series of clear aligners that fit over the teeth and are easily removed whenever you want. This means your eating and oral hygiene habits are not affected. Don’t let the comfort of these clear plastic aligners be misleading—they have some serious strength. They can correct gapped teeth, overbites, underbites, open bites, overly crowded teeth and even crossbites. The best part? They’re practically invisible so no one will be the wiser as you perfect your pearly whites.

Clear Braces

Clear braces work essentially the same way as metal braces. A clear or tooth colored bracket is attached to each tooth, and an arch wire is then placed into the brackets. The wire slowly moves the teeth into position. Our clear braces also utilize a technology called “self-ligation. ” This means that the bracket has a door, gate or clip which holds the arch wire in place, so no colored rubber bands are needed. Not even clear rubber bands, which tend to pick up pigments from food and beverages over time, are used with these braces, so staining is not a problem. The lack of colored rings also means food and plaque have fewer places to get stuck, making our clear braces much more hygienic.

Customer Testimonials

I visited Dr. Karotkin to be fit for new retainers. The process was streamlined and expeditious, and I walked out with new retainers that morning. All of his staff were very competent, friendly, and helpful. I was very pleased with my experience.

I can't rave about Advance Orthodontics to my friends, family, and colleagues. Dr. Karotkins provides a very personal attention, extremely helpful to my treatment and the rest of the staff is equally as pleasant. I had a very unusual bite. Through many consultations from multiple doctors, all recommended me to have jaw surgery. As you have guess it, Dr. Karothkins made it happen without any surgery. Now I have a perfect smile. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Great attention to detail both by the doctor and the staff. Really friendly atmosphere and team! Great job.

Always top notch care and service! Juanita is the absolute best of the best. Thanks again for fixing up our daughter's smile :)

Dr. Karotkin and his staff are the best. They are very friendly, professional and welcoming, they make you feel comfortable. I had such a great experience on my first and second visits and I don't doubt that it would be any different through out my orthodontic treatment. Looking forward to my next visit.

Love this team! They do amazing work and are always pleasant and helpful! Would definitely recommend using their services!

The staff was super friendly! One of the best places to go. They are willing to work with you in all ways possible. Janie was super awesome!!! Helped me more than you know! I will be going back and recommend to everybody!! Thank you!!
One of the best places!! Fast friendly and super kind!!! My daughter was part of the conversations and enjoyed being there. Janie is the best!! They are willing to help you. Totally going back

Love how everyone knows me by my name and how smooth my appointments go all the time. I'm glad I decided to get my braces treatment with them. I saw results fast.

Everyone at Advance Orthodontics is top notch. Dr. Karotkin is not only knowledgeable and precise in what he does, he has the most excellent demeanor and bedside (dental chair) manner. He strives for excellence. I was impressed on how he uses his off time to study more about the most recent updates in Orthodontic practice. Don't shop around when you want the best. Here it is.

Advance Orthodontics is great! Just got my braces off today and my teeth and bite look amazing! The staff and Dr. Karotkin are the best and always made sure I was comfortable during my entire braces process. Would highly recommend them if you are considering braces!!!

From the moment I walked in each member of Advance Orthodontics' staff were friendly and professional. Service was performed in a timely fashion and the amount I paid was exactly what I was quoted over the phone. Thank you for your exemplary care. I will be recommending you as often as I can.

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